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  1. LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    My thougths exactly. I just hope they put a clone with some markings or a special droid (New assasin droid with molded head anyone? Or a commando droid?) in it.
  2. City 2010

    I the new fire helicopter, finally one with a decent size and a "bucket". And the big plane parts it's made of seem to be 6-wide instead of 8-wide. The tank truck is very nice aswell, if that's the final release version, it's a definite must-buy for me. The new airport also looks nice, I might consider getting it to replace the 2006 airport which is currently placed in my city.
  3. Another reason I wish I had a cat...

    Thats a sad story, a friend of mine has had the exact same problem. I'm glad I have a cat. The only thing it ever does to my Lego is jump into the boxes of freshly aquirred sets, mosly while I'm still building them.
  4. Most Hated!

    I'd have to nomiate 7258 Wookie Attack for the worst set. The wookie figures are fine, but the tank droid colour scheme is horrible, especially those trans-orange disks on the side. The dwarf spider droid in that set is too blocky, I prefer the one from the 7670 set. The worst figure is definitly CW Anakin in my opinion. That face just creeps me out, I got used to the other CW faces but not his face. I'm glad I only own one.
  5. Anyone know the creator?

    He posted the name of his site with one of the other pictures. It's right here, Bryan.
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    No, they have confidential marks on them, therefore the pictures won't be posted in here. KimT could maybe post a link or a short update saying "Pictures already found for the sets *Insert the numbers here* ".
  7. Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    My favourites are as following: AT-AT by Sigpro Venator Star Destroyer by thire5 IG-88 Assasin Droid by Hopeso009 Cloud City by Kaitan AT-RT Walker by Lars Good luck to these amazing MOCs. Let's see how this will turn out.
  8. Tag Discussions

    I recently noticed Erdbeereis has a special flag which consist of a German and American half. Could someone explain me why he has this flag?
  9. Movie you liked but most people hated...

    I third that Sky Captain was a awesome movie. I also like the Super Mario Brothers movie. The one with real actors and absolutely no connection to the games. I'm not sure why exactly I do but I guess it's because I like trash movies or B-movies in general.
  10. post apoco car moc

    You're right, it reduces itself. But honestly 3648 x 2736 is not an appropiate picture size, members who have a slower internet connection will have to wait a long time to load this page. Perhaps you should take a look at the tutorial index and then you should resize the picture, I'd suggest the size 800 x 600 or smaller.
  11. Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    Sounds promising. Perhaps some kind of a little helicopter. I just hope we will also see something like the 4980 Tunnel Transport in the Power Miners theme. But that's just wishfull thinking.
  12. 2010 themes and sets?

    Ahem...*Cough* Old news *Cough* And that Ben 10 will be Bionicle style is a conclusion made by some members because of the announcement of the line which said it "would add a new twist to LEGO building". (Or something along that line... )
  13. You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    You know you are a fan of LEGO when... ...you kick a Megabloks fan into a bottomless pit, yelling: "This is LEGO!" ...you get nightmares from looking at clone brand sets. ...your only fear is the return of Galidor.
  14. Warner Brothers planning CGI/live action LEGO film

    Well, this is the third topic on the LEGO movie. Perhaps you search the forums next time before you post a topic, the one in the "Culture & Multimedia section" is even in the "Today's Active Topic" list. And honestly you don't present any new information here. I guess a mod will soon merge this with the other topic.
  15. MOC: Coast Guard helicopter

    You're not supposed to use other topics to promote your own MOC, danim. Anyway, back to topic. That's a great helicopter you build there Ralph. I like it's proportions and the smooth shape. The color scheme works very well and I especially love the fact that you've included many play features like TLC would do it. Do you have any plans to build more Coast Guard related MOCs? A patrol boat, perhaps?