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  1. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    I don't think it would have been useful information 3 days ago. As I said, I didn't think it was conclusive at the time so I shelved it to consider later. Certainly interesting though that Thelam is still alive, that there have been kills since then and that others are also suspicious of her; I think there is a case building there. If I had brought up the information 3 days ago without prompting, it would have revealed my role far too early and without the additional evidence of kills on the following nights. Possibly the information would have been useful to bring up yesterday, I will accept that.
  2. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Well read back if you will Brickald, but from my memory of day 2, Glenn claimed an investigator told him. All I am saying is, this supposed investigator has not been any use since and I don't think Glenn should get a free pass.
  3. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    A quite unhelpful bandwagon vote from Studcille, with the same short and easy scapegoat reasoning as Thelma and Roger. I'll put them as my top three picks for the scum team I would say, with Glenn as an unhelpful neutral fellow (or perhaps an unhelpful townie, but... something doesn't seem right there, we shall see I guess). If Glenn is the investigator then he hasn't been any use since we got Ari. I don't trust that. As for the rest of you, nothing really giving me scum tells. Gopher is flip flopping about by sticking with his vote for me but saying he is unsure, perhaps in an effort to appear tomorrow like he had doubts about the vote today. Who really knows though. Such is this game of life! I hope I go out in a Henry-award-winning performance! I'll be back shortly, I need my hair to look its best for my big finale.
  4. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    I thought Glenn claimed to have heard from an investigator? Or has Glenn since claimed to be that investigator. Either way, I haven't heard any useful results out of Glenn since, nor have the scum killed her off which is interesting.
  5. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Naturally I would make the claim now, when it looks like I am going to be lynched, so that the town at least have the information in the event of my death. I don't see anything odd in the timing of my claim. Would you have preferred I claimed earlier?
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Not necessarily lying, Glenn hasn't claimed any sort of role as far as I recall. I actually get more of a neutral vibe from her, like she just wants to see votes happen but doesn't particularly care who they are for. *swishes hair* Good question. On day 2, it wasn't clear what kind of might actions were going on so I thought a different choice would be wise. By day 3 I was somewhat taken in by the suggestion of a conversion being the explanation for no kill on night one, but in hindsight it is more likely that the concept of a conversion was thrown out by the scum to try and cause confusion. There is usually a simple explanation for things and I am leaning more towards a lucky block on night one. That said, we have seen two kills in one night, and there were NO kills on night one. So there is obviously a little more going on than a simple block of the scum killer, hence my indecision. For example, the scum team may be able to choose who conducts the kill each night. However, Thelma's actions during the day have edged me more towards believing she is (or at least was on night one) the scum killer. My targets have all been mildly suspicious to me, but I haven't felt that strongly about anyone so far, no real "AH HAH!" moments of insight. My night one block rationale was based entirely on Thelma's name.
  7. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    My suggestion for claiming roles was merely that we are on a slippery slope towards losing and it could be more helpful than not to have all the information on the table. It stirred up some interesting responses though that's for sure. In particular, the two most critical of the idea, Thelma and Roger, who in my opinion are looking for an easy reason to get a vote going for someone other than Thelma and saw a good opportunity in my post. Anyway, as votes are stacking and time is ticking, I'll role claim town blocker. My results so far: Night one: Thelma Brickmacher (Kintobor) - because she has a scummy name, like the villain in a wartime romantic epic. This was successful and I noted there was no kill that night (although obviously that is not necessarily conclusive, particularly as Ari made a good attempt at (potentially pretending) that there was a conversion that night). Night two: Roger Ebrick (Lord Duvors) - because I hate critics, they stop me from getting Henry awards. This was also successful. Night three: Gopher (Zepher) - because that intern runs around far too much in my view. This was successful. Night four: Nash Bricksman (mediumsnowman) - because his scripts have been rubbish recently and haven't been winning me Henry awards. This was unsuccessful, possibly because his brains were blown out. Make of that as you will. In passing, still not very trusting of Glenn. Penalties for edited posts, not very good reasoning at all in her voting for someone that is supposedly in contact with the investigator, it's fishy to me. I don't think this supposed "town block" actually exists.
  8. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    *swishes out of her trailer* Gotta say, this has been a bit of a shambles so far. Is our town block investigator dead or have we given up on trying to pass through information that is actually of use? Do we know what has happened there? Maybe I missed that update. Anyway, sadly I don't have a whole lot of gossip. All I want is to win a Henry award. One of my top suspects is Thelma, which is really just based on a night action result I heard through the grapevine (she was blocked successfully on night one apparently and there was no kill that night, which is an interesting coincidence). Gotta say I don't find Glenn convincing as a townie either, particularly after yesterday's little vote splitting performance. I feel like Gopher is clean, even though he stopped fetching coffee days ago. Brick Afleck and Studcille could equally be scum, I suppose. Brickald gives me a clean vibe for being so hot on getting people to back up their ramblings with actual votes, but again that isn't anything very substantial to base a clean vibe on. Roger and Finn I don't really have a view on either way at the moment. There's no easy answer. It's unfortunate we don't have much in the way of useful night actions to analyse but we shall have to work with what we have got. As to defending myself, why my dears, if I were Burpamount I feel like I would be putting in a lot more effort to give the appearance of being an innocent townie. There are 9 of us left. I would suspect there must be at a guess about 3 Burpamounts left, and who knows whether one of you is neutral to this whole ordeal. With numbers dwindling, the scum may slip up somewhere and try to group up or, alternatively, depending on who is being voted for, will split themselves to try to appear like they are not associated. So, since the best responses come from a vote being placed, mine is going to go on Thelma for now as I at least have something more than just a hunch to go on there. Plus her name sounds sooo scummy right?? Vote: Thelma Brickmacher (Kintobor) A suggestion, perhaps we are getting to the stage in this drama where it would be useful for us to make role claims? Might be a good way to try and catch someone out, either by claiming vanilla town and someone having some dirt on them that doesn't fit with that, or by claiming a role and explaining actions which are inconsistent with what someone else has. Thoughts?
  9. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    *hair swishes out of her trailer* I'm here for the dance sequence! Or is this the one where I get my star cameo? These scripts all merge into one. A bit like that vote tally, my mind is boggled by it right now. My time away from my sunbed is limited so I'm going to stick a vote in and see where it leads. I've been listening in closely to the discussions and I am currently most persuaded by Brickald. Mostly by his cowboy hat. And rippling muscles... Anyway, for now my vote is as follows. Also interested in hearing a defence of course. Vote: Studcille B Demille (Khscarymovie4)
  10. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    What's that? I was getting my perm done. *swishes* I don't see any issue asking about night action results in public when the person has already made a role claim? Where is the benefit in hiding that information if it could give us a clue as to a lynch? I asked about success from those that have already revealed their roles, not reporting a failure or asking for more role reveals. Makes sense to me! *hair double swish swish* As to a vote, agreed we need a lynch and something I have found most suspicious today is the weird focus of two individuals on trying to pin blame on a couple of people asking about results in a public forum. One of them is under the hammer already and had the nerve to try and take an easy swing at my while I was lying down in my trailer, so I'm fine with adding my vote there. Revenge vote you say? Well duh, I'm an actress, we're catty like that. Vote: Rosamunde Brick (Rider Raider)
  11. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Birckie nooo. Your gorgeous life had barely begun, you could have been a star in this business, maybe even nearly as successful as me! *dramatic hair swishing* A fairly usual assumption, it is not normal for the scum to have an investigator. Perhaps rolecop is correct, perhaps conversion was brought up to cause us confusion. Knowing Ari well (he was my agent after all), I suspect confusion was the aim, but you never know. I'm not sure I see much benefit in lynching the person who claimed tracker. That said, since we know who has that role now, perhaps you should let us know if you had any night time success? Is Glenn's source able to report on any more success with investigating? I'm also interested in whether Ari revealed his investigation result (or alleged result) to William.
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 1

    *swishes on out of her trailer, hair billowing in the wind, a goddess among mortals* Agent! Where's my fruit platter? Where's that stage hand? Where's my furcoat? Where's that cute do- Oh! Adorable! Anyway, I was put off my lunch by a somewhat unsavoury stench wafting into my trailer so I may as well join in the voting. In my not-very-humble experience being a star actress in many films that oddly had plots very similar to our current situation (do give Peine d'amour: Heartlake a watch, it should have been a Henry-award-winning drama), I know that the day 1 lynch, of all lynches, is the most random of them all. But! We need something to get the ball rolling and it may be useful to look back on in future days as the basis for an emerging scummy trend. For myself, I could place a random vote, but if we are to actually get a lynch it does make it easy to pick on the person who has been suspiciously quiet. Almost too easy. It is a valid concern that someone lurking may just be new and so could be from the town, but better to lynch an inactive townie than an active one, and there is of course an equal chance as with anyone else that we may pick on day 1 that he is scum. Vote: Bob Fostudd (PatRat) That said, if you've got something useful to say or contribute or you know, have the key to defeating the scum and winning me my Henry award tucked away somewhere, then you should probably speak up soon Bob dear. I'll be by the buffet if you have anything you want to say to sway the vote somewhere else.
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 1

    Good heavens, I can't leave? I must stay here with the... the crew!!?? Where's my agent? This is a disaster! My trailer better still be on set or there will be hell to pay... *frenzied hair swishing* These Burpamount wannabes must be found, they are here to sabotage my next award-winning scene obviously, wishing they could do better themselves. That Henry award will be mine though!! They can't stop the moving pictures! Where did that cute dog go? Someone bring me a fruit platter, pronto!
  14. *walks in with a wild swish of her stunning hair* Good day everyone. You all know who I am, obviously. Audrey Hepbrick, star of ABS studio productions. If anyone needs me I shall be in my trailer. *hair swish out* Why hello cutie aren't you adorable!! You can come hang out in my trailer any time.
  15. Oh hey, what's happening here? Mafia you say? Why don't mind if I do. 1) Yes, I have read a few now and then. 2) I will strike a balance between obsessive hourly accusations and appropriate participation. 3) Obviously I am the star of the show. *hair swish*