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  1. AManofNoConsequence

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I'd really like to see a branching out in locations, there's so much untapped potential in that area. Just off the top of my head alongside the 2 that you mentioned could be Star Labs, Titans Tower, The Watchtower, Apokolips or my personal dream set due to my love of Justice League Dark stuff, The Tower of Fate. Even if we gotta have a Batman related set there's still plenty of stuff to work with, Wayne Tower, ACE Chemicals (Even if it got a small "appearance" in TLBM sets), the GCPD, The Iceberg Lounge. Hell, make a generic warehouse in the style of the Marvel Spider-Man playsets and say its owned by Black Mask, ARGUS or someone, it'd still be more interesting than another Batcave, or even another Arkham.
  2. AManofNoConsequence

    Japanese Licenses Wishlist

    I don't really have in mind any possible anime/manga IPs that Lego could do at the moment at least, but the biggest Japanese IP I would love for Lego to cover would be Final Fantasy. There's certainly a lot what can be done, from location based sets to vehicles. Maybe there could even be enough room for a minifigure series. Similarly, Kingdom Hearts might work too, especially since we already have Disney characters who pop up in the games already made, it'd probably be a location heavy series though, outside of sets for the Gummi ship, various bosses and maybe the train from KH2.