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  1. The next magazine will include The Spirit of the temple. That is a great minifigure, but why did they decide to comeback to s1 once again. Normally I'd be really excited for this minifigure but I think that this is just bad. He was fine as an exclusive to the temple, since he wasn't really a important character and he only gave out information, and I didn't really feel the need of having him in my collection. While the other climber suits are more needed and important then this. If they had to give a s1 minifigure then Wyldfyre would have been perfect, since she stayed the same in s2. So if this was a few months back, then I'd be really pleased with it. But when they gave this right after they started giving us the climber suits, I'm not a fan of this inclusion one bit, and it isn't even because I already own this minifigure.
  2. mantax

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    With the official reveal I'm even more of a fan of the sets. The Allosaurus set is actually $90 which is great. The unknown character is just a regular guard. I like the truck even more after seeing it from more angles, and it's nice that it has some more room inside. It's also really great that you can store the side vehicles on the truck, you won't be able to fit both the quad and the Allo inside, well at least not in a official way, I'd probably find a way to fit it in there somehow. The trailer from the description appers to have a function to open the cage by pushing a lever, so that could be fun. Now I'm relly thinking about getting this set. The stegosaurus set felt perfect at first, but they somehow made it even better. you can fit both figures in the front, so that's great. It does apper to have some interesting stuff on the inside, with I think a bed and some fun stickered detail on the wall. All of the terrain builds can be cannected, which is great, since I'm not a fan of having a lot of small side builds being just all around the place. Now I'm definitelly going to get this set at some point. The buildable bumpy actually does look quite neat in some angles, especially in that one life style image with the plant. But I'm not interested in getting her either way. Now all of the minifigures look great, They all have really accurate torsos which look just great. There is still one detail in the sego set that I'm not sure on what it means. On the tree there is a heart with I think C + D(or maybe it is an O i'm not too sure) I could see there being a Y + S or K + B, but I have no idea on what the C and D could stand for, except that maybe the D could be for Darius. But either way it's not really like a big deal, but I'm still interested in that.
  3. mantax

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Bumpy looks quite odd, but she isn't on the same level as Rocket Racoon or especially that Chewbaca. I have no interest in getting this set. The Allosaurus trailer - The Allosaurus has new head mold, and I think that is a new lower jaw piece as well. I feel as if the Allo is as great as it could have been possibly be. The truck looks great, it maybe isn't on the same level as the one from T-rex and Atrociraptor breakout, but it is still solid. It can fit 2 minifigures inside, which is nice since I was hopeing for that. The trailer feels solid as well, I would need to see it closed to have my full judgement. The set feels too small for $100, maybe with more images I could see that a bit more, but for now It feels worse then the T-rex and Atrociraptor breakout set. But it was only said that it would be 100 dollars, so maybe it could still be 90 euro, and at that price I could see myself getting the set. Stegosaurus Look out - this set just feels flaw less, The new stego is great, I wasn't really expecting it to have a moveable head, but I was kinda hopeing that it would have a movable tail, but it's not the biggest deal for me personally. The van while feeling a bit basic(which was expected given the 6+ age range), still looks great, I only hope that you could be also able to fit 2 minifigures in the front. The trailer looks kinda weird, but I didn't really care for that. All the scenery builds look neat. I will most likely get this set. Also there is no small raptor in this set which is weird, since the desctiptions were really accurate, except for only this part. Now in the stego set you get Sammy and Ben which were my 2 picks for the set, in the Allo set you get Yaz and Darius and Kenji (who you can see in the truck based on the torso), which is intersting that he is there with(who I guess based on the trailer) is an antagonist, that could have some intersting story importance.
  4. There will also be a polybag that will have one of the wolf warriors, so that could be a way to army build them, but then you'd also have an army of tournament Cole. But I also have to say that it is a bit weak that there aren't too many wolf warriors in the sets. The January wave was really great for army building. There was a $10 set with 2, and they were even included in the gimmic sets, and nearly every set had at least 1. I think that there should have been 1 in the Zane bike, and 1 more in the Source Dragon, since a $150 set shouldn't have the same amount of minifigures as a $50 and a $90 set. Also there is a big chance that a wolf warrior could be included in a future magazine, so that would be great.
  5. mantax

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    It should be an Allosaurus. The previous information had to based on some leaked preliminary images, because we got the colors of the dinosaurs. The leaker most likely didn't know much about Jurassic, so they've mistaken the Allosaurus for a T-rex. The Allosaurus is even on the poster for the show, and in the trailer it is seen chasing Darius next to the Truck from the set description. So there is all the evidence for that to be the case.
  6. mantax

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not really sure if that's the case. Everything set to appear in the sets has been shown in the trailer. The green and white truck with a cage, that van, and all of the dinosaurs were show there as well. The only thing that's unknown yet is the minifigures. There is said to be 5 of them across the sets. 2 of them are Darius and Ben, about the rest I'm not sure. we know that Sammy, Yaz and Kenji are returning, which would fit with the other 3 minifigures, but I think that there should be at least one antagonist with that truck. So that might be a bit spoilery. But I don't think that would be the case, since the show is said to air on the 24th of May, which is quite a long time from now, and the sets will be available a week after that. So I think that the sets weren't revealed yet for unrelated reason, and it is only a question of time until they are finally revealed.
  7. The Source dragon is just gorgeous, and massive as it should. That might me the best set from the wave. But I really don't think I'd get it. I don't really know where I could put it, with it being too wide and long. That usually happens with dragons for me, like with the Ice dragon for example. The wings are on the big ratchet joints, so maybe you could have them to the back, so that might help a bit. The minifigure selection is fine, but feels small, especially when a $50 set has the same amount. I do love that Ras has arm printing again. I'm not a fan that Wyldfyre is reused from the previous wave, but that was expected. With that The Source dragon of motion definitelly isn't Ras's master, Ras would have more respect for her and not be just connecting chains to her. The Zane bike is just kinda there.The build is like super midiocer at best for me. The fact that you don't get a wolf warrior in it is quite lame, especially when the previous $10 set had 4 minifigures and not that much less parts. This set is an easy skip for me. The temple city looks great, as giant ninjago location sets do, but I'm not like super into the design of it. The minifigure selection is great. It's nice to get both Ras and Jordana here and the return of Pale man is neat. I don't really think I'd get it because it won't really fit into my budget, and I like the other sets that I planned to buy this year more. We also have more images of the previous sets. With that I like the Combo vehicle even more, and it is my favorite set of the wave, which I would have not expected from the Leaks of it. The life style picture of it just sitting there makes it look really neat, and with that it would also look neat on my shelf as well. It's also nice that you can connect the 2 bikes together, the bikes look great on their own, but it's always nice to have more functionality from it. Now I think that I'd get the Cole mech. That is because of the pose that it's in at the back of the box, it just looks so majestic and I absolutely love it. Also it's 45 cm long with the wings, so it's like 35 without them. With that it is the tallest ninjago mech, and that is what makes me want it now. Now what I'm not a fan in the wave is the villain distribiution. There are only 4 wolf mask warrior in the sets(5 with the polybag), There could have been one in the Zane bike and at least one more in the source dragon, then it would have been fine. So overall that's a really great wave, with only one set being just kinda mid, while the rest are all great. When you also combain it with the prevoius waves this year, then that makes 2024 one of the better ninjago years. At least in my opinion.
  8. After having more time to think about the sets, I have to say that the Ninja team combo vehicle is my favorite set so far. The main thing that I like about it is the fact that it is so different to the previous Ultra Sonic raider type sets. Overall the vehicle is quite unique in a great way, that is mainly because of the Lloyd vehicle. The bikes actually look great detached, that Nya one could just easly work as a bike for Zane. The minifigure selection is also great with 3 tournament ninja being only here and in the $250 Temple City. The only thing that's bad about it is the price, I could see it being a $60-75 set at max, but if I find it for less then $80 I think I'd get it. Also there's a fun detail, that in the minifigure selection on top of the box the Wolf mask general is holding on to the Nya bike with just one hand. That's even better then Riyu punching that Wolf mask warrior, in that Young dragon Riyu set. I absolutely love when they have fun with the renders. The Cole mech is really great, easly the best build from the 3 sets revealed no competition there, but that's the only thing this set has. If I was a huge fan of the design of the Cole figure, I'd be more into getting it, but I'm not into the design of that. I would need to see more images to be really sure if I'd get it or not. like a comparison with the previous big ninjago mechs, or to see how the posability works on video. I'm not really the biggest fan of the Arena. The design just doesn't really speak to my tase that much, it does have great minifigures and fun play features. But the ninjago magazine exists, so some of them could be available there, and I'm not really someone to buy a set just for the minifigures. I also expect that some of my opinions could change a bit when we get a more official reveal and some reviews of the sets, and also when the other sets get reveald.
  9. A big ninjago mech to be a titan mech should have titan in the set name and it also should feature a ninja's color scheme mixed with white.
  10. mantax

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    No images yet, however we have descriptions for the 2 sets. They are from a Polish lego site fanklockow, which has been really reliable lately. 76965: Stegosaurus look out - It will include a small tree, nest and a brown van with a red stripe in the middle with a ladder on one side of it. There would be a small trailer for it with a mobile lab. Included there would also be a small raptor, and 2 minifigures. 76966: Allosaurus trailer - Yes it's actually an allosaurus and not a t-rex, Included in this set would be a sand green and white truck with a trailer that has a cage on top. There would be a small quad, a drone, and 3 minifigures. So with that the sets are 100% not based on TLW, and they are most likely just Chaos theory sets.
  11. What a great thing to end the day with. -The dragon mech looks just awesome. easly the best ninjago mech ever. But only one minigure in a $100 set is just bad, and a big turn off for me, and many people probably. -The combo vehicle is just crazy, I would have never imagined it like that, I might even consider getting it. I would need more images to tell if it's fine for the money, but for now it doesn't look too bad. Also what adds to the set is the fact that one of the bikes is in the minifigure selection on top. -The arena looks like a fun location set. The minifigure selection is the highlight here. I'd wait for more images to give my full thoughts on them.
  12. That might be an unpopular opinion, but I think that is better for all the set images to be offically revealed, and not by just some random, usually low quality leaks. That makes it all even more exciting when they all get reveald. Because previously at least one summer set was leaked early, like Lloyd and Arin's ninja team mechs, and because of that I wasn't really that excited to look at it in the official reveal. I do have to say that early leaks like that are always fun for a moment, but that lowers the excitement later. Like this year is the most amount of excitement that I had for the summer sets in a while.
  13. I would guess you are talking about the torso piece used for the nightmare creatures, which is just the cauldron piece that is also included in the Midnight raven set.
  14. I expected that we would get more images of the sets we already got, but this was unexpected to have all the other sets now. -71483: this might just be my favorite set from this wave. The other sets have a surprisingly low minifigure count( 4 full minifigures in a 130 set, really?) but 5 minifgures here is great. You get the main villain and 3 of the evil clones, and all that for only $45, now this set might just be a must buy for me. The builds are also great, I might even like them all equally. The standout here is the Evil Z-blob. Also this set just feels like a ton of fun, with 3 very different builds to choose from plus all the minifgures. The value here is just amazing. -71486: It definitelly looks great and unique, however I don't think that I'd spend $200 on a Dreamzzz set. We also have more images of the previous sets. I'm still not sold on Izzie's dream animals, especially when it's $5 cheaper then the Nightmare creatures. While the main build was fine I guess, I'm comletely not a fan of the other builds. But it's great to also have 3 different build options, and the fact that you start with an egg is pretty fun. All the builds from Zoey's bike are great and they feel like a lot of fun. At $20 I might actually get this set. The alt build from the Logan the might pandy, just doesn't really feel great at all, the limbs look way too small. But the main build is great at least. After seeing all the sets I have to say that in my opinion this is the best wave of Dreamzzz. The only set that I'm not the biggest fan of are the Izzie's dream animals, but I won't even call that a bad set. The value of the set is also great, since that was a problem with that before. The only thing that I'm not a fan of, which was also in the previous waves is the minifigure distribiution. There is just too little minifigures in many of the sets.
  15. The 3 new sets maybe don't hit that hard, but they are still neat. - Zoey's cat motorcycle: It's quite sleak, which is great. The fact that the evil version of Zoey isn't here is really odd, but I'm not complaining since I like the Cooper a bit more. I don't really think that I'd get it, since from what I can see I expect it to have problems with standing. Also the C-rex has been really growing on me, and the 2 minifigures here are also available there. -Panda mech: This has to be my favorite set from the three. there is just something about it that really speaks to me. It's also nice to get both these Logans in a cheaper set. I might actually get this set, but I'm not too sure on that. -Izzie's dream animals: This built just isn't really my thing, with a lot of big specialised parts, and a color scheme that I'm not a fan of. But there is some stuff to like here. Like that brown dreamling using the Big fig head, the red panda is also neat, however there is a $10 city set with them. Also there is the Evil Izzie here which feels nice, but she doesn't have the side skirt piece, which is really lame, since there isn't really anything that could explain why that is.