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  1. Akkhraziel

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    Having opened my MISB 6286....you can guess what my answer will be. As the box wasn't in the finest shape, it was more than worth the extra bit to me to actually get all of the pieces in non chewed, folded, or mutilated condition. Then again, I've just had lousy luck with seciond hand lego lately. Akkh
  2. Introduce them to Evil Stevie's Pirate Game http://www.io.com/~sj/PirateGame.html
  3. Akkhraziel

    Emperor's Ship Pic Review

    Not really. I gave it a passing comment back when we were first sorta assembling a moc compilation page in the castle/pirate forum. (Mocs to share from circa May 4, 2005) I loved what he did with it then, and still do. Akkh
  4. Akkhraziel

    Emperor's Ship Pic Review

    Reaching back into the way back machine, our very own Ed_dotcom had this posted in his Bricklink gallery, a fusion of at least two (perhaps with a few extra bricks) of the emperor's ship. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=117361 Akkh
  5. Akkhraziel

    Favorite Adventure Boat

    I went with the Emporer's ship. i always loved the design, and the fact it has jingasa/rice hats for the mf's. Hmmm...this means I'm agreeing with Phes. I think I just heard the 477th seal of the apocalypse open. Akkh
  6. Akkhraziel

    Carrier Creation

    This may have been posted elsewhere, and is most certainly somewhere on brickiling, but still, for those who might not have seen it http://www.ezprezzo.com/crazypics/lego_aircraft_carrier.html Thats just amazing. Kudo's to that builder.
  7. Akkhraziel

    Toyfair 2006

    Very possibly; Marvel licensing recently underwent many shifts. In the non-brick based toy world, Marvel ended its contract with Toy Biz early and switched over to Hasbro, and appears to bve lookintg to hasbro to market many many6 products for them. Its entirely likely that the Lego-Marvel license was not extended. Hrm, might see if Mega Bloks license with Marvel stuff is up, too. Akkh
  8. Akkhraziel

    Xbox 360

    Picked one up a few days ago. Grabbed DoA 4 to go with. Much happiness to be had. Its going to be an amazing year for new consoles. Akkh
  9. Akkhraziel

    MegaBloks Pyrates is better than LEGO 4+ Pirates

    It was mainly the really early stuff, the 1997-98 vintage MB stuff that had...spotty quality control. Which is to say, the plast ic was pretty darn bad. Its improved in leaps and bounds since then. Akkh
  10. Akkhraziel

    what did you get?

    Lego: 7016 7017 Andother Hippogryph little HP set (Mmmm...flying mounts.) And a stealth Hunter from the Exo-Force Line. Clothes, the ususal stuff, I won't bore you with the details. No vidoegames this year but I don't mind, I'm still finishing one from my birthday. All in all, some lovely little sets, and a wonderful holiday. Akkh
  11. Akkhraziel

    A Merry Christmas to you all...

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Best wishes to the Eurobricks community. Akkh
  12. Akkhraziel

    PICTURE REVIEW: Stealth Hunter

    Very nice, and thank you for such wonderful pics. This seals it, I have to get this one. Akkh
  13. Akkhraziel

    Thesis Defended

    :-D For many moons and many suns now, I've been working hard on my Senior Honors Thesis. Yesterday, I went before the review board and defended my work, meaning in essence that now I just have to make a few revisions and clean up a couple of things and then get it printed and bound. It also means I'll graduate now. Long ago in the chat, back when we still had one ;) , I'd often get asked by Sne, Yoda, and Bloody Jay what I was doing/working on. I've been working on this project for a long time, and its finally through. I am quite pleased. Thank you all for the kind wishes and encouraging words, I hope everyone has a happy holidays as well. Akkh
  14. Akkhraziel

    Thesis Defended

    Having talked to a good number of you in chat, with the occasional prodding of "what are you are working on" I am pleased to announce that I successfully defended my Undergraduate Thesis today. Now to make a couple of revisions and get it bound. Freedome. Precious, Horrible Freedom !!! Akkh
  15. Akkhraziel

    Theme of 2005!

    How long is the poll going to go for ? After Christmas I might have more empirical evidence to sawy my opinion ;) Akkh