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  1. I think you are fine the way you have it; in fact, I think with LEGO in the past decade or so really advancing their color scheme I think it is very fitting!
  2. fernlagoon

    Franko Komljenovic's Pirate Ship

    I love the chandelier!!
  3. fernlagoon

    [Flickr Find ]Pointe Pescade Lighthouse

    This is awesome! I especially love the use of authentic LEGO sails, I remember it from the Imperial Trading Post! Anyways, I can only imagine the good brew and nicely cooked fish these soldiers will be eating with the visitors!! Great job.
  4. fernlagoon


    Small but precise! What a great use of pieces showing awesome detail. GREAT MOC.
  5. fernlagoon

    Tear in the Sand

    Amazing MOC! Its looks so genuine and is a nice cross between pirates/adventures and just great ol' pure imagination!
  6. fernlagoon

    French Spanish Skirmish

    Beautiful MOC! This really is a nice alternative to purely "pirate" scenes..
  7. fernlagoon

    Pirates Lagoon

    It looks great and clearly time well spent...not so sure I like the palm tree in the picture; doesn't look "LEGO" enough; however all in all a wonderful MOC, couldn't be better!
  8. fernlagoon

    A Treasure Cave.

    Absolutely amazing! I love the water technique used here and the different angle's used to take the shoots. Well done. I love pirates!
  9. fernlagoon

    Hut and Statue

    YES YES YES! More Islanders! This is like every other post on here now. I love it.
  10. fernlagoon

    MOC: French Station

    Absolutely a beautiful MOC. This must require great skill and ingenuity. Chip Chip Cheerio!!
  11. fernlagoon

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - Survey

    1 x Sawfish for 5 1 x Monkey for 3 1 x Turtle for 3 1 x Parrot for 1 1 x Parrot Shoulder Brace for 1 1 X Fish for 1 Arggghhhh!
  12. fernlagoon

    LEGO Pirates: Colonial Outpost

    I just want to open that front door and see whats inside of this outpost! It's a bit of a nostalgic thing because it takes me back to the days of the original LEGO Outpost....ahhhhhhhh....
  13. fernlagoon

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - Survey

    Totaling 14 points I would use: 1 x Alligator/Crocodile for 5 points 1 x monkey for 3 points (clearly) 1 x parrot for 1 point 1 x rat 1 point 1 x starfish 1 point 1 x turtle for 3 points I am 28 in the U.S.
  14. fernlagoon

    LEGO Pirates: Colonial Outpost

    This looks Bricktastic! 2 Thumbs up!!
  15. fernlagoon

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - FAQ

    Hi! Every time I go to submit my battle pack, Eurobricks says it cannot determine what thread/topic this goes too... any ideas?