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  1. chofus

    [MOC] Great Redoubt

    Awesome, i hope we seen whole diorama soon.
  2. chofus

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Did anyone bought new city advent calendar? I want to see dark red epaulettes on bluecoat soldier, so if someone can PM or post a picture of that (new/old bluecoat or some blue torso with epaulletes). Im waiting till they show up on PaB online and buy 150 for my army. Thanks.
  3. chofus

    [MOC] Lagoon Lockup Revisited (once more)

    Awesome creation. A lot of details. I especially liked the brick built canon and crown amblem above the gate.
  4. chofus

    [MOC] HMS Victory main top 1:45

    Awesome level of detail. I can image rest of ship :) Where do you buy that string, it looks very good for lego models.
  5. chofus

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Is this new backpack on minifigs in 2022 polybag.
  6. chofus

    Neighbourhood Watch and a New Idea

    Nice creation. If it's not secret, from what set comes black torso from 1st picture? It's really great and i didnt see it until now. Thanks.
  7. chofus

    [MOC] Pirates of Toilet Cove

    Captain log really got me. Awesome creation. I dont want to know where did you get inspiration for this :)
  8. chofus

    [COR - TER] On the Outskirts of Westface

    Nice scene. Alot of great details. Whats piece is that horse bridle? Is it from friends sets?
  9. Awesome fort, too bad it is made of wood and easily flammable :) Jokes aside, awesome details and nice angled walls. Great job.
  10. chofus

    [MOC] Free Vane and burn Nassau to the ground!!!

    Great moc, soo much details. Too bad show was dissapointment for me. I had great expectation.
  11. chofus

    Recommended Hull Widening Technique?

    Why don't you try to build your own brickbuilt hull? Like in 31109? Then you'll have more options for scaling and stability.
  12. chofus

    [MOC] Thin Blue Line

    Great idea for ramrods. I will use those wands as drumstick too. They are great parts.
  13. chofus

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    Awesome build. I will subscribe for this topic to see final creation.
  14. chofus

    [MOC] Organ music of the battle

    Awesome creation/photography. I like Dwarf's banner alot.