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  1. No problem. I think newer hulls will work too, just need little adjustment.
  2. Sorry i gave you wrong instructions. The link for tutorial is and go through all comments there is more links for techniques: There is "Pirates master index" in pirates subforum, there is alot of tutorials.
  3. One of best (by me) and most realistic non floating lego ship is Revenge - Also there is tutorial for frigate build - look for pirates forum under index. I made 2 ship, 1 frigate and 2nd one is ship of line with that tutorial.
  4. chofus

    INDEX: Armies

    Here is my bluecoat army, i got like 160 of them but not all are here. I got 150 redcoats (back in plastic bag are torsos) too but i dont have white legs for them.
  5. chofus

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Yeah i got that in mind, especialy when they come in 2 pieces. Now we need some kind of drum that can attach to minifig.
  6. chofus

    [MOC] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    Awesome and detailed ship. Im sorry but it's TL:DR but is there anywhere piece count for it?
  7. chofus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Weird there isn't a single rumors or talks about pirates, since next year is 30th anniversary. I really hope they will make something good for that anniversary.
  8. chofus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Where you got information that new PoTC movie is coming? I would like to see some big (ucs/d2c) ship for pirates, also whole line would be perfect but we will see in future.
  9. There is multiple sets with some kind of small ship. I see one in adventures theme set #5976, i know its steamboat but you can modify him by your own taste.
  10. chofus

    Flying Dutchman WIP

    Awesome ship! I would like to make one like this for the shelf...
  11. chofus

    [REVIEW] 71042 Silent Mary [VIDEO]

    Another awesome review as usualy. How long does it take to shot, edit, assemble set etc for one big set as Silent Mary?
  12. chofus

    Fantasy Funnies

    The one with elementals beings made...i bet it cause searial burns on skin hahhaha
  13. chofus

    Spanish Colonial Outpost

    Nice fort and conquistadors. Did you try angled wall with hinges?? Maybe you could spare some of slopes? I hope you build whole fort!
  14. Awesome creation. Soo much details on such small space. GJ