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  1. howitzer

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    Yep, that's how I envisioned the roofline with the small panels. Though Saper's version of the centre pillar looks nicer than the double angled liftarm.
  2. howitzer

    General Part Discussion

    Not sure if this was mentioned already but there Zetros also gave us a couple of new useful recolours: the thin 1x5 liftarm with axleholes at the ends and the toggle joint smooth are both now available in DBG.
  3. howitzer

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    I actually thought the top of the windshield, to replace the 3x11 curved panel with 21/22 panels and some liftarms. The sides of the windshield look nice enough with the old style panels.
  4. howitzer

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    Much better, though I believe it could still be improved. Did you try panels 21/22 for the windshield/roof border?
  5. howitzer

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    I agree with @SaperPL, while the fender as rear window looks great, it doesn't work as windshield. For me especially distracting is the breaking roofline, as the fender part sits 0,5 studs too high, and the center pillar of the windshield should also be made with a flex axle, as the connectors are too fat and blocky. Otherwise, great work, I really like the lower part of the front, and also the rear side of the car and even the liftarm stacking in the sides don't bother me too much.
  6. I love your contest entries and their creative interpretations of the theme. I, for one, am not that much into minifigs, but your gigafig is great and has earned my vote :) Also really glad you gave it the face (even if it's just a sticker), makes it so much more lively and fun to watch at.
  7. Yeah, adding steering and fake engine is entirely within the spirit of the contest. As you said, no official Technic set would be released at this scale without steering and fake engine.
  8. howitzer

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I know the feeling, and I consider myself pretty skilled in english language. But I also think that one should not place too much emphasis on perfect language, as long as the message is conveyed. It's an international forum so it is to be expected that most people are not that well versed in english.
  9. howitzer

    Scale Modeling Forum future?

    I see your point, but whenever you start categorizing things, there will always be edge cases where it's hard to say if it should be in one category or another. The more categories there are, the more edge cases there will also be, so this merger should at least remove one place where it's hard to decide one way or another. I still think this merge is the right thing to do considering the inactivity of the scale modeling forum, and maybe the split is now something like having models which are all design and no function put to Special themes forum while those with at least some technical functions belong here.
  10. howitzer

    General Part Discussion

    The pin with bush is available in at least 16 colours, so it's in no way colour coded like most other pins. Apparently it's considerable usefulness in System builds has forced them to make it available in many colours, while other pins are mostly hidden when used in System so no need for many colours there.
  11. howitzer

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    I just ordered this from the local retailer, should arrive on maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  12. howitzer

    Reimagine/Redesign 42113

    There's the Future set wishes and speculation thread, in which this kind of discussion would fit properly...
  13. howitzer

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I think you're right here, especially on the latter part of your comment. I find it much more i compelling to comment on a thread that presents the MOC properly, with nice photos and especially proper description of the functions. I also like it when the maker tells some background on the making of the thing, and reflects on the possible shortcomings and difficulties in the making of it. Another matter is that there are some kinds of creations which simply are not interesting to me, no matter how they are made or presented.
  14. howitzer

    [TC20] 6949 Robo-Guardian

    Looks great, definitely one of my favourites in this contest!
  15. howitzer

    [TC20] 2020's 8880 supercar

    I think the rule is quite clear, a quote from the entry topic: "One or more images (max 4). You can have combined pictures (4 in 1) as long as the picture isn't bigger than 1024x1024." So you can link up to 4 image files in your post, with maximum size of 1024x1024 pixels each. You can combine more photos in a single image, as long as the size isn't exceeded.