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    NXT 3.0?

    I was in a lego store a few months ago with my brother and parents; and we were talking to this employee; and my dad asked him "Excuse me- why are there no NXT's here?" "they stopped making them 2 days ago" (it must have been a few months since then) "why?" "they're replacing them with the new 3.0." "that's odd.. since they only had been out for a few years and RCX had been out for much longer" (we had done the FLL for a few years) So- i thought that was interesting- and wondered if any of you knew anything about it? With warm bricks in my heart, MATT PS: happy thanksgiving to all you Americans!
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    I'll be there one of the public days.
  3. spaced_out

    two interiors

    Hello! Thanks for looking at my MOC topic :) This is my first MOC in a long time (a year or so), as well as the first posted on the internet. And before you look, I will warn you: blurry pics ahead! (didn't have my good camera with me... :/ ) This is the (very) packed court room. The prosecution (Gibbs), is sporting a "bride of Frankenstein" look. There's a medic on the witness stand, and the judge is wearing an old army uniform for some reason (I'd like to say that it's a Calvary uniform from the old western line? correct me if I'm wrong) This next pic is just the blank court room, without figs. I like the wooden look. Originally the whole thing was snotted brown, but I decided it was too monocoloured. The next image is a frontal view of the second interior, an office. I personally, like the arch I made in this. It reminds me of something out of the castle line. Finally, we have a close up of the office. The walls are made out of 4x1 log pieces. The back is made out of 2 types of glass bricks, one (the one nearer the top), I haven't seen in any sets except the old promotional HP knight bus set, although the pieces were smaller. Have they appeared in any recent sets? Note the dragons on the desk, along with computer and keyboard. (which set are the dragons from?) Again, it's snoteed. I hope you liked it! comments and crits appreciated! space
  4. spaced_out

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Do these legs look like they match up with the pink Umbridge from the OOTP HP castle set? I think these new legs would be more accurate to the book that way, correct me if I'm wrong.
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    2012 City sets

    WHY do we need another snowball launcher? It seems like lego must have a snowball launcher fetish or something, they've been in quite a few sets... Now all we need is that fig in fleshie, and It'd go perfect with the Gordon fig we're getting in Marvel in '13. That's Awesome. Seriously. Reminds me of a old MOC Yoda made... I'd LOVE if lego did a SWAT type thing, maybe giving them all handcuffs instead of guns? and on the subject of a museum: AFOL's are too spoiled to even think that a new museum in the style of CC/TH would be made by lego. AFOLs have made MUCH better museums anyway. It's too expencive for what we want, vs what Lego could make. space
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    new comm project (brickfilm)

    Thanks carroll. I'm one_man_show over at BIM. MATT
  7. Hello. A community project is where all the people involve agree to make the same movie- only 2 have finished- the day crashed- and cleaning time. I hope to be the third. I DO PRESENT: POT-HEADS It's the story of 2 people- a guy and his girl; who must crash Justin Bieber's wedding to Taylor swift in New Hampshire; so they don't amek little Twibieber babies! Along the way they meet crazy highlighters (twilighters), greenspan (GREENDAY), EB-SPAM (C-SPAN), a man with a large bucket, lego conventioneers, and even gangsetrs! (and more.) They get to New Hampshire- and crash the wedding- doesn't work. So they crash the reception- doesn't work. So they get up on stage and sing. Then they fight. The boy falls in love with Taylor swift; the girl with our canadian Meatloaf wanna-be. The movie ends. INFO: I have divided this up into phases. -PHASE 1: pre-production- sign ups; script is written. -PHASE 2: production- sets are built. The animation is done. PHASE 3: post-production- Voices are done. effects are added to film. PHASE 4: editing and release- the editing is done. And finally the film is released. We are on phase 1. I need people to do the following things: -PLAN SETS -BUILD SETS\ANIMATE -EDIT -VOICES -EDIT SCRIPT -MAKE GRAPHICS -PROMOTE And prob other things. A casting call will go out later- but they include: - Frank -Gretta -Justin -Taylor -Priest -GPS -news man -singer -lego conventioneers -crazy highlighters -random extras -wedding guests -TAAB -Revmen -Canadian mounties -American police -security -Meatloaf (I think more) so sing up to do something! MATT
  8. spaced_out

    A re-introduction to the Community,

    I compleately agree. MATT PS: and a merry post November 2010-2011 season to you sir!
  9. Aye! I do compleately agree with all your points mates! MATT
  10. :)

    love the work you do!

    have a happy day; eh!


  11. spaced_out

    NXT 3.0?

    Interesting you've herd similar things- only selling them on S@H could be a nightmare for some newer FLL chapters... Wonder if they'll have like when the NXT first came out- you can use it until the end of the year- and then you can never use it again? Have not heard a thing since then- so IDK what to believe LOL MATT
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    2011 City sets

    I like them! But I've got a bit of a wee hard question:is the barrier in the prisoner van set new? MATT
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    So, sheep

    such a cute sheep! (i'd give you a sheep smilie; but alas; i don't think we have one!) So- I'll give you this: MATT
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    Brick Flicks?

    ohh ohh! let's trademark it before TAAB and her BF friends will steal it!
  15. spaced_out

    Dark Age nearer than I think?

    what do making out with babes got to do with LEGO? unless you are amking out with a lego babe, or you play with lego while you make out... ON TOPIC: dark ages do not matter, only that you come back at the end. Spaced_out
  16. spaced_out

    Eurobricks Community Build-Lego County

    I could do a mall. in LDD. it will be cheep. MATT
  17. spaced_out

    What New Themes or Sets would you like TLG to make?

    3 words: Bill and Ted. MATT
  18. spaced_out

    The Captain's Cabin Contest - Information & FAQ

    i'll critic the stuff. MATT
  19. not the 'cube incident, oh lord, not the ice cube tray thread! MATT
  20. spaced_out

    Interview about Eurobricks by Hinckley

    i lurked around for a few months before i joined, and i read a bit about the leeker rep. makes me pround to be a part of it. five :vader: :yoda: out of five from me! MATT
  21. spaced_out

    LDD: TV Reporters

    love it. Why does the lady got a loaf af bread? Is she gonna slap the reporters with it for intruding on her beauty sleep on the bench on new years day after drinking too much? MATT
  22. spaced_out

    Canadian Eh?

    i'm canadian, was born in winnipeg (pooh was from there) Manatoba, but i live in the east coast USA. Anyone watch the canadian financed and directed digrassi? MATT
  23. spaced_out

    Sideline Scene Builders: READ ME!

    1) Why are you following Snowbox Derby 2008? like, it's totally wacked up man! 2) Are you also rooting for the American Team? yes, but no. I live in the US, but me roots for all, and all root for no one 3) If yes, why; if no, who are you rooting for? I'm an american; i want the staff to win... stupid fellows can't find a way to get out of my city... 4) There seems to be some issue between TheBrickster and Mr. Mandalorian. Who of these two individuals are you rooting for? / Why? brickster. He posts much better stuff... and his sig-fig is a ghost. 5) What would you like to say to your favorite Snow Box Fellow or Staff member? good luck and may god save you all from death this holiday season as we watch you win... or loose at the hands of your fellow man! MATT