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FR Rayward

Gday from Australia!

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Hey folks! Ray from Australia here. I have been building Lego since I was 5, roughly 15 years ago. It was always my favorite thing to

do inside, still is probably ha. I have got a fair bit of old random lego, some nice collectible stuff I guess, and a decent bit of

new stuff too. Technic is my favorite discipline, I have 8455 (big backhoe) and 8430 (blue bike) plus some smaller random stuff, really

looking to upsize my collection to build MOC's. I have a mechanical aptitude of sorts, but I'll be asking a few questions on here haha.

I ride Mountain bikes, hence the name, and I also have a Savage Flux RC truck that I thrash. I'd love to build a RC crawler from Lego,

so if you have any tips on that sort of thing I'd love to hear them.


P.S. Uhh what does moc stand for anyway :wink:

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Welcome to the forums Ray! Be sure to check out the Technic subforum, I'm sure you'll get plenty of help like building tips and answers to your questions from our resident Technic experts there.

I'm pretty sure MOC stands for My Own Creation.

Yep, and if you stumble into some AFOL lingo that might be new to you, this EB Glossary might come in handy.

Enjoy the site! :wink:

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