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  1. LEGO Castle 2013

    With the smalest set looking to be at about $12 usd a piece... i think its gonna be an easy army building castle line. If i do remember correctly , Kingdoms didnt have a battle pack type set. I remember the one sided battle packs but no packs with both factions. I actually like the lion crownie mix that they came up with, I guess i still remember my lion knights from the early 90s. AHH the good ol days.
  2. cyclops ambush

    There ya go guys... fixed it.. haha. I'll post a few more angles in a while.
  3. cyclops ambush

    Elf hunting party closing in on unsuspecting cyclops group.. this is one of my first mocs. I'm very much open for suggestions ;)
  4. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    My wife has also stoped my purchasing.... even though money isnt an issue, she thinks its silly... (my excuse) To give my lego collection to my son when hes 10..... hes only 7... I also have run into a problem regarding display space as well... I NEED MORE SPACE!!!!! puchased riddles of the ring/13 Mirkwood Elf Guards + 13 Green capes from BL/ Mirkwood spider set. I have the whole LotR collection as well
  5. Hey guys has this been speculated at all? What would be the best two general armies involved in this set? Gondor Soldiers/Orcs..... Rohan Soldiers/Uruk hai... Elves/Orcs?? I personally want some awesome Elves from Helms Deep battle.... with helms and ear peices.... with some Uruk hai's... but thats just me..
  6. Round Tower Technique

    great information, where did the black pieces come from that you used for the start of the build?
  7. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    When I went earlier to TRU, They had MANY elf polybags... but no The Hobbit sets... perhaps I will try the other TRU in town so i can get my hands on them... Why I cant stop collecting a LotR army is beyond me... Has there been anything leaked regarding Gondor Minifigs? I currently have 36 Uruk hai, 8 Moria orcs, 2 mordor orcs and 4 rohan soldiers..... my rohan soldiers need help... and I cant put my yellow skinned kindoms army with them cause it doesnt look right lol
  8. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I'm located in las Vegas Nevada
  9. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Just purchased 3 from my local toys r US... they rang up as Lego hobbit promo.. they had like 100 polybags... I almost considered buying them all, then I remembered I was married and my wife would kill me. But its confirmed that they are selling
  10. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Mine has the confirmation.... but no shipping or tracking number.... :(
  11. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    so does that mean that we will still recieve our online orders on these polybags or will I recieve an email with the generic We are sorry for the inconvenience; however.... blah blah. I will go into a rage if my order gets cancelled.... but other than that guess I cant do much about it
  12. Lego Mirkwood Elf Guardian Polybag @ Toys R us

    I wonder whats going to happen with the 5 I ordered and paid for....... interesting.. im on hold right now with toys r us customer service.... I wanna know whats going on
  13. Any one see this yet? I'm sorry if this has already been addressed... im just a little excited... i ordered 5 online :) http://www.toysrus.c...336#soldInStore
  14. No More Elrond Minifigures Available?!?

    So I have managed to get 3 Elrond figures from the local gamestop here in Las Vegas NV... The first one i aquired I gave the girl working there a guilt trip about them lying to me about the release date.. I got the next two yesterday because I called in to get my PS3 Lotr game and they said it was in and ready for pick up.... I got to the store and they said the girl who called me messed up.. she offered me 2 Elrond Minifigures for the mistake.... now im pretty sure I will get a 4th Elrond when my game finally gets in... so happy :) just thought I'd share my little success story... Chris
  15. Helm's Deep expansion [MOC]

    Hey guys.. I'm new to this site but not new at all to Lego. I stumbled onto the site because of this masterpiece, I have been looking for ideas to in crease the size of my helms deep and this is by far the most beautiful piece I've seen. although I won't be able to replicate your work, I will definitely know in which direction to go with my build. Thanks for this great display.