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    Pirates 2009 vs. Pirates 2015

    I am a big pirates fan and have nearly all of the sets going back to the beginning except for the big ships. I was very happy to see a return to blue uniforms and I think the use of color is outstanding in the 2015 sets. Also as stand alones, the new medium sets are beautiful pieces. Their modular nature is well implemented and I can see I will eventually get multiples of all of the soldier sets to combine in MOCs. Very happy to see the skull island theme return. I just don't have room for the big ships, otherwise I really like both the 6243 and new 70413 pirate ships. I don't get why the new chess set soldiers don't have proper head gear. That will keep me from acquiring it unless I can find a cheap source on Bricklink to get multiples to replace the hair pieces.
  2. xray

    Review: 31036 Creator Toy and Grocery Shop 3-in-1

    This seems like half of a set compared to the previous Bike Shop/Cafe. As I like many of the elements, I will probably buy a second one and build a mirror image version (making one entirely a toy shop and the other a book store/news stand) and adjust the sidewalks to work with the previous model. Then I think they will work well together. I remember a little area in Copenhagen that had this sort of architecture. I would hope the subsequent models are better deigned to create more complex alternatives, but these are both good starting points for original or enhanced models.
  3. xray

    REVIEW: 70754 ElectroMech

    I just built one and the engineering for deploying the wing blades is very clever. This a very well designed model as it is so solid and therefore has high playability. For my purposes, this the kind of set that I'll buy two and MOC out a more complex version. Thanks for the review.
  4. xray

    REVIEW: 70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit

    I've been trying to build a car like this, but this is way better than my design. Another must buy.
  5. xray

    REVIEW: 70806 Castle Cavalry

    Given the great vehicle builds in the other sets, this one is kind of dull. Probably a good parts buy for castle MOCs. Thanks for the great reviews.
  6. xray

    REVIEW: 70805 Trash Chomper

    This may be my favorite of the series, along with the plumber and ice cream vender. I feel like I'm going to be buying a double City series this year with these sets. They add a lot of character and detail, plus great mini-figs.
  7. xray

    REVIEW: 70804 Ice Cream Machine

    Great review, great set. Must add it to my City collection. Love the mini-figs.
  8. xray

    REVIEW: 70811 The Flying Flusher

    May have to get a pair to build a plumbing shop and get a his & hers portra-potty pair bonus. I think the device is a Roto-Rooter use to clear pipes.
  9. xray

    Monde Cinema

    Truly beautiful. The lobby is magnificent.
  10. Great review as always, but a disappointing release. There are 5 figures I will probably acquire. The construction workers are good, but basically just City figures, nothing special. I am really tired of the mermaids, who has any use for these? Some of the accessories are good- the police helmet, the pants guy's shirt, the Octan brochure; but overall only the Taco Tuesday Guy, Barista, Lincoln and Shakespeare are must haves.
  11. Some nice detail accessories, but this is probably the first one I won't buy as complete set. Nothing of interest for me, no historical warriors, no space theme. And I really don't want any more fishtails.
  12. 9) Mr Good and Evil Entry (Build by joeshmoe554) 1 point 26) Hollywood Starlet Entry (Build by vecchiasignoraceppo) 1 point 39) Battle Mech Entry (Build by Darkblane) 1 point This was a tough one. There are 3 more I could easily have chosen.
  13. 1) Cowgirl Entry (Build by Yatkuu) 1 point 9) Downhill Skier Entry (Build by Majoza77) 1 point 14) Conquistador Entry (Build by vecchiasignoraceppo) 1point
  14. 4) Bunny Suit Guy Entry (Build by toutouille) 1 point 22) Computer Programmer Entry (Build by Big Sal) 1 point 21) Computer Programmer Entry (Build by Darkblane) 1 point
  15. xray

    MOC: Upgraded Engine shed

    This is a really outstanding model. Your attention to detail and use of color is excellent.