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  1. Wow, just WOW! There were so many speechless moments for me when watching your video about this beast of a machine. During most of the video I wondered, what motors drive this beast because of its extra-loud sound. Then when I saw those assumed PF M motors, I was just "what the heck?". So special motors in a PF M case. Have you ever tried to up-gear these for racing? That could be interesting. I wouldn't have the guts to modify my pieces in that way, but if it helps and the result speaks for itself, Man, the performance of that thing is just insane. Thanks for sharing it here. Forgot to ask: Would you share how long these planetary hubs last for this machine?
  2. Thanks! Well, the Crown Vic was a great model to design after, it's just THE police car. The HamEx is not the same, but close enough to see its "heritage". Indeed, I wished for some less thick parts (at least for the trunk lid). I figured this could be done with System parts but I don't have suitable ones. But I might be able to put the lid down half a stud maybe with some tinkering. It could have been more detailed in the scale of my Turbo Racers, but it's 42093 scale, so... What would you improve other than the trunk lid? Thanks! About the hood, yeah, that was my original idea, but I don't have those tiles, yet, and hence stayed with the plates. There's still a hole at the front of the bonnet that I wasn't able to close yet, as the plates are placed at half stud into/onto the beams around the cut-out.
  3. Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. And I fully agree, those fender pieces really did add a lot to small TECHNIC cars. I didn't want to miss them.
  4. Thanks, I originally wanted to use some big tiles there, but don't have the parts yet. But indeed, the studded surface doesn't look bad at all. Yeah, I think I missed quite a few of the LBG parts in white, so went for LBG instead. If we would only have black wheel arches, that would work even better for police cars, but then I still would have missed the parts for the middle part of the car in white.
  5. @Void_S: Had some thoughts this morning, and, you know, although I prefer that rear-engine Pickup over front-engined Hot-Rods, those Hot-Rods (with open engine bay!) would allow for a much easier integration of a swappable engine than my front-engined MM Hammond Executive, where engine space is fairly limited. I think I will look into this area and maybe come up with a Hot-Rod with swappable (front) engine in the future. For now here are a few pictures of the MM Hammond Executive as police interceptor (still a little unfinished due to missing parts in correct shape or color). It features: four openable doors front and back seats openable trunk with spare wheel and steering knob swappable front engine (I5 standard and V10 as upgrade available) with RWD steering which is done by putting the steering knob into the exhaust I think the front could also be used for a Grand National and I am also thinking about a pullman version in the future.
  6. Hey, it was worth a try and the Eyesight renderer of Studio doesn't exactly produce perfect colors, so in reality it could look different, though I also still prefer the original one. Thanks! I also don't know if these have a common name, but I was really tempted to give it a try after discovering this one here: ....which - of course - has its engine longitudinal, but yeah, doesn't fit in my concept, so I changed that to be "compatible" with my existing cars. And yeah, I also love these pickups - even if they don't have a functional bed.
  7. Alternatively you could also use two PF remotes underside to underside and configured vice versa for directions. The respective remote could be marked with the color of the corresponding side of the vehicle for easier identification. I think I saw something similar with a recent CaDA model.
  8. Just great! Love those "metallic" looking roll cage parts and the engine details. Just want to add: This was my first car in NFS Underground 2 and I loved it. I hope you also make a red version with black roof. You know, after watching the video, I think it would be cool if there were some (mini)figures in that scale that can be used as drivers.
  9. I'd like to give an update on these cars with swappable engine as there were a few additions in the meantime: I created a modification of the MDB attccabrighe with VR6 engine - like a real VR6 this one has a vary small cylinder bank angle. Apart from the features of the original attacabrighe - like the gull-wing doors - this features some design updates and color cleanups that IME further smooth up the looks, compared to the SC package. But judge for yourself: The McKall StarFighter was digitized and is available for sale on Rebrickable since a few days. @Void_S: I hence also rendered a special version of it for you. I also just yesterday started to create a closed version from it. This should also feature doors in the future, but not yet implemented. It also features a new V6 motorbike engine with additional turbocharger and intercooler and updated exhaust system (both will also be available separately from McKall for the StarFighter). Well, it's still work inprogress, but I like its looks so far. Have a look-see: And I also had my way with the 42106 set (actually parts only as I don't have it, so there are still some color mismatches here and there) and look what came out: I call it the DieselBolt, for it features a large I4 marine diesel with twin-turbochargers. Due to its construction, it should work with all swappable engines I have created so far. It also features doors, a single seat, dashboard, gear lever, etc.. Steering angle is very good for this model, compared to the other models so far.
  10. @Thirdwigg: Very nice reinterpretation! And also cool to see the original model for comparison. E.g. I like how they secured the wishbones at the front from separating the technic bricks they are attached to. Having studs and pin holes allows for really interesting and space-saving connections if things don't need to move. Say, what do you use as common point when doing those "overlay renderings", the center of the models? And I would actually prefer the old wheels. Because with them you can also have wider rear wheels by inserting the rims of the old 68.6 x 40 balloon tyres into the smaller tyres. But I fully understand you want to make something out of "current" parts.
  11. Ok, ok, I get the picture.
  12. I see! Oh yeah, I need something like that for the leaves of our walnut trees in autumn.
  13. That's what I also thought, when I noticed it on Rebrickable this morning. @Tomik: Cool looking alternate model, really nice what you accomplished with the available parts.
  14. Your trucks are always cool and functional and this one is no exception. But sorry for my ignorance, what is the function of this truck in real life? Is it for generating electric power or for processing water or else?
  15. Looks great! Good job with this alternate model. I also imagine it will look even better with the front wheel size on the rear axle. I recently did a few alternate models and I have to say, with the limited number of parts and limited variety of parts for an alternate build it's sometimes even easier to build a complete model than with the loads of parts available else. It's definitely easier to decide for one solution with a limited choice of parts.
  16. Well, it's a little complex - and I already lost the following written stuff once due to fat fingers - so let's start with the easiest one: the engine bay of the StarFighter is 9 studs wide, 6 studs long (-1 stud at the bottom to the front, 7 studs apart for the two axle connection points, +1 stud at the center rear end, 5 studs wide, +1 stud on each corner of the rear end, 9 studs apart) and has a head room of 6 studs to the top of the rollover bar the engine bay of the AMX 4 is: 1st layer: 11 studs wide, 9 studs long (-1 stud, 7 studs wide in the rear center) and with a head room of 1 stud at the rear and 3 studs at the front 2nd layer: 9 studs wide, 7 studs long (+1 stud, 5 studs wide in the rear center), 1 stud high 3rd layer: 9 studs wide, 6 studs long (+2 studs, 5 studs wide in the rear center, -1 stud at the bottom to the front, 7 studs apart for the two axle connection points), 2 studs high the engine bay of the attaccabrighe is: 1st layer: 9 studs wide, 8 studs long (7 studs widee at the front, 1 stud long) and a head room of 1 stud at the rear end and 3 studs at the front 2nd layer: 9 studs wide, 8 studs long, 1 stud high 3rd layer: 9 studs wide, 7 studs long, 1 stud high 4th layer: 9 studs wide, 8 studs long ( -1 stud at the bottom to the front, 7 studs apart for the two axle connection points), 1 stud high All the above mentioned engines and the V8 of the AMX 4 HE fit in all cars. The stock engines of the AMX 4 Turbo (I4) and Biturbo (V5) only fit in the AMX 4s.
  17. Great! Indeed, thought about that, too. Let me check, I don't have them in my head right now.
  18. Thanks, glad you like it! Wanna give an alternate engine of your own a try? I'd love to see that. The digital models (Studio files) of my alternate engines are available at no charge from Rebrickable, you can actually check them out directly in your web browser with the 3D viewer they use at Rebrickable or use their digital model as basis for your own creations: turbocharged V6 engine turbocharged V8 engine twin-turbocharged I3 engine
  19. Instructions for the MDB attaccabrighe are now available from Rebrickable. Those are for sale, so hopefully I don't disappoint someone with that, but the effort I usually put in premium instructions is considerable. Plus I created a sort of sporty trim for it to smooth out the shaping and get some "real" wheels on it, 42093 unfortunately fell short in this regard. BTW, if you're still wondering about the name, attaccabrighe is Italian for brawler, think of Bud Spencer... Here are a few pictures showing the SC package on the attaccabrighe. The rear spoiler and skirts really make a difference IME:
  20. Indeed, you're right, you actually stated the different size fact first AFAICT, so congrats to your good eyes . Sorry, it was already late yesterday...
  21. After again checking the 360° video, I agree that the follower gear is bigger than the driver gear. Good eyes @Zerobricks, good eyes! IMHO one can see it as soon as the follower gear starts to be visible, if the driver gear would be of the same size, it would also start to be visible at this moment, but is still hidden. So much for the "dumb" recoloring.
  22. Actually I wouldn't have a problem at all, if TLG would produce pins and other connecting pieces in the whole color palette apart from sets, preferably in packs of hundreds or so. But I got used to the different colors since restarting this hobby after my childhood and I for example find the color difference betwen 2L and 3L pins really useful when digitizing a model. I just makes it much easier to determine what part is used in some cases. But what I didn't like for example was the move from the original pin with pin hole to the new mini-friction part (i.e. 15100 => 65487). The gull-wing doors in my 42093 alternate model only work right with the old pieces, the new ones don't have enough friction to keep the doors up. Good thing that 42093 still came with the old pieces. Sorry, way off topic now. Still don't see a reason to make orange 16 tooth gears, well, maybe they stand out much more then, what a success.
  23. I was more thinking of 2L pins, because - ahm, ahm, ... oh yes - the old/new black 2L axles look so similar.
  24. Indeed, I mean we could just have stayed with the LBG ones and be happy...