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  1. Kumata

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    IF the set is revealed today, what is the most likely time?
  2. Kumata

    Small track loop?

    Sorry, I meant to make clear, I was talking about a reversing loop specifically. I guess flexi track sounds like my best option.
  3. Kumata

    Small track loop?

    I have limited room with which to build my layout and am trying to cram as many features into as small a space as possible. To this end I wondered if anyone knows of the most space-efficient way to create a reversing track loop. I found this in an old topic, but is this the smallest possible build?
  4. Kumata

    [MOC] Thomas the Tank Engine

    Since we're playing the nitpicking game: it's actually spelled Topham Hatt.
  5. Not meaning to shill, but my own pannier tank MOC uses the black palm tree segment as a funnel, so you can look at that to judge whether you think it'd look better on your own pannier. Personally I feel it's a little short, you might be more satisfied keeping the technic pin/dish combo. I dunno, I keep trying to think of more useful criticism but I can't really. Even the driver looks good!
  6. Kumata

    [MOC] Thomas the Tank Engine

    I dont think that ever happens here. Most heritage railways either decorate one of their existing engines for a brief period, or have a specially decorated 'Thomas' locomotive that only gets used on these special events. Once I visited a heritage railway where their 'Thomas' was sitting in clear view just outside the engine workshop, possibly in the process of being decorated ready for such an event. The paintwork was all done but it hadn't been fitted with a face, which looked quite eerie to be honest. A child some steps behind me, discovering the engine, exclaimed happily to his mother "look, look mummy it's Thomas!... why hasn't he got a face?" Mum was quick on her feet: "Shh, it's because he's sleeping."
  7. Love what you have so far, but one detail really jumps out to me: why is the back of the bunker open? It looks like all the coal would fall out.
  8. That link doesn't work, but I get what you mean. It should be possible to incorporate a 9v motor into a design of this size, then! The wheelbase/boiler comprises a solid chunk where it might be hidden.
  9. If that motor piece is a similar size to the power functions one, then no. I did make a larger saddle tank engine, it miiight be possible to squeeze a motor into that build with some modification.
  10. It's too small to fit a power functions motor, yes. I'm not really sure about 9v though as I don't know how that system works.
  11. I would say that Portbury is more of an off-white than grey. There is a milky white colour that matches almost perfectly (not sure of the colour's official name but it was introduced in the 2006 BIONICLE Thok set) but there are too few pieces available in that colour for it to be possible, sadly. Thanks! I don't mind my stuff being shared at all, it'd be interesting to see what they think of it. Good idea. Might have to wait until later in the year though, when the sun is prone to actually coming out.
  12. Kumata

    [MOC] Thomas the Tank Engine

    Thank you! I honestly couldn't pinpoint what felt wrong to me about the design. Will definitely try to reduce the overhang and make it all in better proportion. This will sound so insignificant, but the reason it ended up that way is because Thomas' boiler has 6 red stripes separating 5 blue sections and I wanted to match that. EDIT: Nah, I won't be having powered locos of any sort - sounds odd, but it just doesn't appeal to me. If I want to play with my layout, I'm happy to push the trains along by hand.
  13. A fun little deviation from my usual steam locomotive MOCs. Thomas was my gateway drug into the world of steam railways. The design was actually a lot trickier to figure out than I anticipated, and I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out - but it'll do. I plan on incorporating this engine into my planned Lego railway layout too. Steam railways here in the UK often have "Thomas days" where one of their usual locos gets painted blue and fitted with a face, as an attraction for children. So this engine will represent that.
  14. Yet another Lego 'Saddle Tank' locomotive of my own design, an 0-6-0 based on the locomotive 'Portbury' that still operates as a tourist attraction at Bristol harbour. I live in Bristol so, as a child, I had a number of rides on Portbury and it was probably an influence in my extensive love of steam railways. I've also updated the design for my GWR-style coal truck. It now has doors that can be lowered for disposal of its load! Sadly though, try as I might I couldn't get them exactly level with the rest of the truck's walls. But I'm happy enough with how it turned out.
  15. Kumata

    MOC: Lego Train Station 60050 XXL!

    I like this a lot - you've kept a similar style and scale that would be used if this were an official Lego product, and personally I always appreciate that in MOCs. :) In fact I'm tempted to "borrow" this design for my own layout! For variety's sake I think you ought to change the Kiosk/Lego store on one of the platforms into a different pair of shops. Something I thought the actual set was lacking is a booking office of some sort.