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  1. howitzer

    [WIP] Duplo Technic Train

    Very nice! The motor doubling as boiler is indeed very nice and I like especially the departure from the usual "very adult construction equipment or fast car"-style that's most common in Technic. Just a thought, will you allow your kid to play alone with it? And what if they start to disassemble it?
  2. Digitally designed models also bear a risk of containing parts/colours which are very rare and expensive unless you very carefully look up each part's cost and availability before using that part. If such a pieces show up, you'd have to carefully consider if you really, really need to use that part or if there's an alternative. For example, from what I hear, some train wheels can get pretty expensive, but there are no good alternatives except third party parts so it can be difficult to replace them. Most used parts in Bricklink cost somewhere between 0,1 and 1€, so if you use no parts that are especially expensive (or a lot of very cheap parts), you'd end up somewhere around 200€ per locomotive - plus shipping costs.
  3. It's really nice and cool-looking, but so many new metallic elements - not going to happen. Especially those gears.
  4. howitzer

    [TC17] Aardvark

    A quick update: I took apart and rebuilt almost everything. Now the XL motor drives both, tracks and flail, with switch to turn the flail on and off. I also built a basic steering setup with springs to get sense of the dimensions. Next up is finishing the chassis and probably redesigning the flail arm, as the current contraption is pretty flimsy. Then there's the need for height adjustment for the flail which I haven't really thought about much yet.
  5. howitzer

    Studless vs. Studful

    While 42099 has nice suspension parts, it isn't worth the price unless you also want the Control+ stuff or the new CV-joints. You'd better off buying suspension parts separately from Bricklink or whatever if that's the only thing you want for now. Another option is to search for some older (large) car sets secondhand, as they are probably less expensive than buying something that's still on the market and will get you lots of other parts too. There are lots and lots of different suspension setups though, so it can be difficult to decide which parts you will need, so looking at MOCs in here Eurobricks or for example in Rebrickable can help. As for studless vs. studful, I'm also one of those who returned to Lego long after studful had been phased out so almost all of it is somehow new to me. Studless is much more difficult to begin with, and building something that's actually functional while being rigid enough but not using parts wastefully is a learning process where you build, take apart and rebuild it over and over again. Building with studs is so much easier when you always have more connection points and the structural parts themselves are more rigid. It's especially difficult when you don't know well the final dimensions of whatever you're building, as it can be difficult to decide ahead which pins and beams to select to whichever part of the build.
  6. howitzer

    [MOC] Indestructible box

    There's also another topic for assemblies that can be put together but can't be disassembled by normal means. Though I'm not sure how you would go assembling this box in a way that prevents disassembly? Also, not long ago someone linked in another topic a video of a safe which the creator claims cannot be opened without either the right combination or damaging the parts.
  7. howitzer

    Colors of brick separators

    No argument against them except simple waste. I'd take a couple of extra spare parts (as they generally have many more uses) any day over a brick separator and while they indeed are useful with some sets, most of the time they are unnecessary. You can buy them separately for little money if you really need more than you get with sets but many comments here seem to indicate that vast majority of separators go almost unused. I think TLG could cut their production 50% and nobody would notice. As a kid I never used teeth to separate bricks and the only thing I can remember having a real trouble with was pre-1990 friction pin, but everyone had trouble with them as they had a design flaw. Even 2 1x2 plates stuck together were pretty easy to separate, though you need to know how: use 2 normal 1x2 (or longer) bricks, one on top and one on bottom and using them as a support to get more leverage, pry the plates loose.
  8. howitzer

    Colors of brick separators

    Umm.. what do you need 20 brick separators for? I mean, 1 is very useful, there are some situations where 2 are needed, but I can't think of a reason why someone would need 3 or more for their intended purpose. Yeah, they might wear down over the years and I can imagine someone disassembling MOC built of thousands of plates with only the separator would cause some wear, but I bet majority of brick separators supplied with the sets never see more than few uses. As a kid I never had such a tool (I'm not sure if they even existed in early 90's) and while it could sometimes have been useful I never had a legally connected pieces stuck so that I couldn't separate them with my bare hands.
  9. howitzer

    Colors of brick separators

    That would be great, considering that you only actually ever need 2 at most, so if you buy any larger sets (except Technic) you'll probably end up with huge amount separators that are almost useless.
  10. howitzer

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    In Finland there's a campaign that just started: you can collect stamps in Citymarket grocery chain stores and for every three stamps you get a 40% discount for a certain selection of sets. This selection includes the new Catamaran (42105) and Porsche 911 RSR (42096) and also the Getaway car (42090). The discount translates to 29,97; 107,97 and 16,17 euros respectively, which especially for the Porsche is a bargain considering it's new (not a secondhand) set. Going to pick up my Porsche later today.
  11. howitzer

    [TC17] Aardvark

    Thanks for the tips! I tried the L-motor and it indeed has more than enough power to run the flail. I was concerned that it might struggle to maintain enough speed under the load (which makes the flail pointless) but it seems to perform with no problem. Mounting two battery boxes isn't a problem, there's plenty of room in the chassis. It should steer on wheels though, like the real counterpart, so I'm planning to have the treads hard-coupled to each other with driving motor geared down to a suitable speed. A couple of progress photos. As you can see, there's still plenty to do and I think I'm going to be hard pressed to meet the timeline. I propped the flail up with a battery box so it would be a little closer to the final position. Something that occurred me today though, is if I should have the XL motor driving both the tracks and the flail, with a selector switch to turn the flail on and off? Is there enough power to do that? I guess I'll have to just build and find out. No idea yet how heavy the final model will be, a ballpark guess would be 1kg or so but it could be more than that with all the batteries and motors.
  12. howitzer

    Help needed for an assembly

    I'd suggest rather a sub-forum, as separate questions should be in separate topics, so that responses to one question wouldn't drown out other questions and so that responses wouldn't get mixed up. Other than that, I don't see these single-question threads as a huge problem, considering the general activity of these forums. If there were a bit more activity, it could become a problem though.
  13. howitzer

    Help needed for an assembly

    This one pivots at both axle connections so it's probably not suitable solution. But you could use the same principle and use similarly stacked 4- and 5-length liftarms with axleholes at ends.
  14. howitzer

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I actually bought my Arocs set from a non-afol guy who works as a truck driver, and wanted Arocs simply because he thought it was cool to have it as a Lego set. I'd definitely say that the licenses matter, maybe not that much for us afols, but those who are interested in cars and other stuff licensed sets are based on and maybe have some of the nostalgia for Lego are probably the significant adult audience for licensed Techic sets. Of course also kids and their parents who see a cool real-life thing transformed into a Lego set (as opposed to those who buy nameless sets for their functions and parts).
  15. howitzer

    [TC17] Solar Badger

    This should be interesting. I wasn't even aware that official Lego PV cells existed.