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  1. chofus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I think these are the pictures that showed up on official Lego Facebook page.
  2. chofus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I read some informations about new PotC movies. Maybe we will see Flying Dutchman UCS :)
  3. chofus

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    Nice canon design, i look something for myself too. How you gona make wheels? :)
  4. chofus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Lego published some pirates pictures on their Facebook profile. I know its International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but maybe this is some kind of hint?
  5. chofus

    Imperial Trading Ship

    Awesome little ship. Can we see some Island Town pictures?? :)
  6. chofus

    HMS Marianne - 20 gun sloop

    Awesome ship, nice explosions and damage effects. I like how captain is cold and marine behind him is in panic.
  7. No problem. I think newer hulls will work too, just need little adjustment.
  8. Sorry i gave you wrong instructions. The link for tutorial is and go through all comments there is more links for techniques: There is "Pirates master index" in pirates subforum, there is alot of tutorials.
  9. One of best (by me) and most realistic non floating lego ship is Revenge - Also there is tutorial for frigate build - look for pirates forum under index. I made 2 ship, 1 frigate and 2nd one is ship of line with that tutorial.
  10. chofus

    INDEX: Armies

    Here is my bluecoat army, i got like 160 of them but not all are here. I got 150 redcoats (back in plastic bag are torsos) too but i dont have white legs for them.
  11. chofus

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Yeah i got that in mind, especialy when they come in 2 pieces. Now we need some kind of drum that can attach to minifig.
  12. chofus

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    Awesome and detailed ship. Im sorry but it's TL:DR but is there anywhere piece count for it?
  13. chofus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Weird there isn't a single rumors or talks about pirates, since next year is 30th anniversary. I really hope they will make something good for that anniversary.
  14. chofus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Where you got information that new PoTC movie is coming? I would like to see some big (ucs/d2c) ship for pirates, also whole line would be perfect but we will see in future.
  15. There is multiple sets with some kind of small ship. I see one in adventures theme set #5976, i know its steamboat but you can modify him by your own taste.