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  1. GobletStudios

    [Brickfilm] Staring Contest

    Heh, that was awesome! Was that your first time brickfilming? Because if so, then that's impressive! Good job!
  2. GobletStudios

    Hello there!

    Haha, thanks.
  3. GobletStudios

    Hello there!

    Thanks! My most favorite theme would have to be Harry Potter; I really love it. But I also really like Lord of the Rings and some of the older Pirates sets as well.
  4. GobletStudios

    Horcrux Cave

    I really like the idea of the fire; very creative. This really represents the scene well. Well done.
  5. GobletStudios

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I'm a big fan of the Hobbit book, so I can't wait for the first movie, but also for these great looking sets. I also hope to get the Mines of Moria set soon.
  6. GobletStudios

    The Pub at the End of the World

    That's really fantastic! The design of the pub, the waterfalls; really awesome.
  7. GobletStudios

    French Frigate Minerve (20 guns)

    Oh wow, that's a magnificent piece! I really love seeing such detailed ships. I don't think I've seen many ships of that size, either. Amazing!
  8. GobletStudios

    The Spanish Fort

    I like it! I especially liked how you used the transparent studs as the ocean water, and how you actually used darker yellow bricks to represent the wet sand. Very creative!
  9. GobletStudios

    Hello there!

    Hello there! My name is Tobias. I'm a huge fan of cinema art, but I also love LEGO. To mix the two, I do something that's called "brickfilming." Stop-motion animation with LEGO. But I also love building some MOCs, that I might either build for one of my brickfilms, or just overall for fun! If you wanna check out some of my brickfilms, go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/sfugity I'm glad to be part of the Eurobricks community. Thanks for reading! -Tobias
  10. GobletStudios

    The Mystery of the Yellow Room

    Fantastic, Geert! Really well done. The script was incredibly well done and every bit of the dialogue was great. All of the voice actors did great, and I found your voice acting better than ever; especially the exciting parts where you actually yell out the words. The animation was great, and I think something you are very good at is set building; the sets were amazing of course and I loved all of the details in Professor Strangerson's office. I thought the sound effects were also very good, and for some reason I really loved the scene where Darzac drives Joseph and Sainclair to the manor in the Professor's car. The jokes were funny as well and they fit in perfectly. The visual effects were also quite cool (such as the chroma keying), and I really loved the lighting; I think you've really improved since your Harry Potter series started, and you can especially see it here. Really great work, Geert. I'll totally pick this as my Best Film choice if they'll do the BricksInMotion brickfilm awards again this year on bricksinmotion.com. Cheers! -Tobias|Sfugity