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  1. Dragonator

    Minecraft Mafia: The Ruined Portal

    Thanks for a fun game and loved the cute story!! Apologies for my inaction during the first day, I had booked a last minute trip abroad and didn’t realise the game had kicked off, then I thought I had a couple of days clear because I didn’t have a night action, so checked back too late to see my unexpected barrel! Ah well, I would probably have just killed Bob for tying the vote anyway. It’s a pity about the useless investigation, I wasn’t expecting that one. I pushed for Tariq’s lynch by process of elimination as it was too hard to convince people to lynch Shadows first, so in my mind it was take out the second bad person and then the werewolf. Wasn’t expecting Hex to be a baddy! Just how it goes sometimes though, cute game and I think it worked well, many thanks for hosting and thank you to the host’s assistant for the sets and story. It all worked out fine in the end anyway, I Ninjagoed my way out of that mine and the dragon egg was protected, seems fine to me.
  2. So I already said everything I wanted to add, but with the new info on receipt of barrels etc I am leaning towards Adriene. Adriene could have pretended to receive the barrel since I had already said I didn’t open it. Everybody else has found their items in different ways, what are the chances that the same barrel would show up twice? Also, by Adriene’s own process of elimination, given I know I’m a gate seeker that also leads me towards Adriene. I don’t like being led and massive respect to Steve if he has indeed pulled off a complicate ploy, but the simplest explanation does lead us to Steve as a gate seeking investigator, Hex as a gate seeker or possibly the werewolf, Valorie possibly as a framed gate seeker or possibly the werewolf, myself as a gate seeker (although recognising I have zero way of validating that to anyone else) and Adriene as the gate protector, taking an opportunity to claim a gate seeker action and knowing that it probably wouldn’t be questioned as she killed Hal. Who knows, maybe the gate seekers can get an item as well? Vote: Adriene (Tariq j) It would be great to hear what Hex thinks of all of this, do you have any additional info for us Hex?
  3. I found a barrel N1!! I mentioned it! I’m helpful! Hyah!! Oh, but as I said, I was too slow getting out of the rigging to open it and see what was in it. As to Hal’s death, it is interesting! The simplest situation in my mind is that Hal was sane and correct, Valerie for some reason doesn’t want to admit being a werewolf so presumably it is a bad thing, and the scum killed Hal last night to make sure we will focus on Valerie and potentially kill her. So on role claims: Steve: Claimed Town investigator, results N1 Hex (Not Mafia), N2 Hal (unsuccessful) Hex: Not Mafia according to Steve’s night 1 claim, do you have a role you want to claim, Hex? Valorie: "Werewolf" (according to Hal’s N1 result. Hal is now dead and verified as a gate seeker). Has claimed no role but has a D3 one-shot action? Might be good to get more info here. Kai: Hyah! I don’t have a role Adriene: Claiming a one shot block action for N2 obtained from a barrel, which aligns with my finding of a barrel on N1 (although I didn’t open mine). Blocked Valorie on N2, so Valorie was not the N2 killer. It seems like the gate seekers have one-shot rotating roles, perhaps? One random role per night assigned to one of the role-less gate seekers? Dead we have: Alex: Gate Seeker, no other info. Hal: Gate Seeker, claimed Seer and found Valerie to be a werewolf on N1. With the above claims, and particularly with Hal having a role geared towards finding a werewolf, we should be able to figure out a few things. Personally, I think a framer is extremely unlikely given the numbers and supposed roles out there. If there is a framer, who would presumably be a gate protector, then is there also a separate gate protector killer? Seems dubious, more likely they would be the same person and can either choose or alternate framing and killing, perhaps? Let’s start with night one. Steve claimed investigator pretty snappily and wasn’t killed for it last night, which is extremely risky for the gate protectors. One theory could be that Steve and Hex are gay protectors, but why would Steve feel the need to fabricate a role so early to protect his associate? If we believe Steve, then we have to believe that Hex is also a gate seeker as supposedly the framer was busy with someone else on N1. So to me, Steve and Hex are either both gate seekers or both gate protectors. Moving along, we have Kai, Adriene, Valorie and Hex all claiming to have done nothing on N1. One of us is the N1 killer. If we believe Steve, then it is not Hex. If Adriene and I have access to a barrel then I suppose we are in the same boat, unless he saw my mention of it yesterday and is bluffing. I didn’t open mine though so it would be a ballsy bluff, and covering for Valorie wouldn’t make much sense. That leave Valorie for the N1 kill in my mind, hmm. For N2, we have Valorie blocked by Adriene, Steve supposedly investigating Hal (which could be a cover story in case he was spotted in the process of killing Hal?), Hex and I doing nothing? I know I did nothing, which should leave Hex as the killer, but Steve already said Hex is not Mafia so, shockingly, someone is lying. Could it be as simple as Hal being the killer and Hex the framer, with both being werewolves and there is no “Mafia” so to speak? I did find Hal’s phrasing weird, surely the result would be Gate Seeker or Gate Protector (although noting of course the fact of a Seer and the assumption the Gate Protectors are called Werewolves in this scenario). My other theory puts Adriene and Valorie together, with Adriene pretending to block Valorie based on my barrel note yesterday. Unfortunately, I am a wild card! Nobody appears to have done any actions against me and I have nothing I can claim other than that I was the first to see a barrel and Adriene has now verified its existence. Valorie and Steve, do you want to elaborate on how you found your special items?
  4. Hyah!! Sorry about yesterday folks, I was chasing pirates in the rigging and got my leg caught up … but of a situation getting out of that. I don’t have too much to add. I saw a barrel float past the ship last night, but I was too tied up in the rigging to figure out what to do about it, whether to grab it or not, so I was informed that it floated away. Dunno whether that means anything to anyone but, throwing it out there. I seem to be tied up in penalties, so all the werewolf weirdness aside, as I know I’m a good ninja boy and should be saving my own skin for the good of the seekers, I will vote as follows: Vote: Valorie (Shadows) Tie-breaker is all on you Steve!
  5. Dragonator

    Minecraft Mafia: The Adventure Begins

    Day-amn, who needs to be creeping on Steve when you're here Valorie, woow-wie! I'll punch as many trees as it takes to build you a mighty fine timber frame house Valorie, I've got the best wood in town! Do you have a sword Steve? You can show me if you want, is it shiny? I do love shiny big swords, yes I do I do indeed. Great for bashing Gate Protectors!
  6. Dragonator

    Minecraft Mafia: The Adventure Begins

    Wooooo let's go boys and girls, off on another epic Minecraft adventure! I'm gonna bash the first Gate Protector I see, I brought along this shiny diamond pickaxe specially for it! Well, come to think of it maybe a sword would have been better ... anyway, I'm Kai! Possibly some kind of ninja, I'm still establishing how I identify on this adventure, it's ever changing. Um, anyone know why blue dude wants a dragon egg? Sounds a bit dangerous, a bit suspicious, a bit uh, what do they say, sus yes.
  7. Dragonator

    Minecraft Mafia: Signups

    Ohai! Let's do this! I brought my shiniest pickaxe!
  8. Dragonator

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Where did the baby dragons go? Have they won yet?
  9. Dragonator

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Bloodbath? This is a bloodbath? I love bloodbaths! Count me in, this sounds very relaxing. I'll grab some massage oils for later.
  10. Dragonator

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    This was really fun, thank you so much DD! I had such a good time, the roleplaying was fun and the game was challenging and interesting. Cool set-up, such a pity that the town didn't hit the mark on anything! Good job scum team. I was Torgam.
  11. Dragonator

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Greetings, townspeople of Grassmere and noble Dragons of the Forest. In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, you can count on - uh, on... huh, seems I don't have a role yet. What is the temperament of a Dragon? A dragon is cunning, relentless and, when it wants to be, elusive. Some would describe a dragon as arrogant, but when you're hoarding this much gold, who wouldn't be? Who rules the forest? Well that is obviously me, of course. I rule everything around here. Roll for initiative. Hmm had to go dig out my dragon dice for this... interestingly, I rolled a natural 20 as well (Dragon's honour). I have a Lordship modifier of +15 as well so I guess that means I'm awesome. 35 it is!
  12. Hi all! Nice to poke my head out of the castle once in a while and see what's going on down here in the township. Maybe I'll stick around for a while, working from home makes it a bit easier to tab out of work and into Mafia. That said, I was incredibly busy throughout the time I was alive with work going on and was somewhat mortified by the amount of posting I had to try and catch up on each day. So I struggled a bit, but nevertheless it was fun to come back. Actually I had the most fun once I was dead! I definitely don't have much of a recollection of the "EB meta" and didn't have any intention of posting in any particular way. I had a bit of fun with my character, waited for something solid to dig my teeth into as I usually do, but sadly was taken out before there was much analysis to be done. I saw no point in over-analysing posting styles in the first couple of days, there is certainly some things to learn there but not nearly enough to justify the amount of discussion that went on. I scrolled through a lot of it by skim reading and I am sure most players did the same. Bob you did a great job, thank you! No worries about making me vanilla, it's good to change things up and challenge players to adapt. I had never heard of role madness so the suggestion that I made the claim without being properly briefed by my scum team could have been true. I doubt the scum team were that disorganised though, they did a good job.
  13. Dragonator

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars RPG - Game Development

    Fully supportive of a Heroica 2.0 if there is enough interest, just let me know what I can do to help. In the meantime, you guys could always try out different rules in a sandbox-style one-off roleplay game/adventure, could be a good way to test things.
  14. Dragonator

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Welcome! This sounds great, would love to see our community represented in this.
  15. Dragonator

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Rubber stamp has been inked and stamped! I do love a good stamping.