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  1. Thanks for the response! I've also considered that it could be custom made. There's actually a bunch of points arguing towards that, such as (seemingly) random parts placement, very odd building techniques, and the fact that it's screwed to a wooden board that is way longer than the model. Just doesn't look like something Lego themselves would make. But then again, there's the possibility it's official nevertheless, I'm gonna wait if someone else can unearth some knowledge. If it does turn out to be a one-off custom model, I'll be creative and "complete" it myself
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    Hey everybody, I've been coming across this page for a long time, reading many topics. I just finally signed up, only because I wanted to ask one thing - but who knows, maybe I'll actually stick around? My favorite Lego themes are Bionicle and Technic, I like buildable figures and big vehicles. Other topics that interest me are mechs/robots, spaceships and a little bit of trains. Favorite set of all time is 8285, the Technic tow truck. That's all I have to say about me, have a nice day - maybe you'll see me around!
  3. Hello everybody, I just signed up here. I've been searching information on a Lego model, and Eurobricks seemed like a promising place to get answers. Recently, at the thrift store, I got my hands on a glued Lego display model. It promotes the colorful gear system (predecessor to Technic) and I assume it is from ca. 1970, since that is when the gears were first released. The model is obviously incomplete and a few extra pieces came with it. All those sub-assemblies are also glued. The three gray plates are supposed to be one long plate, but it has broken in two places. I can not find any photos or information for this model on the internet. Has anyone of you seen it before? Do you perhaps have an image of the full model? I'd love to restore it! Thanks in advance for any possible answers. More photos here: