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  1. surixurient

    What's your latest acquisition?

    2 sets of black monarch's castle
  2. surixurient

    Once upon a time in Nazareth

    Yeah, clearly the brick bible is some kind of troll http://www.thebrickt...tles/index.html read On Authority On the Jews Those Who Will Never Inherit the Kindgom of God On Slavery
  3. surixurient

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Sounds like a good deal redtrooper. I might have to get a pirate ship.
  4. surixurient

    Retro MOC: Maidens Tower

    Sounds like a great competition, sign me up second. I consider myself of the pre-dragonmaster(ite) brotherhood. My entry will be entitled "Christ in the workshop of the Black Knights"
  5. surixurient

    Would you like the Vikings theme to return?

    Yes! Anything that allows me to reenact "One Rode to Asa Bay" in lego.
  6. surixurient

    [Retro MOC] The Bakehouse

    Bumping this one because it shows the whole series of retro mocs. My favorites are probably The Gatehouse, The Latrine, Market by the Wall, Coaching Inn, Defending the Breech, Begger's Stairs, and The Apiary.
  7. surixurient

    Retro MOC: Merchants House

    This is a favorites of the series and a great reuse of an element from another set, something that I try to do myself. I like the fact that it has a double-high wall on one side and regular wall on the other. I'd add this to my city (when I get around to making a black falcon or gray-walled city).
  8. surixurient

    Retro MOC: Maidens Tower

    A wonderful project to create sets that could have come out in the 80s. I have just finished reading them all and am very inspired to do something similar only based around the black knights (I have tons of black wall panels and not many grays). I once tried to get something like this started in classic pirates/imperials but ran out of steam before really starting. 19 sets is more than impressive! And it seems that you did even more that never made it here (the goldsmith?)
  9. surixurient

    Classic Castle MOC

    thanks for the suggestion SirBlake! My new lego goal is to build all of the cook's retro mocs, plus any others that people share, like this one. Lets follow the cooks example and put [retro moc] in the title of these so we can search on that term to find all of the threads.
  10. surixurient

    What's your latest acquisition?

    black falcons fortress
  11. surixurient

    Classic Castle MOC

    I stuck my 6059 onto the back of 6085 (monarch's castle), it looks great as the back gate.
  12. surixurient

    Classic Castle MOC

    Great build. I'm receiving a second copy of black knight's stronghold soon which I will try to do some alt builds with.
  13. surixurient

    What's your latest acquisition?

    I just got Knight's Stronghold
  14. surixurient

    Has anyone ever compiled every Imperial set together?

    I'm with you guys, at the moment I am most interesting in collecting official sets. Probably because my mocs never match well. If I ever master the art of creating lego that looks like 89-96 era official sets, I will start being more interesting in mocing. In the mean time I create mocs kind of by picking components of official sets (a wall, tower, some other modular component) and combining those to create something unique that goes well with the officials. Also I modify newer sets to make them look more like what I consider to be golden era sets. My biggest problem is not having enough legos! I too would love to see a photo or video of all the official sets displayed, not just next to each other but combined with continuous baseplates and perhaps a little landscaping. Framed in a way to create the illusion of a lego world. In a year or two I hope to be able to provide that picture myself! This guy HiffieLego does a great job of displaying official pirate and castle sets, but doesn't show them all together at once.
  15. Good find. For me it started looking a lot better when I replaced the black sails with white and added some color to the build. It's really a solid design I think, minus the black/gray color scheme and a few minor gripes about the bow and the back rudder.