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    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    The one that springs to mind is TRU here in the UK at least, because it was a pain to track down.
  2. AManofNoConsequence

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    I wouldn't say I have a hatred, it's a thing that exists so I just ignore it. Personally I'm not a fan because of a lot of the character choices, like certain moments between Harry and Albus, Hermione's bitterness in one of the alternate timelines as well as Cedric's turn in another and the revelations of Delphini's parentage and the implications. I'm also not a fan of how Time Travel is used in the story, I have a fondness for the trope but it's got problems similar with how Endgame used it in my opinion. Alas, if we did get sets, I'd probably pick them up, especially if they were more Hogwarts expansions.
  3. AManofNoConsequence

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Alright, I was waiting on this before budgeting out Tripple Force Friday it's a absoloutely lovely set, it looks pretty good and looks to be an improvement over the old one, but I'm gonna have to pass on this, at least for now at the minimum. Even if money weren't a concern I honestly don't know where I'd store it at the moment, and I admit a big draw for me are minifigs, so getting another technician and officer alone isn't ideal. Like I said though, it's looking like a great set, even if it isn't at the top of my most wanted list at the moment.
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    Discovering entertainment through LEGO

    It's happened a few times, I was aware of Indiana Jones as a kid but didn't really get into it until the Lego sets hit, I picked up the Last Crusade bike chase before watching the BBC broadcasts of the first 3 films in the run up to KotCS. Something similar happened with Stranger Things, the set looked really good so I decided to give the series a watch before investing in it, and I've enjoyed it so far.
  5. AManofNoConsequence

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Since Hasbro has been tapping more into the comics recently, I really do hope for a few sets based off of those. I've drafted up a few ideas, it's rough with no ideal prices in mind. New Republic X Wing (Age of Resistance: Poe Dameron) Build: NR X Wing and a small technician station Minifigs: Poe in NR uniform, Kare Kun in NR uniform, BB8 and since I don't want to spoil the ending since it's a recent release. Alternatively, this could be done for Resistance with a few figures swapped around. Volt Cobra (Star Wars main run) Build: The Volt Cobra. Minifigs: Sana Starros, Han Solo (Can be ANH, or maybe older Han with his Solo jacket from the Scourging of Shu Torun arc) Luke in his Yavin jacket, Black Krrsantan (Tarful piece in black with newer printing), there could be an aditional fig maybe. ArkAngel (Doctor Aphra) Build: The Arkangel. Minifgs: Doctor Aphra, Tripple Zero, BT1, Tam Posla, and maybe since we don't have figs for them yet we could sneak in Evazan and Ponda Baba, given their role in the Worst Among Equals arc and connection to Tam. An alternative to Tam, Ponda and Evazan could easily be Magna Tolvan in her Imperial Uniform and a Stormtrooper. Carrion Spike (Poe Dameron) Build: The Carrion Spike, a First Order Speeder Bike. Minifigs: Agent Terex, First Order Officer, , 2 First Order Stormtroopers, Poe Dameron (TFA Jacket), C3PO (TFA version, but without arm printing and the aditional leg printing to maintain the polybag's value) Imperialis (Lando 2015) Build: The Imperialis. Minifigs: Lando (Like his Cloud City fig, but in the colours from the comic), Lobot, 2 Imperial Royal Guards, and either Channath Cha or Korin Pers to fill out the numbers. Vader's Naboo Royal Starship (Darth Vader 2017) Build: The Naboo Royal Starship, some Mustafar Terrain or maybe a scaled-down Lava Flee Minifigs: Darth Vader, 2 Imperial Officers, Mustafaran, Lord Momin. Shadow Wing TIE Interceptor (TIE Fighter and technically Alphabet Squadron) Build: A TIE Interceptor, and maybe a little docking area Minifigs: Really, any 2 of the pilots of the 204th in the comics could fit with both a Pilot helmet and a hair piece for them, just like how recent X Wings have included 2 pilots. Since she pops up in an issue maybe throw in Yrica Quell in her Imperial Uniform. Soran Kieze. Imperial Technician.
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    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I'm not too keen on Prequel stuff myself because we did get a lot from the 'Age of Republic' already, though there's still a lot that can be done, especially from AotC and the later Clone Wars seasons. Hopefully during the film hiatus Lego steps back and gives us bits from every era, and hopefully look into some new stuff too, Hasbro has been putting out stuff from the Aphra comics, so I'd love it if we get stuff from that. Though the fact we're gonna get 2 ANH sets isn't inspiring any confidence tbh.
  7. AManofNoConsequence

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    That's on LFL there, not Lego, across the board there's a reliance on the OT that is getting so tiresome.
  8. Not really, no. If I like something, I'll pick it up, even if it's in a piece of media I didn't enjoy. It's pretty much how I operate for all fandoms I'm part of. Sticking with Star Wars, I wasn't a big fan of Solo and it was the epitome of what I feared when I first heard about the purchase by Disney, yet I love Lando's Falcon and Enfys Nest, and so far I have both Lando's Falcon and as much Enfys merch I can find. It was the same with Legends, I really don't like most of the post-Endor continuity in that, but I'll gladly buy the odd character from that era if I liked them enough, like Jaina or Mara. Ultimately, if it looks cool or I feel it stands out in a good way, I'll pick it up even if the story it's part of I didn't particularly like.
  9. AManofNoConsequence

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    They were, very likely thanks to the 501st cast members who were brought in to fill out the troop ranks.
  10. AManofNoConsequence

    Purist TV/Movie Figures

    Just had a bit of an idea while looking at reviews, but the Series 19 Galactic Bounty Hunters head might be a good stand in for "Tim Shaw" from Doctor Who. Alongside perhaps the shoulder armour from that minifig, some Shadowtrooper/Deathtrooper torso and legs, it might make a good purist custom. The helmet is the only bit I'm stuck on. As well as this, thanks to the Richard E Grant head for the Rise of Skywalker range, we should have enough parts for a Doctor Simeon/Great Inteligence. The torso from the first Lego Movie Abe Lincoln is good for the suit, though alternatively the 2010 Lucius Malfoy or 'The Penguin Faceoff' Penguin torso could work for more of a fur coat look, finished with the 2018 Snape/Nick Fury legs for the coat details. All that's needed to finish it off would either be a top hat or slicked back/Draco Malfoy hairpiece. I'd have liked to show off figures for either idea, but unfortunately I don't have the parts. I really am sorry about this.
  11. AManofNoConsequence

    Marvel Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    I'm no expert, but I think the Game-Verse label is just for merchandise. The Game-Verse branding was used before Spider-Man PS4 to market some of the mobile game content and MvCI merch.
  12. AManofNoConsequence

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Honestly, I like the wave for the most part. -My biggest issue is the Death Star set. We could have got something different at the same price point, for example a set with Jannah, one of those beasts she rides on with Finn and maybe some kind of FO outpost/armament with some troops. It could have even been a little Jedi Fallen Order vignette since TFF is promoting that as well, have a small little dio with Cal, BD-1, a Purge trooper or Seventh Sister, maybe even a K2 unit. It feels like such a wasted slot, especially when we just had a Death Star vignette and already know we're getting 2 more ANH sets in January. -The A Wing is nice, pretty simple but Connix is definitely welcome. Depending on the price I might pick up 2, rebuild one into Tallie's A Wing. -The Passana Speeder Chase is high in my personal rankings, it looks like a great detailed build with enough extra vehicles and figs. Plus the minifigs themselves are pretty good. -The ATST Raider is okay, it looks like it improved on some of my issues with the Rogue One ATST and the figs once again look great. - The Y Wing is okay, looks good enough and I don't have one yet anyway. Once again, figs look great. - The Shuttle is the one I'm most excited for, I missed my chance to get the original, so getting another that's accurate is pretty great. - They finally fixed the panels on the Falcon! I only just picked up Lando's Falcon, but this is tempting due to the new techniques, plus I don't have the previous releases of Han's variant, or whoever owns it at this point. I'd say the ATST, Speeder Chase and Shuttle are my must-buys, I think I'll wait till after the movie to get the others, provided I don't get the rumord ISD of course.
  13. AManofNoConsequence

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    There was the Helicarrier too.
  14. AManofNoConsequence

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I'd really like to see a branching out in locations, there's so much untapped potential in that area. Just off the top of my head alongside the 2 that you mentioned could be Star Labs, Titans Tower, The Watchtower, Apokolips or my personal dream set due to my love of Justice League Dark stuff, The Tower of Fate. Even if we gotta have a Batman related set there's still plenty of stuff to work with, Wayne Tower, ACE Chemicals (Even if it got a small "appearance" in TLBM sets), the GCPD, The Iceberg Lounge. Hell, make a generic warehouse in the style of the Marvel Spider-Man playsets and say its owned by Black Mask, ARGUS or someone, it'd still be more interesting than another Batcave, or even another Arkham.
  15. AManofNoConsequence

    Japanese Licenses Wishlist

    I don't really have in mind any possible anime/manga IPs that Lego could do at the moment at least, but the biggest Japanese IP I would love for Lego to cover would be Final Fantasy. There's certainly a lot what can be done, from location based sets to vehicles. Maybe there could even be enough room for a minifigure series. Similarly, Kingdom Hearts might work too, especially since we already have Disney characters who pop up in the games already made, it'd probably be a location heavy series though, outside of sets for the Gummi ship, various bosses and maybe the train from KH2.