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  1. Captainmorgan

    Finalising the [Brick]Haven Guard - Orange or Dark Orange?

    Personally, I think we should have 1500s style uniforms, like the one on the right of this picture:However, if more modernized uniforms are preferred: The second picture has an orange-yellow type colour, the only problem being the introduction of another colour.
  2. I really am starting to think this is a joke. Search up "Eurobricks" what happens? Exactly, it shows a link to this page and the description mentions Eurobricks. If this was true, it would have a link to "AmeriBricks".
  3. If there is not a sight called UniBricks or BricksUniversal, take a name like that. Eurobricks (forever and always will it be in my heart) has people from all around the globe, so to be fair... Call it... LandthatdoesnotexistonanotherplanetwheretherearenolifeformsandnointernetBricks.
  4. Captainmorgan

    2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    Well you wouldn't believe it. My Chinook Centre LEGO Store has the Lone Ranger sets already! I thought the U.S. ones would be first but I guess not. To be honest I cannot wait to pick some up.
  5. Captainmorgan

    Legends of Chima future tribes ideas.

    Number 16 should be badgers 'cause they don't care. Overall, there should not be a "good" and "bad" category, the consumers should have the choice to decide who is on who's side. Although you have the freedom to do this already, I just wanted to say it. Maybe each wave could be a different tribe? Then LEGO would be more flexible in making more tribes.
  6. Captainmorgan

    LOTR Beneficial to Pirates?

    As some of you may know, a while ago pictures were posted of the summer 2013 LEGO sets. LOTR has a pirate or Corsair ship. If you have seen or see the pictures, do you want this set and what will you use it for? I will be getting it. (Image from the video game)
  7. With the Jacobite Bluecoats

  8. Captainmorgan

    2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    In my oponion, I think it would be pretty cool if they did the original show sets.(Won't happen)Anyways, I'm truly ecxited for this theme... just not the licensed price.
  9. Captainmorgan

    Jungle Adventure

    Yes some more renaissance/exploration MOCs! I think everything about deserves first place.
  10. Captainmorgan

    Hut and Statue

    Yay! An Islander MOC! I think you were very creative with this. I love the statue. Just be sure next time to move MOCs to the MOC Forum, for admin's sake.
  11. Captainmorgan

    Le Fourageux, French third-rate ship of the line, minifig scale!

    My golden rule is...a destroyed ship is the start of a new navy. I really can't wait to see it done with any improvements you're making. I am really sorry about the tradegy, but isn't it what LEGO is for?
  12. Captainmorgan


    The all red colour stands out quite a bit. Is this a realistic ship? Try adding a stripe (Black would be spanish) or changing the colour altogether. It is a well done ship I must add.
  13. Captainmorgan

    USS Constitution-ish type MOC

    I actually think this is really good if it's your first try. What is with the colours of the flags? Is it a French ship?(I know it isn't) The only thing I would change is the cabin, it stands too far out. One more thing I just thought of - change the bow of the ship so it is in rounded alignment with the bow piece it looks to flat. Also try and give it a bit more of a rounded shape. Two more things I just thought of- change the bow so it is a bit more rounded - looks too flat. Also, if you can, give the ship more of a rounded shape. I hope you take these into consideration and maybe you can change the ship to your liking!
  14. Captainmorgan

    Questions and Concerns for TLG

    I am just wondering if this happened or is happening to someone ordering something. So on the 7th of June I ordered a bunch of pieces from LEGO Pck a Brick, The week after, I received my free Mini Sopwith Camel, and a email saying my order was dispatched from Strykow, Poland, on the 18th. So I waited another week- No order! I turned to the order tracking devices online and they all said: Shipment Tendered 18/6/12. It is now the first of July(Canada Day!) and no more information about the package is in sight. Maybe LEGO might be busy with orders this month, or something else. Has this happened to you this time of year or is it just LEGO, me, and Pick a Brick?
  15. Captainmorgan

    MOC: The Black Pearl

    This is exactly why I love your MOCs, they are full of details but keep the LEGO fell. It is amazing how smooth it all is. Good use of binoculars and ray guns.