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Salvete! (Hello!)

I am a huge fan of Lego (duh!), but my favorite theme is castle. I have always liked that theme, and enjoyed receiving castle sets. Since then I have expanded to building my own castle creations, including ones for LoR and (of course) GoH. I have great inspirations from many amazing builders, including David Hensel, soccerkid6, Ecclesiastes, ZCerberus, Disco86, and the list goes on and on and on.

Lately however I have been experimenting in the space genre, and have enjoyed what I have experienced there. I will continue to experiment in that particular theme, but castle will always be my favorite.

Here are a couple of my favorite creations that i have built so far:

11798017555_079bee04bc_t.jpg 14550291684_991611200e_t.jpg14587434171_0c07e694cb_t.jpg8573498376_cd539d0ea1_t.jpg8403488534_608aedd9a4_t.jpg14135184481_6c2977a106_t.jpg 13434191205_4fc0c71b40_t.jpg


I would (of course) love to have more time to build with Lego, but due to life, work, school, etc I unfortunately don't have a huge amount of time. Of course I wish I could spend most of my time building and improving my building skills, but (of course) life is more important.

I do enjoy doing other things such as Ultimate Frisbee, Taekwondo, Crossfit, and more.

God bless,