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  1. Who will win: a determined builder or implacable time quickly running to the contest deadline? Motion blur in the photo is a practical effect achieved by means of electrics hidden in the pedestal: Thank you for your attention!
  2. sheo

    [MOC] Butterfly Racer

    Thank you for your kind words, @ProfSrlojohn, @Digger of Bricks and @Littleworlds!
  3. sheo

    [MOC] Butterfly Racer

    This is my build for NoVVember - 2019.
  4. sheo

    [MOC] Infinity

    Discover limitless possibilities with a new generation of electric motorcycles! Powered by a compact fusion cell, lightweight and durable, this motorcycle instantly adapts to your driving style and environment conditions, even if you are going where no one has gone before! Thank you for your attention!
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    [MOC] Infinity

    It seems I'm in court already. Dark red and reddish brown (they look close in these photos).
  6. sheo

    [MOC] Infinity

    No, it was really me. @Bob De Quatre used white and blue this time.
  7. sheo

    [MOC] Infinity

    Thank you, @Littleworlds!
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    [MOC] Joybringer

    This is my build for Ma.Ktoberfest - 2019.
  9. sheo

    [MOC] Hitchhikers

    This is my contribution to SHIPtember - 2019. The size of the main ship is 101 x 82 x 16 studs. Thank you for your attention!
  10. Thus carry your heavy burden of thoughts to the great peak of hope - only to fall in the depths of despair each time!
  11. sheo

    [MOC] Chibi Sisyphus

    Thank you, @Littleworlds!
  12. sheo

    [MOC] Hitchhikers

    Thank you, @Aliencat, @ZCerberus!
  13. The origins of the idea: The core of this model consists of three rings which can independently rotate around three perpendicular axes. These pivoted rings are called gimbals. Gimbals have been used in a wide variety of engineering applications since ancient times till modern days. Gimbal suspension is used to provide stability to objects inside unstable environment, e.g. compasses on ships and gyroscopes on planes. Furthermore, the simplicity and effectiveness of gimbals often attracted artists' attention. In science fiction and fantasy, gimbals have been used to represent complex contraptions capable of creating new physical effects and even manipulating the very fabric of reality. Some of the examples include the machine from the 1997 movie Contact, the gravity drive from the movie Event Horizon, mass relays from the video game series Mass Effect and even the Time-Turner from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. LEGO implementation: The idea of this model is to set gimbals in motion. Complex transmission allows each of the three motors to independently operate one of the three rings. Therefore the contraption is very easy to control. The rings and the frame are perfectly rigid and secure. The design of the model is intentionally minimalistic so that it could be used as a part of larger models. Video demonstration: Simple version: There is also a simplified version of the model with only two rotating rings and one motor. It may be also actuated by hand. Video demonstration and speed test of this version: Afterword: If you like this idea, please support my project on LEGO Ideas and share it with your friends! Thank you for your attention!
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    MOCs to Move

    Are these MOCs suitable for the Scale Modeling subforum?
  15. True gentleman (let alone a secret agent) never misses the train. This diorama recreates the train chase scene from the James Bond movie «Skyfall». It was made for the Lego Ideas contest «Build Something Spectacular from the World of 007». The motion blur effect in the photos was achieved using practical effects. The main roles in this scene are played by several vehicles built in 1:30 scale: 1. Land Rover Defender 110 Double Cab pickup; 2. Volkswagen Beetle (2012 version); 3. Caterpillar 320 excavator (2018 version). Thank you for your attention!
  16. sheo

    [MOC] Skyfall: Catching the Train

    The train and the pickup were actually moving when I took the photos. Unfortunately I only had time to build a very simple setup, which you can see here. For the movie they built a special version of the excavator with its cabin on the opposite side, but I didn't want to rebuild my little excavator.
  17. sheo

    [MOC] Ergo Proxy

    @carebear, @Kim-Kwang-Seok, thank you for the comments!
  18. sheo

    [MOC] Skyfall: Catching the Train

    Thanks! The tiles are held by clips. I fixed the tracks for stability, but they surely can roll. Thanks for the compliment!
  19. Especially with all those worm gears and linear actuators.
  20. Construction robot (CoRob) is a universal machine created to relieve humans of all hard and dangerous construction work. CoRob combines flexibility of humanoid body and efficiency of modern machinery. CoRob is equipped with adaptable multi-purpose limbs and thus can assume functions of both human workers and a wide range of construction machines. More specifically, the legs of the robot can switch between walking and driving modes, the latter of which greatly simplifies transportation between construction sites. The first two arms are designed for precision work while the other two are reinforced telescopic arms suitable for digging, lifting and loading all sorts of materials and cargo. Foldable outriggers provide additional stability when dealing with heavy weights and rough terrain. As expected from an autonomous machine, CoRob is equipped with various onboard navigational sensors as well as a detachable quadcopter drone which can provide a superior overview of the working area. Last but not least, CoRob is always happy with his job and has no plans to rebel. PS Should you ever see this creepy smiling face - just run away!
  21. Thanks for the comments guys! Despite my failure in the contest, I'm glad I participated because it was the only reason to build such a crazy thing! It's equally terrifying! All of the functions are actuated manually, so I chose to skip the video.
  22. Interesting overall shape, but you've placed the driver in a very dangerous position - right below the lifted weight.