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  1. i just built the Lego version of this set last week. Was watching Clone Wars again from the start and decided to see if I had the parts from my spares to build it. To my surprise I had most and got it built. It's a cool ship, but just lacks all the inner details which led me to this MOC page as I was curious if anyone had just modded the Lego version's interior a bit.... I just wanted some interior and a boarding ramp, lol, Seeing your MOC was an awesome site to see!! Cant wait to see it finished
  2. just got the DJ minifigure polybag at toysrus - my son got it thru the birthday club card they mail out each year. gave him a balloon, crown, and... surprise! a DJ polybag. i was like holy crap!!!
  3. I saw this fighter being flown by Sabine on season 4 of rebels and wanted to make it. Color scheme is similar but a little off since I didn't have all the correct pieces I needed. i put this in the wrong section...hope a mod can move it to Star Wars...:/