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  1. Onatu

    Christmas List

    Ghost Train, Ghost Polybag, and some Collectable Minifigs.
  2. Onatu

    Space Marines!

    Dude, congratulations. I've been watching Space Marines' progression virtually since the beginning when I first found it, and it pleases me to no end that you made it to 10,000 finally. Best of luck during the review, hopefully Lego will approve and bring this to fruition!
  3. Onatu

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Looks like someone has their hands on three of the sets: http://www.flickr.com/photos/52927377@N02/ He'll be posting video reviews of them later by the sound of things. All I have to say is that these sets keep looking more and more awesome as I'm able to see the greater details to them. The Vermin Vaporizer in particular looks to be a solid set that could really make the series.
  4. Onatu

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Now that we know the second wave will happen, I wonder just what that will entail. While they could easily keep up with the insect enemy, I'm seriously hoping my prediction is true: more spiritual successors to previous space entries. After fighting an Insectoid fleet in the first wave, you have no idea how much I would be pleased to see something like UFO or Blacktron arrive as the antagonistic force in the second wave sets.
  5. Onatu

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I look forward to it. Not to sound rude or anything, but hopefully "shortly" means in a few days!
  6. Unlike the majority it seems, I'm really liking the looks of the Alien Trooper. He looks like a great counterpart to Galaxy Patrol. It actually reminds me a bit of the Locust from Gears of War.
  7. Just because you emailed a suggestion to them doesn't mean they'll end up doing it. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn't really make a lot of sense for Lego to re-release the older series seeing as many people have already had access to them and there's not a lot of use selling them once again.
  8. Onatu

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I am seriously loving this theme as more and more information leaks. It definitely seems to be everything I had hoped it would be and more. The multicolored squads is something that has my interest, so I really can't wait to see some good images of the sets show up. Hopefully that wait will not be much longer. Now a speculative thought: we can all see how this seems to be a somewhat spiritual successor to Insectoids, with a human force fending off the Insectoid-like invaders. Should this theme continue into the future, might we also see successors to past themes show up? It's a stretch, but imagine if the next wave had the Galaxy Squad fending off a redesigned UFO theme, or a redesigned Spyrius, or even Blacktron.
  9. Onatu

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    AMEN. I missed on classic space themes and didn't get into the Lego Space game until Life on Mars. I would love to see a Blacktron return, perhaps even Spyrius, Ice Planet, and UFO receiving revamps. It's pipedream, but darn it I would pay so much to make it so.
  10. Onatu

    Which is your favorite LEGO set?

    The Life on Mars theme's set, Red Planet Protector. That was a set was a monument to my childhood of Lego collection and building, the first set (non-Technic) that I captured my interest. And to this day, it still stands as a favorite.
  11. Onatu

    [MOC] Transformer

    Looks pretty sick, man. Lego transformers are a feat in and of themselves, so I'm always impressed when I see a well done MOC. The gifs were particularly nice, especially to see the transformation in action.
  12. Onatu

    Lego Polar Xxpress 2013

    I love that project. Makes me wish Lego would seriously think about those ideas.
  13. Onatu

    Hello everyone

    Thanks, I appreciate it! And dude, I've been using the name "Onatu" for many years now, but you are correct. I came up with it as a name idea for a MOC shortly after the theme began. It definitely is a name that has advanced beyond its origins, but I won't deny where the inspiration has come from.
  14. Onatu

    Hello everyone

    Thank you! And of course I recognize Theophilus Tower! That looks like a great recreation of it, I must hand it to you on the exactness. I'm glad (and truthfully, somewhat surprised) to see another Vandal on this site!
  15. Onatu

    Hello everyone

    I'm a long time fan of Lego, having come out of my Dark Ages at this year's start (Thank you Collectible Minifigures). This could not have coincided at a more perfect time in my life, as I have just finished my first year of college at the University of Idaho and I am ready to truly rekindle my love for the plastic bricks! My favorite themes would have to be Bionicle, Life on Mars, Monster Fighters, and despite never having the sets, Blacktron and UFO. I look forward to participating in the forums!