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  1. This is an alt-build using the #75042 Droid Gunship set. Additional shots can be found on Flickr including a multi-angle overview collage and an "exploded" view of the ship's construction. BaisCor KLE-P25 patrol hovership (Front) by Morgan190, on Flickr BaisCor KLE-P25 patrol hovership (Rear) by Morgan190, on Flickr m19
  2. PC: 1280x1024, FiOS 25/25, Firefox 16.0.1 Mac: 1920x1200, FiOS 25/25, Firefox 16.0.1 m19
  3. Morgan19

    Win the ultimate VIP LEGOLAND experience!

    Wow, that's a phenomenal contest. Fingers crossed! m19
  4. Morgan19

    SRT-32 "Zorya" Gunship

    Guys! It's supposed to resemble the Halo; it's based on the official BrickMaster model. That's what I said in my post. m19
  5. Morgan19

    SRT-32 "Zorya" Gunship

    So after 25+ years of LEGO collecting, I'm finally getting around to the time-honored follow-up tradition of LEGO sorting. Because that's finally in progress, I've been able build (relatively) quickly again with my limited free-time. I originally wanted to try and build the BrickMaster mini Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship from my own parts, but quickly found that I didn't have all the right parts in the right colors. So after ending up with a rainbow warrior ship instead, I undertook a little bit of tinkering and experimenting over the last few days that eventually gave birth to the Zorya you see here. Click to view the whole gallery. m19
  6. Morgan19

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    5) Battle plans (Celtic Warrior) Entry (Build by kciR) - 2 points 6) Toxic Cleanup (Sleepyhead) Entry (Build by Darth Yogi) - 1 point m19
  7. Morgan19

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    10) Surgeon Entry (Build by bellis) - 1 point 14) Mechanic Entry (Build by Yatkuu) - 1 point 42) Minotaur Entry (Build by Mr.Brickman) - 1 point m19
  8. Morgan19

    [REVIEW] 7961 Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator

    The model itself, though way overpriced, looks quite accurate... at least from the angle on the box. The entire underside and front sides are horrendously unfinished, like the designers just threw their hands up halfway through and gave up. These past few years, prior to purchasing I've learned to seek out photos of LEGO models from the angles NOT shown on the box. In this case, it's funny that the box art chooses to show the ship from the one angle that makes it look complete, while hiding the terrible spots. It's a common tactic in advertising, but it's still insulting to see it so blatantly making its way into our favorite toy. Yay marketing. m19
  9. Morgan19

    painting bricks

    Krylon Fusion is meant specifically for plastic (like LEGO) and bonds much closer to the surface, meaning there's less (or none!) of that "built-up paint" effect. I use it all the time for coloring entire bricks and it works wonderfully, particularly for black as Krylon's color is just about an exact match for LEGO's. m19
  10. Morgan19

    Isolere, the Hiromenn

    It's BrickTW's bow piece. m19
  11. Isolere, the Hiromenn (Click the image to go to its Flickr page) "Through the white waterfalls of norway From the dark and misty forests From the mighty snowfilled mountains Through the winds of the northern sea Let the fields and homes turn into fire and blood Let the lambs be wolveso nce again" — Kampfar m19
  12. Morgan19

    Dark Helmet

    It's not for sale, sorry. :) m19
  13. "Salty Eyes" McGee is my entry for the Space Cowboy contest over on Flickr. He's a less-futuristic, more-Firefly-esque character; imagine an alien "cowboy" planetbound in a rugged frontier setting rather than flying through space in a shiny starship, and you're on the right track. He's decked out with a pair of bolt-action BrickArms rifles, a wide hat and headwrap to counteract those nasty borderland dust storms, and his trusty BrickForge guitar for those endlessly lonely nights out on the plains. (Click to go to the Flickr page) m19
  14. Morgan19

    Dark Helmet

    I'd considered that at first but the shorter legs ultimately made the whole figure look too top-heavy, even for him. In the end I decided that the generally cartoon-ish proportions of a LEGO figure provided enough of that aspect on their own. ;) m19