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  1. Ok so as far as I can work out, that leaves us with 1 exclusive 25th anniversary figure we don’t know about yet?
  2. Batman1

    Batman (DC Superheroes) 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Very very very happy we’re getting something for a batcave 🤩 This is an extremely exciting wave and I’m so glad Lego finally decided to visit BTAS, definitely one of my favourite series of all time! I wonder if this wave will be a test to see how it sells and we could see more BTAS sets in the future or this is something as a one off for 2024.
  3. This honestly sounds so so disappointing :/
  4. Seeing Jedi Bob’s starfighter really makes me think this is all a joke. Otherwise this will certainly be one of the worst ever waves for LSW for me.
  5. I feel at this stage, some of the clues are wrong. A figure this obscure would be of almost no value to collectors and certainly not for kids so I think something is off here.
  6. Actually it has been changed, you can see the body mould is new. Slightly thinner and new details on the body. I think it looks a lot better. im intrigued to know if it’s open at the back like before or potentially sealed closed.
  7. This is a really good point, I’d forgotten it was this specific. Then if it’s a clone wars character I’m leaning towards, Wat Tambor, a new Jedi or a specific clone i.e. a clone commando. I’m excited to see the build for the Barc speeder! Hopefully it’s somewhat scaled down and massable. Crazy to think we are getting the clone/droids battle pack in around 7 weeks and we still don’t have pictures and more details on what the droids will look like!
  8. I could also easily see Talzin being one of the anniversary figures. Maybe it’s also related to the Father, Son, Daughter trio.
  9. Haha I can never tell if it’s just a post or a clue 😂 Well, the only reference I can think of is a song by Kansas. I’m stumped!
  10. It’s kinda unclear what the issue is the with the Z-95 and Temple rumours. It seems like it could be just the figures that are incorrect? I guess in a few days we should have some clarity or Falconfan/Renown will jump in and clarify what is actually coming. It seems so early to have these leaks when we still don’t have images of sets coming in January!
  11. I’m so ready to be teased by Renown again I’ll be very sad if the jedi temple set isn’t real, but it did sound way too good to be true!
  12. I can now die happy! FINALLY lego is releasing a jedi temple!
  13. I wondered the same thing 😔 I really enjoy the clues and trying to guess what could be coming next as the information drips through. On the topic of MBS, I think Hogwarts and Rivendell have solidified the concept of location based sets from fantasy themes being very popular, even if there aren’t two opposing factions. I hope this will finally open the door to more location based sets like the Geonosis Arena and Jedi Temple, Theed etc
  14. That does seem strange i agree. But maybe it’s not avoid front loading the figs in the year. i can’t really remember how it was before, but my recollection is, the sets were from 1 wave, but at that time there was simply the winter and summer wave? Hopefully we see some Jedi and ST characters, or at least that these are all figures we never got before. The comment about one figure being controversial makes me think wither Jar Jar or Rey as these two characters often upset some fans.