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  1. Legoland theme?

    Hey, maybe theyll eventually make disney parks or universal studios sets (im pretty sure they could if they wanted to) and then i'll be able to make the ultimate jokerland.
  2. Legoland theme?

    Does anyone else want a theme based on the Legoland locations and related areas?(not based on Lego's first theme)
  3. Some ideas for CMFs

    It would be funny if she had the opposite problem "FEAR M-WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME, PUT ME DOWN"
  4. Some ideas for CMFs

    Oh, i think i get it now
  5. Wasteland ranger Gender: female Torso: underclothes with a nametag "Reilland", leather combat armor to go over in a similar style too the S7 Galaxy patrol Legs: modern leather armor Facial expressions: Determined but smirking, Relaxed but frowning Headgear: Dusty blond hair in a similar style to alice's, Spiky football helmet Accessory: GPS Tracker (2x1 tile), New laser pistol piece Undead doctor Gender: male Torso: ripped doctor's coat Facial expression: focused, his head is red and burned looking Headgear: none Accessory: New spool piece, New needle piece Colors guy Gender: male Torso: paint splattered apron Facial expression: Helpful grin Headgear: Any hair Accessory: Paint sample cards
  6. Sorry, i'll start "I LOVE BACON" guy Gender: male Torso: "I HEART BACON" apron Legs: jeans in a bacon color scheme Facial expression: hungry grin Headgear: Bacon fedora Accessory: New frying pan piece with sculpted bacon Rugged loner Gender: male Torso: brown jacket Legs: blue grey jeans with knife in pocket printing on one leg Facial expression: determined, slight stubble Headgear: Dark brown stick up hair Accessories: 2X2 piece with "Survivalist's journal" printed on, Unique machete piece, Dark brown bandana Nostalgia cook Gender: female Torso: green sweater Legs: Black sweatpants Facial expression: slight wrinkles (like someone in their late 40s), slight grin Headgear: dirty black shoulder-length hair Accessories: Plate, Pancakes, New piece: pot with macaroni Town drunk Gender: male Torso: beer belly with ripped grey shirt Legs: tan shorts with a spill on them Facial expression: "Im just here too get drunk!" Headgear: Reverse mohawk Accessory: Beer keg, liquor bottle
  7. Town drunk, Wasteland ranger, Undead doctor
  8. Some ideas for CMFs

    didn't you already make an ocean warrior? or is this referencing the roman knock-off of poseidon? Also you should make a fancy penguin since you already have a farmer pig...
  9. Some ideas for CMFs

    Thanks eggyslav
  10. Nostalgia cook
  11. Some ideas for CMFs

    Oh, ok
  12. Some ideas for CMFs

    Characters that still need bios: Lacrosse player Equestrian Lion suit guy Pajama girl Pinata suit guy Doll Ventriloquist White chess pawn Movie director
  13. "I LOVE BACON" Guy, just, all kinds of yes right there. And maybe a rugged loner (based on my oc so lego f you use this idea, contact me)
  14. Nekomimi Gender: female Torso & leg print: cat suit Facial expression: ;3 Tail piece Headgear: new long hair piece with cat ears (cuz the ones we got are ugly 70s through 80s hairdo) Accessories: New Oversized-cat paw pieces that clip onto the hands of a minifigure
  15. Some ideas for CMFs

    Well, seeing as how there founder was a ruthless opportunist who took credit for what other people had done... Steamboat willie actually wasn't the first modern animation, look up alexander fleischer for that