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  1. Including both, collective and cyclic pitch control would be huge news, if true.
  2. Nice, looks like TLG is making effort to fix quality issues!
  3. Yeah, the frictionless characteristics makes me also think it's not nearly as useful as it could be. Though I wonder if it would be too hard to extract if it had friction?
  4. That's a brand new part, so no surprise it's not more widespread (yet anyway). New parts are released every year, and while some will only find use in a few sets, most go on to be used for many purposes.
  5. Did they explicitly start allowing non-Lego stuff (beyond the few known exceptions like Buwizz) or did they perhaps just miss the non-Lego part? Also, that T-beam doesn't seem to be functionally different from genuine Lego, so this thing is completely possible to build with genuine Lego only.
  6. My kid also has a similar, flipping tracked RC vehicle, it's quite fun to drive around. The only problem with these kind of things is that playing with them inside isn't that great due to the flatness of floors, and taking them outside makes them very quickly dirty and worn out, you can even see the dirt and wear marks in the review video. And this being Lego, you could get 5 similar purpose-built toys for similar price, which makes it kinda expensive for outside play.
  7. Not acceptable, you must flip the direction of motors.
  8. Of course it won't be complete without a direction switch to make it still go forward after flipping when the controls are pushed forward.
  9. Yes, I'm sure the lessons learned 20 years ago are very much still studied inside TLG in order not to repeat the mistakes.
  10. You could put 2 of these side-by-side and have the axle run between them. Not a big deal as I see it. Beyond this, I expect to see a lot of these parts in chassis construction of larger vehicles, as it provides great longitudal support while providing tons of connection points in every direction.
  11. Yeah, I didn't mean at all to criticize PV Productions' products, just point out that GBC's in general tend to be either uninterestingly simple or complex and finicky. PV Productions has found a great niche in that they don't have to invest in manufacture of parts nor logistics of distribution, but instead they can have someone else (=TLG) to do that part and they can just sell instructions for their stuff, which is much less risky while still enabling them to create awesome stuff for the public to buy. Considering the nature of GBC's, it's hard to see TLG or any other brick manufacturer investing in original purpose-built GBC sets. On the other hand, there's a number of marble runs in the market, such as Gravitrax, but those are made with purpose-built parts and are much simpler than Lego GBC's in every way. They save a lot in costs with their limited selection of specialized parts so the sets can be large enough to be interesting and fun while still being affordable and high quality.
  12. Closest thing there is to a commercialized GBC is probably PV Productions' alternates for Lego sets, which of course are only instructions rather than complete sets. GBC's typically also seem to be a finicky things, especially the cooler ones, so they would probably be too hard for too many people to get working correctly so they'd be disappointed and cause too much trouble for the company making them.
  13. Indeed. Also in the late 90's-early 00's there was an uncontrolled explosion of new colours - some totally pointless - which made logistics costly. It seems that they are much more in control of their stuff now, and there's a better picture of the whole operation. --- The set is exactly what I expected it to be, an empty shell of a car. Very nice parts pack, if you're into those, but I think I'll get my new parts as necessary from B&P/Bricklink rather than from this set.
  14. If there is, it's completely unnoticeable in practical use. My photo of course exaggerates even slightest variations.
  15. I recently bought 42121 when it became available again, and as it includes few of the new panel extenders (71708), I wanted to see if the problem of axleholes not lining up is still there. To my delight, it appears that the issue has been solved. Here's a photo I took:
  16. For some reason Spke Prime hub nor RI hub is even listed in my version of B&P, not even when I search for the relevant sets. All other parts for those sets are listed, though some are unavailable. Yep, I bought a while ago a spool of 25m of silicone hose which is just as good as an official pneumatic hose and cost me some 20€. Found it in local hardware store, though I'm sure you could find it easily online too.
  17. Anyone else agree that this year seems to be quite nice as far as new parts are concerned. A number of new panels with recolours to some older ones, the 3x?? frame in the McLaren and then there's the shocks and other stuff in the BMW bike and probably something I'm forgetting now. And who knows what surprises 2H might hold?
  18. What's there to differentiate it from Lego MOC then, if non-Lego parts are excluded?
  19. While speed control dials and more ports would be really awesome, this is be my expectation too.
  20. Now that's a good price, too bad it's in France and not here :(
  21. They can't, for the same reason that they can make parts similar to Lego in the first place: The patents have expired and they can't be patented again. They could, of course, try to invent some novel way of connecting parts, but that's hard (both in the sense of making it actually useful and getting it patented) and also requires a lot of resources, which they might not have.
  22. Same here, the part itself is surprising, but appears to be very useful. Must get a bunch of those as soon as they become easily available.
  23. Looks like a treasure trove of recolours, along with some interesting new parts. Other than that, I have about this much to say: