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    Moscow Rally BAJA Downhill

    like this :)
  2. I totally agree with you. lines over panels
  3. piterx

    [WIP] 1963 Corvette

    wow that's awesome! im always impressed when i see something made with blue, i mean, there arent too many parts aviable, you've done some great paneling there :)
  4. piterx

    Moscow Rally BAJA Downhill

    nice video! on the next truck you make be sure to install one of these ....and a braking system as well :P it will let the car go downhill by inertia even if it has motors ...the only downside is that it won't have the reverse unless you add a gearbox after the clutch
  5. piterx

    Moscow Rally BAJA Downhill

    this one looks awesome!
  6. im so sick of red and black -.- i want, i dont know....blue, dark green, white, rusty red, someone of you will say "there are parts with those colors!" but ill answer: no! there arent enough coloured parts compared to red and black ones :\ so has anyone of you tried to spray some parts? what kind of colors did you use? is it something acceptable by the lego purists?
  7. piterx

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    awesome models man :) really well done
  8. Hello everybody! I've finally found a moment to think about what to build ...unfortunately i'm so busy with university and working that i can't spend too much time on legos :\ anyway this is the plan, even if i still don't know if all of the following points will be possible to achieve :) features: - 4x4 - Differentials for better cornering - Lockable rear differential for better offroading (maybe remote controlled?) - Winch - RC motors - adjustable suspensions (maybe) - high/low ratio gearbox (hopefully) basically i wanna build a car that performs good enough to be something in between an offroader and a trial car.... i'd love if it could host from 62.4 wheels up to 81 ones wich means that gear ratios should be easy to modify as well probably ill incorporate the gear reduction directly on the axles if possible... i was trying the proportions a lil bit but i don't like the rc motors placed that way... hope you guys are gonna enjoy this project :)
  9. piterx

    Nissan Hardbody 4x4 [WIP]

    thanks guys.... unfortunately this project has been aborted to work on my next big car i can just say it has the best gearbox i've ever done so far... it's a 3+R but im pretty sure nothing i've ever done before was so smooth and so strong to stall 2 XL motors :P sooner or later i'll post the model that's gonna use it!
  10. piterx

    [MOC] LaFerrari hypercar 1:9

    that's beautiful man! awesome job as usual
  11. piterx

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    outstanding job madoca! it's really amazing, probably your best model ....for now :D
  12. piterx

    [WIP] 4WD platform

    it looks so good! reminds me of oldschool TLG designs
  13. Hi there guys! It's been a while since i built something, mainly due to grand theft auto V ahah... Anyway, i got sponsored by an italian lego shop called Mangiobricks so i decided to build something with their logo like it was a racing team :D I got inspired by Egor and his sunset truck so i decided to build my own version of a trophy truck! It has 95% tubolar chassis to keep it light and simple and the body can be dismounted completely, without compromising the rigidity of the chassis itself. Suspensions are really soft to absorb every bump and avoid rolls what else...the RC motor does its job, the truck drifts on smooth surfaces :D Measures: 30,5cm x 14,5cm x 13,8cm Weight: 550g Features: - Front independent suspensions - Differential - Tubolar chassis video:
  14. piterx

    Has your build speed got better?

    Same here...building is Just the 5%
  15. Hi there guys! Some days ago i had the idea of building a 4x4 vehicle...but i wanted something in-between a crawler and a more common 4x4 with double wishbone... so i found a nice UTV made by polaris and tried to replicate it.... then i realized that i liked the body of it but the chassis wasn't that interesting, so i mixed it up with the updated model 900, mainly for its 3 link rear suspension this is what i came up with, i hope you'll like it features: - 4x4 - front independent suspensions - rear 3 link independent suspensions - power functions - custom stickers weight 931g measures: 32.5cm x 20cm x 19cm i'm gonna shoot the video in an hour or so... maybe you guys could suggest me wich version you'd like to see...if you prefer the woods camo or arctic camo once i'll shoot the video and publish everything, on my blog, you'll find the stickers sheet ready for download as i did for the fiesta the polaris is driven by 2 L motors with a 1:3 ratio this is the most interesting part in my opinion...and works really nice too
  16. This set is ugly AF but its gonna bring the tumbler wheels price down :)
  17. Hello everybody! It's been a long since i posted something, i've been really busy with working and other stuff... So: there's Mercedes that's having a meeting at a lego exposition here in Rome on 21 DEC, they asked me somehow to bring 3 models there so I decided for the three in the title here's the smart Features: Power functions Front independent suspensions Rear suspensions Led lights Openable doors I hope you'll like it :) The others will come in the next days!
  18. piterx

    [MOC] Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture

    dude it's awesome :D
  19. piterx

    Mercedes: Smart, G63, Clk Gtr

    i know, the side part doesn't convince me neither... i'll fix it in the next days :P