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  1. Rear lift and the stretcher itself could make a pretty interesting functionality. While it wouldn't break any new ground, I think it would make a fine midrange set - especially considering the minimal functionality with many of the recent sets. I guess you could even add a sliding side-door (I don't think there's ever been a proper Technic van, and those tend to have sliding door on one side).
  2. Yep, there's a neon yellow colour coming for emergency vehicles etc. Perhaps we're going to get a proper ambulance set?
  3. Indeed. Sometimes attaching panels can be a real headache, as the easiest point of attachment would be perpendicular to the panel surface...
  4. Hopefully you're right and some proper Technic sets will be released too. I guess the small chopper is fine for a small set, but I'm more interested in the mid-to-large range.
  5. The motorbike is yet to be seen but other than that it seems to be a really bad wave as far as sets are concerned, but a very nice wave as far as the new parts are concerned. Many useful recolours, and the new panel parts mean a shopping trip to B&P.
  6. That's a nice design indeed, but I fear the ball/socket will wear out eventually if used a lot, especially in your CV-joint design, which is why official designs use different kind of clutch mechanism. The standard 24T clutch gear is pretty smooth, though not suitable for all applications.
  7. That's a really weird part. I mean, I can see it being useful but at the same time the way it's designed screams of POOP. Why the bushing-like axleholes and not just continue the connector style middle-part all the way to the ends?
  8. Haha, I didn't expect you to. Just wanted to add it here to show how these parts have surprisingly many alternate uses, beside covering wheel wells. About the aforementioned Lunar Research Base, while the usage is nice, I wish they had done a bit more to make it flow better with the rest of the building. Maybe some bricks to continue the bottom tips on each side so that it wouldn't look like it was just slapped and left there.
  9. howitzer

    42132 - Chopper

    The B-model looks even better than the A-model. Very nice for a small set, gotta love those panel extenders too. Now I just wish they would be available in more colours...
  10. These new panels look exactly what I've been wanting for a while. Now, give me those in other colours (nothing wrong with black, but more is more). The front wheel arches indeed look quite ugly, the Technic beam holes just break the inner side completely, while the outer side isn't that great either.
  11. I had very low expectations for the Megalodon as the source material looks pretty dumb, but the Lego version is surprisingly good looking. Might even go and buy me one.
  12. That's nice, though not the first time I see such a usage of fender parts. I also used one for my TC20 entry behind the seat as engine cover.
  13. Yeah, I have two of those from the 51515 set, but that's definitely a NPU and should bring them more widely available (I've tried to shop for two more when making BL orders, but none of those shops I'm interested in otherwise have had them).
  14. What a funny little GBC, so simple, yet so effective and fun to look at! That depends on what do you consider premature. All springs wear out eventually, depending on how much compression cycles they are put through, so I'm sure they will wear out at some point, but I have no idea how much that is. If I had to guess, I'd say you'll wear out dozens of motors before the springs give in.
  15. howitzer

    To thread or not to thread?

    The best part about this design is that there's no arrow in it. I understand why the official bows have arrows molded into them, but when a minifig is carrying the bow around and not preparing to shoot, the arrow looks just stupid being there.