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    Student of languages.
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  1. xXJakilXx

    LEGO 60197 TRAIN

    Good evening there to everyone! I made a different version of the lego set 60197, since bricks haven't been in the new updated version of LDD click here to download it, enjoy!
  2. Good evening there! Since some lego's bricks have been missing, i have tried to make this train but with different bricks and different version too. enjoy this content! click on the image for the link, or click here
  3. xXJakilXx

    Hello from Italy! Ciao a tutti

    Buon anno anche a te, sinceramente dovresti continuare a migliorare il tuo italiano, continua così! Frohes neues Jahr dir auch, aufrichtig du sollst deine Italienische Sprache verbessern, mach weiter! Happy new year you too, sincerly you ought to improve your Italian, go on!
  4. xXJakilXx

    LEGO 7938 MOC/MOD

    Yes, dankeschön!! if you liked to click, here you go
  5. Ciao! I'm a 16 yrs old boy from Italy, (southern part). I love playing legos since when I was 4. But unfortunately, I hadn't to much legos to play when I was younger then, in fact I wish I had a lego train right now , and legos are still too expensive as a mobile-phone e.g. Samsung S6 Edge, Iphone X and so on. I'm a 3rd grader high-school and I study 3 languages: English, German and Spanish. (Liceo linguistico). When I'm on my free-time, I play LDD or read a book, or trying to translate what I've studied in languages, like: Geography and Biology in German; History and Art History in Spanish; Physics and Philosophy in English. To be honest i don't have too much free time, because I study every single day. Even trying to translate it's not hard for me, because these are helpful to me to improve my languages since they've been my favourite school subjects You can talk with me in English, German, Spanish. Don't worry! or even in my free time, I study online these 5 other languages: Portuguese; Chinese; Russian; Greek and French. But unfortunately i'm not able to speak them, only as little as I can
  6. xXJakilXx

    LEGO 7938 MOC/MOD

    Oh thank you ver much! here it is: https://bricksafe.com/pages/1xXJakilXx1/
  7. xXJakilXx

    LEGO 7938 MOC/MOD

    PLS I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PUT THE LXF.FILE HELP ME! anyway, this is basically a modified version of the lego 7938 Go check my LDD video about the wagon