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  1. radiant7

    8448 Alternate Instructions

    This is very cool, I only just recently bought an 8448 kit and found this thread searching for the alt instructions. I love the modular design of the 8448 and having all these extra models to build really adds depth to the kit, on top of choosing between the gull-wing or convertible design. It's an awesome building experience. The RCX integration here looks pretty wild: Buying both the 8448+Mindstorms in 1999 would have been extravagantly expensive, I love it!. I have got to do that with mine, I assumed the only official motorization mod was the one in the manuals. using a single motor and 2 yellow liftarms to demo the gearbox. I wonder if all 3 of the mods (sensors, steering and twin motors) can be combined?. It would be badass to cram 4 motors in; 2 in front for steering plus drive, and 2 in back for extra drive power along with the RCX.
  2. radiant7

    [REVIEW] 8450 The Mission

    Thanks for this review, I always thought these Cybermaster kits looked very cool, though apparently the actual game is quite underdeveloped. I just love that futuristic era of Technic, and really prefer the aesthetics of circa-Y2K sets versus post-2005 sets. I also dig the old CD-ROM kits that Lego released back then, like 8428 Turbo Command!. Since getting back into Lego as an adult a few years ago (I'm 27 now) I've been interested in Cybermaster, but couldn't find much in the way of details. I'll have to add these 2 to my collection, I'd really like to build that 8450 Jet with the scout integrated. You older folks may only be interested in the instructions, but I want the full experience as originally intended just like it was in 1998, on an old Win98 PC with the serial programming and all
  3. radiant7

    Review: 41999 4X4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

    I wish Lego had used white beams for the chassis, or even dark red. Bright red is way overused in Technic and looks garish against the blue parts. It's still much more attractive to me than the original 4x4 Crawler, which I feel looks dull and uninspired compared to the cool concept car aesthetic of the 8466 Off-Roader from 2001. The all studless design is also a severe turn-off in terms of how enjoyable the building process is. I very much miss the kit design from 1996 to 2005 where there was a greater variety of parts with an excellent balance between studded and studless, plus normal plates and bricks with few pins.
  4. radiant7

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    On closer inspection, the red switch on the left-hand side of 42009 looks it could definitely be a 2-way clutch for crane slewing and outrigger vertical deployment. Based on pics and vids posted in this thread: 4-way gearbox on crane A. boom extend/retract B. boom raise/lower C. hook raise/lower D. outrigger horizontal deployment 2-way gearbox on left side of body A: outrigger vertical deployment B: crane body slewing? The direction of the functions all seems to be controlled through the battery box switch.
  5. radiant7

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    The real kicker for me with 42009 is the lack of geared slewing/rotation of the crane. This was a huge gripe of mine with 8421, and means that the 8460 mobile crane from 1995(!) still has the most functions. On the topic of realism, with TECHNIC for me it goes: functions quantity > aesthetic style > functions realism > aesthetic realism. This is why sets like the futuristic 8462 tow truck and 8479 barcode truck are among my most beloved, because they mix lots of functions with post-modern styling. The absolute least important thing for me is aesthetic realism. I find a lot of sets these days unattractive compared to the late-90's/early 00's, especially sets like 9395 Pickup Truck and 8070 Supercar, which just look so boring and bland to me. GIve me a practical near-future concept set over a modern-era one any day.
  6. radiant7

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    A brick-built frame of the bubble turrets would look so much better, giving the illusion of glass between the spaces. It doesn't NEED to be translucent plastic to match the source material (movies, cross sections) if that means they use a such a primitive half-bubble design. Same thing with the recent Gungan Sub, which would have looked way better with a source-accurate frame IMO. Also, it's really time that LEGO built a proper aft section for the RGS. The past 2 RGS sets have been very inaccurately designed at the rear. The wing turrets aren't manned either, but actually rotating spheres suspended in a frame and controlled by the co-pilot gunner.: VS Here's great examples of what I mean from a MOC by Mike Psiaki on Brickshelf. Note how much more accurate the ramp is: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=109950
  7. radiant7

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    Where are you guys getting these pics from!?. I can't seem to find any on Flickr. Great to see a big 4-way gearbox on the 42009 new mobile crane. Is there a second 2-way gearbox on the other side? I always felt the 8421 Mobile Crane was overrated, but a lot of people don't know it's faults before they buy it which has resulted in such a high aftermarket price. It's a very fun build, and great to look at, but underwhelming in functionality to me. The 8480 Space Shuttle is the kind of set that feels truly "finished". I'd love to replace the V6 engine with a 6-way gearbox from 8448/8466 to try to link everything in. 42008 Service Truck looks fantastic in green. Red has become my least favourite TECHNIC colour, enough to turn me completely off some sets like the 9398 Crawler. I really wish LEGO would try some new shades, like maroon or rust instead of the bright red they always use.
  8. Hey guys, what's this new Aussie website mentioned above?. I can't seem to find the URL in the last few pages.
  9. Another heads up for you guys!. I received an email from Myer One with a couple of offers, one being 25% off toys at Myer stores today only. Unfortunately it can't be used in conjunction with existing offers, but at least it gives those who are interested a second-chance! On the topic of 7662 MTT's, I noted that David Jones Toombul were very well-stocked with them. Saw at least 4 there.
  10. Big heads up for you guys tonight!. Myer has a "buy 1 toy, get %50 off 2nd toy" offer today only, and some stores are open (in QLD at least) till 9pm!. It also works in conjunction with other existing offers, so that means you could buy the $139 7676 Republic Gunship and get a second one for only $70 bucks!. Thats $210 for 2 Gunships!. Unfortunately it's for Myer One members only, but I believe you can actually sign up on the spot and receive a temp card to get access to the offer. The bad thing is that when I went in there at lunch today, it was like a Lego drought had struck the toy section. They basically had nothing, and this Myer store in the CBD usually has the best selection in Brisbane. No police stations, no MM eagle bases or rhino vehicles, no Green Grocers or Cafe Corners or anything, only 1 knocked-around Gunship left (zero AT-TE's) and a wall of Magnadroid fighters, plus the usual Exo-force and Duplo stuff. Couldn't see any Technic!. They didn't even have any big Hasbro SW items left!
  11. radiant7


    Blakbird, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles, it sounds like a brutal time for you . I'm really shocked that this has happened to someone in the Eurobricks community. I've used your site many times and I've found it invaluable for looking up the older Technic set functions, which are surprisingly hard to find info about (Brickset is full of reviews written by 8 year-olds). I especially love the vehicle group pages such as cranes or universal sets, with your own descriptions and take on the models. Thankyou for adding 1990, I was wondering what was taking so long between updates. It's amazing how much knowledge you have on the updated components of the time, do you really own all of those Technic sets?. How many years have you been collecting Lego for? One day I would like to contribute to the Technicopedia. I absolutely love Technic and I REALLY should post more, because I own most of the major and unique sets. I hope to do some reviews in the future, but I can't do much right now because I don't have a computer at home and only have net access at work or on my phone, which is a pain to use for messageboards even with Opera mini.
  12. radiant7

    Comic Con Exclusive Raffle

    Sorry for the small mix-up with my entry, Hinckley . PM's just weren't working for me using the Opera Mini browser on my mobile. Even if I don't win anything, I'm still happy to have contributed to the funding of Eurobricks!
  13. Doh, I'm silly, I just repeated what you said! .I kept thinking your TRU was on the Gold Coast as you live there. I'm not completely familiar with the South-West . I actually decided to go to Garden City totally on a whim for late night shopping, as I've been dying to go there for years, but the public transport was very bad where I used to live a year ago. I just caught a bus after work and it was surprisingly quick. I rarely get to go to a TRU so it was pretty fun for me! I'm going back in a week or two and I'll pick up a Hoth Base and X-Wing . I was initially turned off the base, but I've really warmed to it's cuteness.
  14. I went to Westfield Garden City at Mt. Gravatt last night and......wow, what a night of surprises!. I went to TRU, David Jones, BigW and Kmart. David Jones were only just unpacking the new SW sets as I arrived and one of the staff brought out a Gunship for me to see as I was checking out the Lego section :). There's a lot of info so I'll format my post in list form: Toys 'R' Us: Very impressive large white 'Clone Wars' setup with cut-outs and standees at the front of the store. Star Wars Lego, Hasbro and Revell toys all sprawled across a massive wall 7676 - Republic Gunship: $189 7675 - AT-TE Walker: $129 (on sale until September 1st) 7674 - V-19 Torrent: $99? 7681 - Separatist Spider-Droid: $39 (on sale until September 1st) 7680 - The Twilight: $159 10144 - Sandcrawler: $250 7666 - Hoth Rebel Base (very well-stocked) 6212 - X-Wing (2006) (crazy well-stocked) Hasbro Millenium Falcon (review) - $200 (1 left, on sale until September 1st) Hasbro AT-TE Walker - $169 (on sale until September 1st) The reason I mention the Hasbro toys is because I think they would really appeal to Lego fans. I haven't bought a Star Wars toy since I was a little kid but these two vehicles are just way too cool, and the Falcon is almost as big as the 5000pc Lego version. Check out some of the videos on Youtube. BigW: 7676 - Republic Gunship: $162!! 7675 - AT-TE Walker: $138? (too busy resisting urge to buy $162 gunship) 7681 - Seperatist Spider and possibly 7674 - V-19, but memory is hazy Hasbro Millenium Falcon: $196! (1 left, sitting very prominently high atop a stand of toys) Kmart: 7676 - Republic Gunship: $169 7675 - AT-TE Walker: $145 7681 - Separatist Spider-Droid: $38? David Jones: Now, this is where it gets really interesting. I didn't buy anything, but as I left the toy section I noticed some small signs advertising 25% off about 5 toy brands/types (Star Wars, Thomas Tank Engine, Barbie, etc). It didn't mention Lego, so at the time I figured they must have meant ONLY the standard (ie. Hasbro) SW toys. However, looking back, I realised that they could have meant any SW branded toys. This would mean that the $180 Republic Gunship at 25% off = $135!. I'm going to give them a call at lunch in a couple of hours to find out more: 7676 - Republic Gunship: $179 7675 - AT-TE Walker: $149 7674 - V-19 Torrent: $99 7681 - Separatist Spider-Droid: $39 Apologies for the fluctuating quality in details, but I did conclusively note that I saw no MagnaGuard Starfighters, Fighter Tanks or Droid Gunships in any store. If anyone needs more specific details, I'd be happy to help EDIT: Just rang David Jones and unfortunately, it only applies to direct Star Wars toys and SW Lego is still at full-price (I think I heard the assistant scan a set) . I will not pay full price for Lego, carn sarn it!
  15. Welcome to EB and the Aussie squad Matthieu! :D Has anyone been to TRU in the last few days?. I've been following a couple of midnight madness (August 1st 12am opening at selected stores) threads on the forums of SW aussie fansites Mousedroid and Novus Ordo. Judging from pictures in the threads there, all of the new CW sets have been released at TRU as well as the awesome new Hasbro Millennium Falcon and AT-TE toys!. It looks like Lego heaven based on these pics from the TRU at Moore Park in NSW: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQktCLWwt5E Hoth Rebel Base, Republic Gunship, AT-TE, X-Wing *drool* Also, I went to both of the Target's and Kmart's at Chermside and Indooroopilly on Sunday and besides being absolutely chock full of Motorized AT-AT's at $225, there was absolutely nothing new, and these are the biggest shopping centres in QLD :(. Victoria and New South Wales always get everything first