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  1. chris_austin

    Official LEGO Star Wars TV Commercials & Ads

    I had somehow never heard of it but I just watched The Padawan Menace on Cartoon Network. It was amazing! So funny and the animation (CGI) was well done. The attention to detail such as little scratches on C-3PO made it seem very real and unlike animation. Almost everything looked like real sets. I'm now brimming with ideas for builds thanks to some amazing background pieces built for the mini-movie. I hope some of the characters make it to minifig form in real sets. It would seem a shame since some of them were so well designed/detailed. Anybody else want an Ackbar hat now?!
  2. chris_austin

    2012 City sets

    Oh yes and i'm curious to see what it will look like but I meant from TLG.
  3. chris_austin

    2012 City sets

    Perhaps it's just a personal thing but the grill and log brick are fine, the detail on them isn't too high so as to render them useful for only one purpose. The new wall piece is only going to be good for building walls. I've seen countless MOC's that have amazing textured walls without the use of this new part. I do think that TLG aren't stupid and will likely only include small amounts of this brick in certain sets. I'm sure we won't be seeing whole buildings using this brick! Have you no imagination?! That would still look like a chimney, textured brick or not
  4. chris_austin


    For me, all pronounciations depend on what either makes sense or is audibly pleasing. Since I don't know and 'a-fols' in real life, i'm talking about the sound it makes in my head! Vignette is vin-nyet but what about Bignette? I say big-net out of habit but it sounds horrible so i'd use bin-yet out loud
  5. chris_austin

    2012 City sets

    Do some/many of you really like the new dark tan/tan brickwork bricks. They scream Megabloks to me. I think they are horrible looking. I'm really disappointed and hope we don't get many more new pieces like this in the future. I know, I know - I can choose not to use them and i'm not being forced to buy them but are they really necessary?
  6. I very much agree with the views of picking up several of these polybag sets because of the resale value or even just because an AFOL likes to have lots of the parts as being a bad thing. There are limited quantities of them so is it really worth saving a few pence or making a couple of £'s when each extra set you get could be someone else's disappointment? I admit, it's tempting with today's Ninjago 30080 because it has 6 x pearl gold scimitar and 2 x tan droid torso's but i'd much rather see a child playing with it. That child was me, once upon a time. I do get 2, one for me and one for a fellow AFOL but if I get an extra 1 or 2 then it's the ones left from previous days that are surplus.
  7. chris_austin

    MOC: NS 1850 Loc

    What parts were used for the graffiti? I can't work it out...
  8. chris_austin

    REVIEW: 4194 Whitecap Bay

    Shoulder blade prints! Those mermaids look so detailed. I won't be getting this set as I can't have all of them but this looks like a fun one nonetheless. Thanks for the review. I just need to add that not all of the POTC sets have pearl coins. I don't know how or why but some people have bought 4181 Isla de Muerta and received chrome coins instead of pearl (but still pearl gold bars ). The chrome coins were in the classic style and not the new POTC design.
  9. Which country are you in?
  10. chris_austin

    Naboo Celebration

    That depends on when he bought them. Just after the episode I sets were released, there was still quite a lot of hate for Jar Jar so he was a cheap minifig to acquire I have a fair few myself. Now, he's not so cheap... I love ACPin's dioramas. It gives you a real sense of a huge LEGO world/universe behind the MOC because they're so large and detailed.
  11. chris_austin

    Buying lego in pieces

    Sure, Bricklink looks ugly and takes time to get used to but I think it works very well and I love using it. It's basis is simple so sometimes you do have to put in a bit of work to get what you want out of it. The upside to a simple website, I assume, is that it requires less maintenance, less cost and it's free from adverts!
  12. chris_austin

    Buying duplicate moc`s?

    There are a few ways you can become a seller. If you're an AFOL and have just one brick that you don't want anymore then you can become a seller and put it for sale in your shop. You can buy lots of cheap bulk used LEGO and sell it piece by piece. You can buy brand new sets and part them out. A some sets can be bought at RRP but be worth moe when parted out to individual bricks and minifigs. Buy new sets when they're on sale is a nice bonus. This is how some seller have hundreds or one part. I like to buy new sets for the bits I want and then sell the rest to make back the cost or even a little profit. For example, the postman just delivered 5 x Battle of Naboo's. Each one cost £17.99 and has an average part-out value of £31. I'll be taking out the 2 Gungans from each set for myself and selling the rest for an average of £22 each. Yes, it will take some time to shift all of the parts but you get my point
  13. chris_austin

    UK Sales

    Thanks dude. I would never have seen this. Amazon is the one site that I never check for deals. I could only order a maximum of 5 though
  14. chris_austin

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    This! I'm hoping that we get another Droid BP at some point in the next couple of years so that I can top-up my army. The Battle of Naboo was pretty good but only for army building when it's on offer/reduced. I keep meaning to set my army up for photos but it'll take so long to build all of the minifigs, AAT's and MTT's. I could do it bit by bit rather than the whole army in one go...
  15. I thought I had seen this but this is a new one. Thanks for sharing. I need to get one of those crowbars!