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  1. For the 2013 MocAthalon. Team:Team Theocracy. 8. Redesign a Classic Lego Set. Choose any Lego set released in the year 2003 or earlier and redesign it. Add more details, change the minifigures, smooth it out more, do what you want to make it your own! On your entry page, provide the set number and name of the set you redesigned. If you need help finding a Lego set to remake or set name/number, the center column titled "Sets released in…" sorts Lego sets by year released: As soon as I saw this category, I thought of one thing...CASTLE! The CCCX had the same thing, so I decided to try and build another one, except better. :D I found this one, and Bingo! :D Enjoy!
  2. Category: 1. What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees, up, up it goes, and yet never grow? (Answer: Mountain) Here is my rushed into into the 2013-14 Middle Earth Lego Olympics. I am not entirely satisfied with this build, as I wanted to get more angles and detail, but time limits and life got in the way. :) So here it is, I used the answer to the category, "Mountain," to base my creation of off. Basically this castle lies behind a waterfall, in a mountain, hence the sloping rocks. It was also going to be my entry into the CCCXI Secret Hidout category, but I ran out of time on that one. :/ Sorry for the eh pictures, I was a bit rushed, and night pictures are always hard in my house. Thanks for viewing, and Enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  3. mpoh98

    [M - B06] Sorn Sabotage

    Lovely work David! I love the attention to detail and those spiral columns! :D The gate locking mechanism is fantastic also, well done!
  4. Hello All! Been a while since I posted here, I have been very busy as of late. But I am back to MOCing again, and can't wait to get back to into GoH and regular MOCing. :) Here is my latest build, built for a collaboration for BrickWorld 2015. Enjoy! Robin Hood - The Merry Hunter My contribution to the Brick-Time Stories Collaborative at BW 2015. One of two Robin Hood creations for the collaboration. Eight builders, including Max Pointner, Ian Spacek, Matthew Oh, Lee Muzzy, Daniel Church, Ben Merrill, and Casey McCoy each built a scene from a children's picture book or novel. The scenes were constructed on bases made to look like books, and were arranged into a veritable library of illustrations at the expo. This creation portrays the classic Robin Hood robbery in the forest. I had tons of fun building this creation, I experimented with a very Mark Erickson style landscaping, and Erickson brothers' trees. :) Gotta love the Ericksons! :D To make it more artistic, I shaped the landscape that is popping out of the book in the shape of a bow. Thanks for viewing, and don't forget to check out the other creations of the collaborative! l Display OverviewSoli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  5. Beautiful work with this, I love that waterfall, and the icy river is fantastic as well. The cottage burning over is nicely done as well. Great story, overall stupendous moc :)
  6. mpoh98

    Challenge IV Cat D: Parade of Barqa

    Fantastic work de Gothia! :D I likee the clean texture, and that double arch is just lovely as well! I also like how you have some people in cages, and some chained; overall wonderful job!
  7. mpoh98

    Chal. IV HC Cat. D

    Nice forced perspective, I like how you built the arch is built, great texture. I also like the microscale city, well done!
  8. mpoh98

    [MOC] The Lone Chieftain

    Lovely work, the landscaping is fantastic, and I like the use of headlight bricks for footprints. I also like the forced perspective in the beginning shot, with the mountains. :)
  9. mpoh98

    [Moc] Robin Hood - The Merry Robber

    Thank you, glad you like it! :) Thank you :) Thank you, me too! :D My friend and fellow collaborator Paul Vermeesch also built Robin Hood, except his are brick-figures. It is excellent, you should check that out as well to see another Robin Hood build :) Thank you! :) Thanks AardWolf, glad you like it! :) :D Aw, thanks Graham :) Thank you, glad you like it! Thanks :)
  10. Lovely work! Definitely looks like it could be a set; simple but lovely. Love the tower especially, great work!
  11. I'm Back! :D Hey guys, I've been gone for a while, but I'm back to MOCing and and GoH! I have a lot of catching up to do on what happened while I was gone, but can't wait to start building for GoH again! A FreeBuild should be coming sometime this month, when I have time to build. :)
  12. mpoh98

    The Lone Shepherd

    Quick free build for Avalonia The Lone Shepherd The lone shepherd herded his goats towards the small stream, content now that the war was over. The terrible war that had ruined the land was finally over, peace had come over the country. The soldier has now become the shepherd, content with the peace he could now enjoy. Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  13. My entry into the Guilds of Historica Book II Challenge III Category B - Deceiving Elves For the Dwarves! The elves worked diligently and efficiently to help stop a dwarven invasion on Avalonia and the Drow, to prevent war and promote peace. They sent out scouts on their newly tamed wargs and built towers to detect any sign of dwarves, and to stop them. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, it all came to nothing. The dwarves secretly mined underneath their very nose, and gained entry into Avalonia, ready to take war on the Drow..." Overview: Phew! I can't believe I finished it in time! Thanks to the extension of the deadline and a canceled family gathering, I had enough time to finish my second entry into the GoH Challenge. Once again I experimented in one of Grant Davis's techniques that he created in his creation "Undermining." (If you have not checked out Grant's creation yet, what are you waiting for!? Go give it a look! ;) ) Tons of fun to build, making all the little sections of rock pieces fit together was so much fun (although very delicate)! The details on the top were also fun to add, I finally got to use my wargs! :D Even though wars in LOTR are evil, I always though they were kinda cool, so if you could tame them...they could be quite lethal and well worth the effort. ;) All in all, a decent build, there are a few more things I would have liked to try if I had more time, but deadlines are deadlines. ;) Thanks for viewing, and enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  14. Awesome intro, very tragic though. I wonder what's going to happen next...looking forward to the next challenge!
  15. mpoh98

    The Lone Shepherd

    @Rogue Angel: Thanks Rogue Angel! That's one of my favorite tree techniques. @Blufiji: Thanks mate! That was the atmosphere that I was going for. :)
  16. @Mike S: Thanks! That's my favorite part as well! @soccerkid6:Thanks Isaac! Glad you like it! @mrcp6d: All's good :) I like that section as well :)
  17. mpoh98

    The Lone Shepherd

    Thanks! Actually, the 2 tree techniques are quite different, they are just the same color. But ill change it up in my next builds :)
  18. Book II - Challenge III - Category A - Ancestors and Heroes For the Dwarves! "The young dwarf kneeled in front of the memorial of his father, honoring and paying respect to him. He prayed for guidance, courage, and protection in the coming war." My entry into the Guilds of Historica Book II Challenge III - Category A. - Ancestors and Heroes. I had tons of fun making this entry, I experimented with the wall technique that Grant Davis made up in his "Free Fish" creation. I loved the wall design, and recreated it with a few differences/added things to make it unique. The floor in front of the statue also lights up, unfortunately I wasn't able to capture it to well in the picture. But hopefully you get the gist of it. :) Edit: Here is a better picture of the lighting so I can claim the UoP credits I have another entry in the works, hopefully I can finish it in time for the contest (ends on the 11th, 2 days!)! BTW, it also uses another one of Grant Davis's techniques, they are so good! :D Enjoy! P.S. Today (or yesterday, depending on your time zones) also marks my 2 year Anniversary on EB :) Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  19. Thanks, glad you like it! Sweet! :D
  20. Thanks! Ah gotcha, I added another photo where you can see the lighting better. Does that help?
  21. Ah ok, thanks! I see what you mean, that makes sense. :) Edited in the thread.
  22. mpoh98

    Zophim's Tower and The Boulder

    Amazing work, as always Ecclesiastes! The rockwork is excellent, and the castle sections are lovely, I love that zip-line idea! The foliage scattered throughout the rocks is lovely, and that bridge is fantastic! So many awesome details, I can't wait to see it with full water underneath! And fantastic use of burps :)
  23. Haha right. :) Thanks! Totally! Legolas (in LOTR movies, not so much Hobbit movies) FTW! :D Thanks, glad you like it! :)
  24. accidental second post, admins/mods please remove, thanks!