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  1. Hi All, I recently built a minifig scale model of the Trostland Church from the game Destiny 2. The whole build sits on 4 x 6 32stud baseplates and is fully modular for easy transport and storage. I tried to keep the dimensions of the church to be the same as the game, but had to change a few things due to some limitations of the Lego parts that exist and those that I actually own. I was originally going to have more trees on there, but felt they got in the way and the branches fell off too easily anyway. I displayed it for the first time this weekend. This was at The Sydney Brick Show. Here is a pic, more are on my Flickr stream or Instagram if you prefer that (my instagram is SuperLegoSambo). I haven't taken pics of the interior yet; I'll add those soon. Trostland Church @ The Sydney Brick Show 2019 by Sam Wright, on Flickr Link to the Flickr album - Thanks for looking.
  2. Hello all, This is my first real attempt at a Castle. Recently displayed at the Sydney Brick Show, which is where the photos were taken. I'll set it up at home in the near future to try and get some better shots. Castle Drabula is the home of the evil Dragon Knights as well as a few other bad people. They have captured the Elven Princess and locked her up in the dungeon underground. Her blue Drake has been chained up outside and tortured and tormented by the castle guards. Outside the castle, the head of the White Dragon (the most recent kill) is mounted on a spike. A trophy from the kill. The castle is defended by high walls, 4 guard towers and a lava moat. There is also the resident Earth Dragon who is more than happy to eat intruders and the occasional prisoner that the guards hand over... Front of Castle: Castle Drabula by Sam Wright, on Flickr The Dungeon: Castle Drabula by Sam Wright, on Flickr About the build: Built in modular sections on 32stud baseplates (4x4). Most of the top section (towers, walls and even some of the landscape) is easily removed to allow easy transport and storage. Light boxes in the small house inside the castle power the lights in the dungeon and out of the windows of the house. I got the Ninjago Earth Dragon set in a bulk lot a while ago. I like the build, but it is way too slim, so I bulked it up a bit. There is a photo of it on its own in my flickr stream. The front and side gates both open (although they are a little tight), and all the gates in the towers open and close. Future plans are to extend the layout to include the other side of the bridge. This probably wont be completed for quite some time yet though. Full album of the photos is here:
  3. SamBo

    [MOC] USAF Daedalus

    I made a puddle jumper for Sydney Comic Con last year (a few cast members from Stargate were attending). It was a rush job, so it didn't come out too well.. Oz Comic Con - Sydney by Sam Wright, on Flickr Richard Dean Anderson was there, hence the MacGyver MOCs :D
  4. SamBo

    [MOC] USAF Daedalus

    Thanks guys. Nth_Brick, I think you're correct, it is a little too short. Maybe 2-4 studs. I didn't follow my plans properly when I built it. It's pretty close though. I really need to do a swooshing video/photo of this thing!
  5. SamBo

    [MOC] USAF Daedalus

    My build for SHIPtember, USAF Daedalus from the TV show: Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. 101 studs long plus the antenna.It contains LEDs that light up the bow, the engines, the fighter bays and the command centre. It weighs 8kg, but I'll do a swoosh pic (or maybe a video) soon. USAF Daedalus by Sam Wright, on Flickr Full album here: WIP thread here if anyone is interested: It will be going on display at the EB Games Expo in Sydney this weekend.
  6. I built this a few months ago and recently displayed it at The Sydney Brick Show. New Tristram is the starting town in the game Diablo 3. I've based this build off the Adventure Mode version of the town (in Story Mode the layout is slightly different). The build is 3x5 baseplates in size, which all come apart for easy transport. So I'll start with the entrance to the town. This is how it looks ingame: http://www.mmogames....-screenshot.jpg Please note that I toned my version down a bit since it was on display at a family-friendly event (I also don't have much dark red to make blood stains...) There aren't many pictures online of some sections of the town, so if you haven't played the game you'll have to just try to imagine it. I've missed a few things in this next section (like the burning pile of corpses... again, family-friendly) but most parts are covered. So this is just inside the gates: On the right is the boarded up house, which if you smash the door in the game, you can then access the portals to the Uber Bosses. In my build I've included a Crusader and a Wizard. In the background you can see the trailer for the Mystic (where in game you can spend a fortune on re-rolling the stats on your equipment, hoping for optimal stats). Next to that is the Jewel-crafter and his trailer. Here is the Blacksmith forge/wagon: In the game this is where you can get weapons and armour crafted and repaired. In my model I included LifeLites to make a flickering flame effect both inside the forge and on the flames on the top. On the left you can see a Demon Hunter with his dual crossbows. The main building of the town - The Slaughtered Calf Inn. This is how it looks in game: And my model: It's hard to create the darkness effect of the game using Lego. Also note that in the game, it is always night time in this area. I feel I've reproduced the inn quite well though. Due to poor planning of the internal support structure, I was unable to put lights inside, which I'm very disappointed with myself about. Here is the Waypoint (lets you instantly teleport to other waypoints in the game), the ghost of Zoltan Khule and Kanai's Cube. Behind them is the rift obelisk. On the left you can see the axe being held by a Barbarian (my favourite class in the game!), which you can see here, along with some other NPCs: Overall (almost) shot of the build: Full flickr album is here: Thanks for looking. Sam
  7. SamBo

    [MOC] The Scarlet's Perch

    Looks great! do you have any other photos from other angles?
  8. Thanks mate!I haven't gotten around to building any more characters yet... but here's a bum-crack pic of the Engineer :D
  9. cool Falderal! I found the Peashooter to be one of the hardest characters to get the proportions right. I'm glad your son likes the models, my boy likes them too :-) With GW2 coming out next month, there will be loads more characters to build!
  10. I've now finished all the main characters of PvZ: Garden Warfare. I have a WIP thread here Here are the characters: I have also built the Garlic and Zombie Drones, as well as a Garden and a Graveyard (from the Gardens and Graveyards game mode), however I have not photographed them properly yet. I'll add them to this thread when I do. I also need to upload a decent photo of the Engineer's bum-crack ;-) Comments and Criticism welcome. Thanks, Sam
  11. Thanks :-) Here's all of them together. I should have the Engineer Zombie completed soon. One more to go! by Sam Wright, on Flickr
  12. Zombie Scientist: Zombie Scientist by Sam Wright, on Flickr One more zombie to go, then I have all 8 main playable characters done. I've also made a garlic drone: Zombie Scientist and Garlic Drone by Sam Wright, on Flickr
  13. I'm still going with these.... Peashooter plant is now complete: Peashooter Plant by Sam Wright, on Flickr
  14. I've made a Chomper plant now: Chomper! by Sam Wright, on Flickr I know the photos are a bit cluttered. I'll take better ones once I finish the whole lot. Working on the Peashooter plant at the moment
  15. SamBo

    [MOC] AT-ATree

    I built this for the SydLUG 3 seed Christmas build challenge. The rules are that the build must contain a present, a tree, a minifig and have a footprint no larger than 16x16 studs, with no height restrictions. The idea came to me in the middle of the night and I had to get up and write it down so I wouldn't forget. An AT-AT with Christmas trees for legs. Trust me at the time I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. So here it is. Vader riding on a gift-wrapped walker with Christmas trees for legs, on the ice planet Hoth. AT-ATree by Sam Wright, on Flickr