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  1. ~ General Discussion and Announcements ~ Hello, and welcome to the Eurobricks Games forum. If you want to get involved in one of the most fun and engaging community-orientated activities EB has to offer, then you've come to the right place! In this forum you have the unique opportunity to interact with your fellow EBers in a variety of exciting Lego-based forum games, from the highly popular strategic team-work game Mafia, to the ever puzzling problem-solving Mystery games. As well as these, you're sure to encounter a few other Role-Playing games during your travels and even some Lego-based War games. So take some time to explore the topics and games we have to offer here, both past and present, and get involved! This discussion topic is your centre for all activities to be found in this forum. Here hosts can post announcements about their games, and players can discuss issues and ask questions of both the hosts and staff relating to games specifically or generally. If you are interested in hosting any game on these boards, however, this will need to be scheduled privately with your friendly Games Moderator. Thanks for reading, now get started and have some fun! Gaming Forum Essential Content Below are links to some of the key threads in this forum which will direct you to all the previous archived games we've had, as well as information on current and upcoming games, and how to get involved in them. Take a look around, there is a lot of exciting material to view. The Indexes The Mafia Games Index The Role-Play Games Index The War Games Index OLD Mafia and Mystery Games Index (Previous Discussion Thread) Mafia and Mystery Appreciation Tag Mafia Awards 2011
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    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Where did the baby dragons go? Have they won yet?
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    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Bloodbath? This is a bloodbath? I love bloodbaths! Count me in, this sounds very relaxing. I'll grab some massage oils for later.
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    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    This was really fun, thank you so much DD! I had such a good time, the roleplaying was fun and the game was challenging and interesting. Cool set-up, such a pity that the town didn't hit the mark on anything! Good job scum team. I was Torgam.
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    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Greetings, townspeople of Grassmere and noble Dragons of the Forest. In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, you can count on - uh, on... huh, seems I don't have a role yet. What is the temperament of a Dragon? A dragon is cunning, relentless and, when it wants to be, elusive. Some would describe a dragon as arrogant, but when you're hoarding this much gold, who wouldn't be? Who rules the forest? Well that is obviously me, of course. I rule everything around here. Roll for initiative. Hmm had to go dig out my dragon dice for this... interestingly, I rolled a natural 20 as well (Dragon's honour). I have a Lordship modifier of +15 as well so I guess that means I'm awesome. 35 it is!
  6. Hi all! Nice to poke my head out of the castle once in a while and see what's going on down here in the township. Maybe I'll stick around for a while, working from home makes it a bit easier to tab out of work and into Mafia. That said, I was incredibly busy throughout the time I was alive with work going on and was somewhat mortified by the amount of posting I had to try and catch up on each day. So I struggled a bit, but nevertheless it was fun to come back. Actually I had the most fun once I was dead! I definitely don't have much of a recollection of the "EB meta" and didn't have any intention of posting in any particular way. I had a bit of fun with my character, waited for something solid to dig my teeth into as I usually do, but sadly was taken out before there was much analysis to be done. I saw no point in over-analysing posting styles in the first couple of days, there is certainly some things to learn there but not nearly enough to justify the amount of discussion that went on. I scrolled through a lot of it by skim reading and I am sure most players did the same. Bob you did a great job, thank you! No worries about making me vanilla, it's good to change things up and challenge players to adapt. I had never heard of role madness so the suggestion that I made the claim without being properly briefed by my scum team could have been true. I doubt the scum team were that disorganised though, they did a good job.
  7. SET REVIEW: 10254 WINTER HOLIDAY TRAIN (including Power Functions) Introduction It is my pleasure to present to the EB community a review of the 10254 Winter Holiday Train. This is the latest yearly installment in the Winter Village series of sets from The LEGO Group and promises to be an exciting addition to Winter Village collections which do not have the previous winter-themed train 10173 Holiday Train released in 2006. Since the release of that earlier set, we have seen many other trains released that fall outside the standard LEGO City theme, such as the Emerald Night and Horizon Express. I have been impressed with those models and so my hopes for this set were very high on hearing of the release. For many fans, a winter train that doesn't cost a small fortune on the secondary market is to be welcomed. I hope that this review will assist you all with considering whether to add this set to your collection. I have also included a segment on the adaptability to use with Power Functions, which I think is a really well thought out part of this set, although the set DOES NOT come with the Power Functions parts necessary to motorise it; these are sold separately. My thanks to EB LUG Ambassador CopMike and the LEGO CEE Team and Designers for the opportunity to review this set for the EB community. Set information Name: Winter Holiday Train Number: 10254 Theme: LEGO Creator / Winter Holiday Theme Year: 2016 Pieces: 734 Price: USD $99.99, GBP 69.99£, EURO 89,99€, NZD $179.99 Resources: Brickset, BrickLink Packaging I'll begin with some images of the packing for this set. The box is of moderate size (479x282x89mm) and features great detail shots on the back. One side features a layout of the included track including measurements of the size of the train and diameter of the circular track. The close-up shots on the back of the box give a good indication of the various play features this set has, which will be discussed later in this review. It also makes it clear that the set can be motorised with certain power functions sets, sold separately. Box Front Box Rear Box Close-Ups Box Contents The box contains 7 plastic bags of parts, 1 for part 1, 3 for part 2, 2 for part 3 and a separate one containing wheels and couplings. There are also 4 sets of 4 curved track pieces and two instruction manuals contained inside plastic packaging to prevent creasing. No cardboard behind the instruction manuals but they were unbent and in good shape. The set contains no sticker sheet. Contents Overall Individual Contents Instruction Booklet There are two instruction booklets with this set. The first is a small half size booklet containing instructions for the first part of the build: the station and presents. The second booklet is A4 opening along the long edge not the short edge and contains instructions for the full train. First Booklet Booklet Size Comparison Inside Sample Pages Minifigures The set comes with 5 minifigures, two children and three adults: the train conductor, engineer and a passenger. There is a nice variety of colours and unique prints here, with one face printed on both sides and four of the five torsos printed on both sides. The train conductor has some nice details such as the gold pocket watch. The choice of face for the conductor is my one criticism of this selection. While he could look old and serious, to me he looks grumpy, and this is particularly evident in some of the box art where we see him waving from the back of the train and helping load presents; he doesn't look like he wants to be there at all! It does at least add some variety to the usual cheery faces however. The female adult minifigure has the dual-sided face. The first side shows a big enthusiastic smile, perfect for posing with the playing children. The opposite side tells a different story; here we see a peaceful sleeping face, likely happy to have a moment to rest (I'm sure most parents can understand this one!). It works quite well in the box art with the woman sleeping on the train station bench while the children play around her. There is a good variety of head accessories with several different types of hair, so this set will add a bit of diversity to a Winter Village collection. Minifigures Front Minifigures Back Minifigure Alternative Face Interesting Train Parts I thought some of the train parts deserved a picture of their own before we get to building the set. There are a couple of different sizes of train wheel, with the biggest driving wheels in red and the engine leading wheels in red also with some black ones for one of the carriages. The rest of the carriage wheels are standard black train wheels that connect with a thin metal rod. The picture below shows one of each size, as well as a couple of other train parts such as the not so common pilot piece (cowcatcher) which will go on the front and the magnetic couplings, of which there are 5 in the set (1 for the back of the train and 2 for each carriage). I also included the white leaves because why not, I like them. Train Parts (and white tree piece) The Build - Part 1: Platform and Presents Now let's get on to the build. Part one contains the small station platform, two minifigures and all of the presents in the set. There are some interesting parts including a clear 2x2 domed piece, roller skates, a printed 1x1 tile with a number pad on it and a nice assortment of small coloured pieces. And of course we can't forget an orange brick separator! Parts contained in Part 1 We then move to building the station. The station is quite small but has a couple of nice details such as the snow tiles (always nice to have white 1x3 tiles) and the lamp post. As far as lamp posts go I wouldn't call this one my favourite, but it is nice enough and seems to be a compulsory requirement of most Winter Village style sets. This improves on previous single-lamp posts from Winter Village sets, trying a different piece for the glass rather than the two-part sphere pieces and uses the green life saver piece as a wreath, which is nice, with a touch of gold as well to brighten things up. The simple bench finishes the station off. Overall a simple little build, not intended to be a major part of the set but nonetheless it is a necessary one. Railway Station Next we have the present,s which are always a bit of fun. There is a nice selection of presents in the set, with three wrapped gifts, a robot, a boat, a spaceship, a fire engine and a windup toy. The robot is very cute and can hold items with its "hands". The child minifigure also comes with a radio piece suggesting the toys can be remote controlled for a bit of added play/imagination value. I like the design of these presents; they are recogniseable and also sturdy. Presents The whole first part to the build makes for a nice collection of items that will add to a Holiday-themed scene. There is a nice assortment of colours and presents in here, plenty to be delivered by train to the waiting children! Completed Part 1 Build Let's not forget the spare parts, this section comes with a few. Spare Parts for Part 1 of the Build The Build - Part 2: Locomotive Part 2 of the build is my favourite as now we get to build the locomotive! This part contains the engine and tender. The selection of parts for the locomotive presents a nice range of shapes and colours, primarily black, green and red. Some of the interesting train parts have already been noted. Parts contained in Part 2 The engine build was fun, not too complex but with some interesting parts used to create the shape of the train, such as axes and goblets. Build in Progress The driving wheels are on their own block, which includes a technic brick for the pin connection with the tender; no coupling here. Attaching the Driving Wheels The floating leading wheels have a couple of decorative features that stand out from the usual, including multiple colours (red and some small gold 1x1 round plates for a little extra bling) plus the distinctive pilot piece (cowcatcher) which makes the shape of this loco stand out. The Leading Wheels Now we just need to add the cab and finish the boiler! Completed Chassis with all Wheels The completed engine is a polished build with lots of colour and a distinctive small steam engine silhouette. The locomotive is categorised as a 4-2-0 with four leading wheels and two driving wheels. The design is based on a Jervis type engine. The scale is too small to replicate many steam engine features like the Emerald Night manages, but the shape has many distinctive features such as the cone-shaped funnel and distinctive pilot on the front. I particularly like the curve of the boiler which is a nice improvement from the 10173 set with its very angular boiler. The Finished Engine Some of the details include a smoke plume, domed safety valve, a gold bell and the cylinders for the pistons (although there are no moving pistons unfortunately). Engine Side The cab of the engine is quite cozy, with just enough space to fit a single minifigure. There are two brackets for tools and a generic printed train control panel which doesn't really fit the steam locomotive that well. An attempt at some valves and a safety glass would have been nice, although difficult in the limited space (potentially the white bar near the top could be a safety glass, use your imagination!). Engine Cab All in all I do like the profile of this engine, it has some neat colours and details for the size and the shape is easily recogniseable. One or two improvements could be made but on the whole it is an attractive build to have at the front of the train. Engine Front Profile Next in this Part is the tender for the engine. As far as tenders go, I again really like the side profile of this, it has a good shape that compliments the engine,as we will see. The Tender Looking inside, there is a little less detail. We have a single sloped plate with some black round pieces near the top to represent coal. The engine doesn't have anything resembling a firebox inside the cab anyway! The coal is only near the top edge, to be visible over the sides I imagine. Inside the Tender The back end of the tender has a few nice pieces to add some texture to what would otherwise be a black plate, so this adds some interest to the build. Her we have our first magnetic coupling piece to connect up to the wagons. Back of the Tender On the whole the tender has some nice colur and details; it serves its purpose. The inside is not as exciting as the outside, but to add any more detail to the coal piles would require a lot of smaller piece (which, with the part to cost ratio, may not have been impossible). Let's see what it looks like all connected up. Complete Engine and Tender Overall this locomotive is a great build. It looks good on display and will definitely look impressive with other Winter Village sets. It may be quite small compared to other Lego trains, but it fits well into the theme. I mostly like the colour scheme, although the white at the front stands out at me a bit much. In the design, the biggest flaw in my opinion is the coupling between the engine and the tender, which can be seen more clearly in the next picture. I really dislike that to uncouple the tender from the engine it is necessary to lift the tender off the tracks (unless you are really set on pulling that pin out of the tender piece). Two more magnetic couplings would not have gone amiss here, like on the Emerald Night between the engine and tender. Locomotive Side View Coupling aside, I do like this engine, and it is just the right size for a circular track too (often the bigger trains look very long on a simple circle). Here are a couple of pictures of it on some track before we build the carriages. Some of the genius of this design will become evident in the final segment of this review when I adapt the train to motorise it with Power Functions elements. Locomotive goes Choo Choo Choo Choo Off into the Distance And let's not forget the spare parts! Part 2 Spare Parts The Build - Part 3: Carriages The last part of the set is the build for the two carriages; a flatbed for presents (with a Christmas-train twist) and a small caboose. There is a wide assortment of pieces, shown below. Pieces in Part 3 We start building the flatbed first. I like the intricacy of this build for what is essentially a flat wagon, it packs some neat design features. Flatbed Build Progress The gold and dark blue elements on the sides (using a Studs Not On Top building technique) are nice touches, but what I really like about this carriage is that the Christmas Tree and miniature train on top rotate as the carriage moves along the tracks! This is so much fun and uses a worm gear to make sure it doesn't spin too fast. Christmas Tree Spin Mechanic The miniature train itself is very cute and curves around under the tree like so. Train on a train folks, does it get better than this? The presents from part one can be stored in the section on the right. With the tree added, it is a nice carriage, far more interesting than most rolling stock flat beds, the Christmas vibe is impossible to miss (although perhaps not the most practical carriage at other times of year!). Flat Bed Complete Next up is the small caboose, which is a nice carriage to sit at the back of the train. Inside is a small table with two chairs, a cup and what could be a lamp or a flask full of hot chocolate if you have that on your mind! Caboose Build in Progress The completed carriage is nice, small but with features including the raised roof in the middle, gold lanterns at each end and the white leaves with coloured baubles, replicated from the tender. The roof is easily removable to place minifigures inside. Completed Caboose As for swoosh-ability around the track, it gets a pass. Choo Choo Caboose! That completes part 3, so we'll end with the two carriages together. The carriages are good builds and fit the Christmas theme well; we have a tree, a place to store presents and a cozy table to sit around and drink a warm drink (ignoring that it may be a bit drafty with the gaps around the doors with the train is moving!). The single tan axle on the flatbed train really bugs me in terms of colour scheme, but other than that I don't have any complaints. Completed Part 3 Carriages Complete Set There we have it, all done! Before I move to the conclusion however, I would like to throw in the optional Power Functions elements, all sold separately. Power Functions (Sold Separately) One thing that really impressed me about the design of this set is how easy it is to motorise it. To do so, you will need the following four Power Functions pieces/sets which are ALL SOLD SEPARATELY. Alternatively, if you own a recent Lego City train set, you can raid the parts from that, like I did. For those of you looking to purchase these separately, the set numbers are 8879, 8884, 88000 and 88002. Power Functions Parts (Sets 8879, 8884, 88000 and 88002) The set includes instructions for pulling the locomotive apart to fit in the Power Functions elements. For such a small train, they manage to cram these parts in really well! Here is the disassembled engine to show what needs to be removed so that you can add the powered wheels and remote control hub. Disassembled Engine The modules come apart quickly and easily and the whole thing can be motorised within a couple of minutes. There is a hole in the floor of the cab for the cables to come up through, and then the rest of the cables just.. sort of fit in there. That's the only downside to motorising this set; some of the design features are lost and, due to the size, the grey Power Functions parts can't easily be hidden without changing the shape or using a lot more parts, so some of the aesthetic is lost. Motorised Train That said, the designers did a great job of not only incorporating the Power Functions but making it easy to do so, and easy to switch back too. As noted though, it is quite hard to hide, particularly the cables, which mostly do manage to fit inside the cab with some spillage. Cables After motorising your train, you are also left with a few parts to do with as you will, or to swap back into place for display purposes. Motorised Train with Spare Segments Overall, very impressed with the Power Functions conversion considering the size of the build. Conclusion It is necessary to come up with a score for the set, so here are my thoughts below overall. Design: 8/10 – The set is well designed and has some interesting play features. The spinning tree is notable and there are a lot of accessories to increase play value. This was a 7 as I do think improvements could be made, but I have given it an 8 as the quick adaptability to Power Functions really blew my mind a bit! Parts: 8/10 – An interesting selection of parts with some good colour options for use in future building. Build: 9/10 – The build experience is fun and engaging but not too complex. This would be a good set to build in an afternoon with the kids at Christmas. There is nothing repetitive and there are lots of fun features to discover as you build. Price: 6/10 – The price per piece is unfortunately a downside to the set, coming in at 0.136 USD per piece. That said I still value the build and design so I would not let this discourage you. It is a bit too costly I would say just to buy for parts, but certainly worth it for the build experience and display model (certainly an improvement on last year's Winter Village re-release...). Overall view: It's a great addition to the Winter Village series in my view. There are a lot of features, a lot of interesting and colourful parts, and the build is fun to do. One more carriage would have been a nice addition but other than that and the few design points noted throughout, the set is a great build and the adaptability to Power Functions is quick and easily done in a few minutes. Of course if you are more traditional and wish to push the set around yourself, it also works well for that. I would recommend displaying without any Power Functions on it if possible as they do remove some of the details and the battery box in particular is not at all concealed. As with many train sets, it does not come with much track (so as to keep the price down), but this can be expanded with additional track sold separately. Thanks for reading and do let me know your thoughts on this Winter Village installation in the comments below. Will you be buying it? Or have you already bought it? Feel free to share your views and your own pictures!
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    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Fully supportive of a Heroica 2.0 if there is enough interest, just let me know what I can do to help. In the meantime, you guys could always try out different rules in a sandbox-style one-off roleplay game/adventure, could be a good way to test things.
  9. Dragonator

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Welcome! This sounds great, would love to see our community represented in this.
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    General Discussion and Announcements

    Rubber stamp has been inked and stamped! I do love a good stamping.
  11. Dragonator

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    @Bonaparte Could you add me to the event PM please? Flights are a touch pricey so I am looking at flying in first thing Sunday morning and joining you all around 11am (after dumping my bag in a locker somewhere). Would be good to see the schedule so I can work out logistics.
  12. Fair advice, I'll book in at the place next door. I am a late addition after all! All things going well I'll have a lot more notice for next year.
  13. Oheyyy, what's the chalet situation like, anyone got space or looking to put one together? If not I'll have a look at the nearby hotels but worth a shot.
  14. Dragonator

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    Just looking into finding my way over to the Event now that I am (somewhat) settled in London. Hoping to join for the whole thing! Will post in the accommodation topic to see if any late joiners want to put together a chalet otherwise I am sure I can figure out something.
  15. Awesome review as always Fangy, thanks for your efforts!! I love the dragon costume, can't wait to get several. And that unicorn guy has a very cool shield.
  16. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Conclusion

    No epic death scene for me though, how disappointing! I feel cheated out of a dramatic final scene! *dramatic hair swish* Well played Lord Duvors, and hard to catch you out when you could clearly choose whether or not to use your kill action.
  17. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    [new post] Actually, rewind a moment. A thought occurs to me. I really would like to just finish this, but I see a way that I can prove myself. Let me live, and tonight I'll block either Glenn or Roger, instead of Finn. Assuming the person I block lives (and we can even guarantee it if Roger protects Glenn and I block Glenn), that person can confirm that they were blocked, which would prove I am not the killer. If the killer also kills one of us (which I assume Finn would take the opportunity to do so), that makes it even easier for the 2 surviving town to convict him tomorrow. If not, it does no harm. Look at it this way. You convict me now, the killer kills someone tonight, and it is game over. Let me live, at worst we lose one person tonight, still have 3 left tomorrow and can have another go at lynching, hopefully with slightly better information. Doesn't matter to me either way but, if the remaining town do actually want to survive this, do at least consider it. To assess the potential outcomes of not convicting me: Nobody dies, I block Glenn, Glenn confirms he was blocked. Gives us slightly better info, at least proves I'm not the scum killer and indicates someone else is (given that Gopher was killed we know somebody is). One person dies, likely either myself or Roger (if he protects Glenn). If Roger dies, Glenn confirms I blocked him, we lynch Finn. If I die, you can lynch Finn. If Finn dies... not sure about that one. Probably lynch me I guess. Worst case: one person dies (either Finn or Roger), Glenn states he was not blocked, and the two remaining people can lynch me. If you are confident I am the last scum, then this is a no-risk test. Convicting me: Game over town, game over. Figuratively of course, this is no game. *hairswish* Glenn I think of everyone here, you are probably the most reasonable. Do consider it.
  18. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Would be pretty weird to block my own teammate on the first night though right? Anyway, stop trying to take my spotlight! This is my monologue time, you had your chance for discussion, Scummy McScum pants!
  19. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Well that's quite unfortunate, surviving all this time just to see the town shoot itself in the foot when we're so close and when it is so much more obvious than it has been in previous days. Such a pity! Gopher would have seen the sense in all of this, probably why Finn killed him I assume. I think I have enough time to go get my hair properly swishy before I am at last killed off in a dramatic fashion. And a monologue no less!! I always knew it would end like this, brought down by the criticism of a deceitful critic, a jealous actress and ... whatever that Finn guy does around here I don't even know. Alas! For my time has come, to take to the stage one last time and to end these days, what feels like months, of endless suffering. Release me from my torment!! I can no longer take the lashings of an unfair critic, the backstabbing of a second rate actress, the tacky tones of music that has lost its relevance. It is time! Time to transcend this mortal flesh and ascend unto the realms of the departed, where I shall be a star for eternity! It is my calling! *hair swish!* If, somehow, two of you are in fact town and somehow survive the night, don't let Finn get away with it please. But my assumption is that we have in fact already lost and were delaying the inevitable. Two possibilities come to mind. I have had for a long while a suspicion that Glenn isn't really the townie he claims to be, although how you can have a neutral investigator I have no idea. I am more skeptical of the proposition that Roger is also a Burpamount with Finn, but it would make sense and would fit with some of my suspicions on previous days, although that doesn't explain why we are still sitting here then. This should have been over a while ago if that were the case. I think the more likely explanation for this strange turn of events is that one of you is neutral and another is Burpamount, but given what is about to occur, I look forward to finding out very soon. Heaven forbid that Glenn and Roger are in fact both town and were actually legitimately swayed by the scum right at the finish line. How unfortunate that would be. With that, I shall await my fate! Farewell for now, cruel world! Until we meet again.
  20. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Well, I for one don't see any point dragging this out any longer. Once again, I vote: Finn Foley (Tariq J). If we again for some reason split on the vote, I'll just continue to block Finn. But honestly, I so reason to split another time. The evidence is stacked against him. If Finn AND Roger are scum, then let's just declare a town loss, let me have a dramatic final monologue as befits a star such as myself, and finally end this.
  21. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Finn suggested an explanation for the lack of kills was that the scum could only kill on alternate nights, a proposition I found ludicrous to begin with. The fact we just had 2 nights in a row with no kill suggests that such a proposition is even more unlikely. Honestly we're over thinking at this stage. Finn is the final scum. Let's get this over with. If there are in fact two scum left and we are at a stalemate, could we just have that declared so that we don't have to continue on any longer?
  22. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    I blocked Finn again, and was told that I was successful. I think that successfully puts to rest Finn's alternative nights argument. I don't see any reason to put off voting for him any longer.
  23. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 9

    We don't have long left to decide whether we are lynching. I don't mind too much if we don't get a lynch tonight, I can continue to block Finn to prove my point. If one of us is killed in the night, that still leaves 3 people left for another day. If we lynch the wrong person today, we lose. Killing on alternate nights doesn't make much sense Finn, I have never heard of that before. And why would the scum killer target Glenn when we have all had our role claims out there for days and all know that Roger is protecting Glenn? The much simpler explanation is that I blocked you and prevented you from killing anyone. Gopher had claimed to me that he was vanilla before he died and told me there was a doctor. I had already guessed that the doctor was Roger. Gopher even tried testing Roger while he was still alive to see whether his reports of successful protections aligned with my claimed role blocks, something I asked him to so. You can see where Gopher asked this in the town block PM that we are all part of (29 August post).