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Found 4 results

  1. This was a fairly difficult build because of the round tower. I call it modular in the sense that each floor can be removed easily to access the interior. My goal was to portray this small island as a reasonably comfortable place to live for the couple that maintains the signal fire. Here we see the process for winching the charcoal up to the storage room right below the top of the tower. A vegetable garden has been cultivated to supplement the preserved foods and fish available to the residents. A trap door leads into the hidden cove where a boat is stored. Here are the floors from top to bottom:
  2. So a while ago I asked you guys tips for making round towers, and I got some good tips. Here is what I came up with: The tower is high for me, around 25 bricks high and about 12 studs in diameter. And look who there is, a nice orc with a golden ring. Hope you like it, more pics on my flickr! Edit: I would like to claim UoP credits for round walls and towers
  3. IenjoyLego89

    Half Round Tower

    I've had this one sitting around for awhile so I decided to upload it. front back It's my first attempt at a round tower but i wanted to make it look like it was coming out the mountain side, plus I only have a small amount a Lego so I restrict the size of the base hence why its a half round tower I'm not really happy with how the top woodwork came out, but I might find a better solution another time. More pics can be found here: any C&C welcome
  4. ZCerberus

    Round Tower Technique

    So I was asked about the construction of a round tower for a Kalphlin Tower that I made a while back in the GoH subforum. I decided since it was a general tower building technique, it can be post out here in the general history forum for everyone to see. I probably would have elected to NOT show step by step work or take that tower apart, but as luck would have it, I was planning to make another tower for another MOC, so this seemed like a good place to photograph the construction process. The photos were taken with my camera phone since it was easy to take and upload them, so they aren't perfectly lit, in focus, or with a nice solid background. Don't think that means photos of finished MOCs should be done as poorly as these! I don’t recall where, but I originally saw this technique using the tank treads on Flickr or the like. I started working with the technique but found it too flimsy and not well suited to place a top or bottom connection on a MOC. After a little tinkering, I found a good way to strengthen the internals of the build and allow connection points on the top and the bottom. Once again, I did not invent some of this technique, I merely made an improvement on it. First things first- we are going to need four wheels of this size. Next we are going to need some of the large tank treat. The right amount to wrap around a wheel is 9 links. Since we have four wheels to cover, that means we need 36 links total. After wrapping both wheels with tread, I place them on an axel so they are off set by half a tread link. This means the center of one tread link is right in the space between two treads on the other wheel. Next I add the half Technic pins so I can start connecting Technic beams. Then I add a layer of Technic beams on the treads. Ignore the extra half pins that are sticking out in the photo, I didn’t remove them from a prior project before sticking them in here. There will be a SECOND layer of Technic beams, so the half pins should NOT be in there. If I want a taller tower, I repeat the same steps to make a second super structure cylinder and connect them with a Technic axel. Here is where the other two wheels and 18 links of tread are used. Next I add a second layer of Technic beams and place some half pins in the beams so I can also add two layers of single width plates. Notice in this picture I have the two layers of Technic beams and on five of the spokes I also have added my layers of plates. After adding the plate layers, I can add the tiles to complete the look. There we have it, a round tower with a connection point in the form of a Technic axel on the top and bottom And the resulting tower...