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  1. I think you are fine the way you have it; in fact, I think with LEGO in the past decade or so really advancing their color scheme I think it is very fitting!
  2. fernlagoon

    Franko Komljenovic's Pirate Ship

    I love the chandelier!!
  3. fernlagoon

    [Flickr Find ]Pointe Pescade Lighthouse

    This is awesome! I especially love the use of authentic LEGO sails, I remember it from the Imperial Trading Post! Anyways, I can only imagine the good brew and nicely cooked fish these soldiers will be eating with the visitors!! Great job.
  4. fernlagoon


    Small but precise! What a great use of pieces showing awesome detail. GREAT MOC.
  5. fernlagoon

    Tear in the Sand

    Amazing MOC! Its looks so genuine and is a nice cross between pirates/adventures and just great ol' pure imagination!
  6. fernlagoon

    French Spanish Skirmish

    Beautiful MOC! This really is a nice alternative to purely "pirate" scenes..
  7. fernlagoon

    Pirates Lagoon

    It looks great and clearly time well spent...not so sure I like the palm tree in the picture; doesn't look "LEGO" enough; however all in all a wonderful MOC, couldn't be better!
  8. fernlagoon

    A Treasure Cave.

    Absolutely amazing! I love the water technique used here and the different angle's used to take the shoots. Well done. I love pirates!
  9. fernlagoon

    Hut and Statue

    YES YES YES! More Islanders! This is like every other post on here now. I love it.
  10. fernlagoon

    MOC: French Station

    Absolutely a beautiful MOC. This must require great skill and ingenuity. Chip Chip Cheerio!!
  11. fernlagoon

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - Survey

    1 x Sawfish for 5 1 x Monkey for 3 1 x Turtle for 3 1 x Parrot for 1 1 x Parrot Shoulder Brace for 1 1 X Fish for 1 Arggghhhh!
  12. fernlagoon

    LEGO Pirates: Colonial Outpost

    I just want to open that front door and see whats inside of this outpost! It's a bit of a nostalgic thing because it takes me back to the days of the original LEGO Outpost....ahhhhhhhh....
  13. fernlagoon

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - Survey

    Totaling 14 points I would use: 1 x Alligator/Crocodile for 5 points 1 x monkey for 3 points (clearly) 1 x parrot for 1 point 1 x rat 1 point 1 x starfish 1 point 1 x turtle for 3 points I am 28 in the U.S.
  14. fernlagoon

    LEGO Pirates: Colonial Outpost

    This looks Bricktastic! 2 Thumbs up!!
  15. fernlagoon

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - FAQ

    Hi! Every time I go to submit my battle pack, Eurobricks says it cannot determine what thread/topic this goes too... any ideas?
  16. fernlagoon

    Jungle Adventure

    Yes congrats! Well done and well deserved! I LOVE the secret/hidding Islander on the side, I can only imagine how this story unfolds. Again, we are seeing more and more Islanders...I wonder if that has any meaning?
  17. fernlagoon

    Bad surprise for pirates... by Legacek

    I noticed someone posted that it seems like Islanders are making a comeback....YES!....It does look like that. Aw man, the nostalgia of Islanders fighting pirates fighting imperial guard fighting....well....anyone! Anyways, very very good use of foliage its almost as though you used a picture and went off of that, seems so real. Good job! Carry on sailors!!
  18. fernlagoon

    Polacca: the Beauty

    Are those custom sails?
  19. fernlagoon

    Polacca: the Beauty

    I seriously LOVE the pirates unfurling the sail from the top. I never thought of lining them up like that. Its actions like this that are so simple, yet seem to completely bring the scene alive! Chip Chip Cherrio!!
  20. I can't wait for the Conquisador and Pirate Captain to come out...I am stuck debating whether to A. Just buy them on ebay or some other secondary market, and likely spend 4 times the face value of each one to get them, or just buy 10 packages to start and hope at least one is one of the two....then just sell the others on ebay!!!
  21. fernlagoon

    2012 Pirates?

    I have actually heard rumors, maybe on one of these forums? That the Ninjago will have some sort of a sub-theme and it will be based around Pirates. This could not be until 2013 so don't hold your breathe. It is interesting since POTC started off so strong and there was so much publicity and marketing that I thought, oh man, it will be years before I see the "classic" pirates back...alast, it looks like POTC might be sinking rather quickly! haha. : ) The idea is that I see all these discounted sets around so it leads me to believe they are trying to off what they have before moving on. I think LEGO might be dabbling in different themes, who are we kidding? They are know that classic pirates does amazing so maybe they are trying 2 or 3 different sub themes to see how successful it would be. Do I think we will see classic pirates return in 2013? nah, but by 2014 or 2015? I would say so.
  22. fernlagoon

    Warrior Beauty

    Count me in!
  23. Ah the Carribean Clipper! Still manages to stay just out of my arm's reach. : ( Oh well, I need to be better at Ebaying...
  24. fernlagoon

    VIP Question

    I just looked to see if the Top 5 collection was still available and it is sold out! I called LEGO and she said she would get back to me (by email) if she could find any more lying around, so it never hurts to try!!
  25. fernlagoon

    Fortress in Caribbean by Brian Abildgaard

    By far this is one of the greatest MOC's I have ever seen. Props to you!!