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  1. Will the battlepacks stay at around 20$\€ even with the price increases?
  2. Do you think we might see some sets based off the new TV series, Tales of the Jedi?
  3. I am very open to seeing some more pictures, but from the one image we have - wow this looks really objectively bad
  4. Looks like the summer sets are leaking! The star fighter looks really great and finally a Taun we!! This set looks like great value for money!
  5. Which droid are you referring to from the trailer?
  6. Well there’s actually a lot more detail as he describes everything he saw in the photos but all of the new clones are using this new helmet and the clone gunner is the one from the fighter tank with Aayla and not a 212th airborn. All he said is it’s been updated so that makes me think new printing and not a new helmet mould. He also said the interior has seating places and a computer type thing but it was hard to be clear. The other detail I was very happy to hear is that 75331 is not a rumour from his normal source and he is very sceptical about it! Very glad it’s not confirmed to be the UCS razor crest as this is honestly said, something I do not want at all. I think another razor crest is just not needed at this point especially after the great model they already put out and definitely not for 530€… I hope this set still ends up being a master builders of any scene from the movies, it would be great as people speculated to get an Endor or Geonosis set. Pretty much any of these would be a day 1 purchase and worth the very high price tag!
  7. Interesting video out from Promobricks talking about the sets and also some further details/info where you can read between the lines!
  8. Very interesting wave!! it’s a very mixed bag and I’m very excited for the AT-TE, the Kenobi sets and the new Jedi star fighter! (Finally a kaminoan!) The only strange disappointment is the Justifier. Great to finally get omega but strange there are no Kaminoans included. I’m very interested to see pictures as it just sounds insanely overpriced right now! Will keep my opinions until I see the final set as maybe it will make more sense then!
  9. This figure almost never gets mentioned now, but I would really love to see a new Magna guard! The redesign of Grievous was such a great upgrade, it would be fantastic to get an equally great magna guard with a little more ability to pose than the clone wars version. I very much enjoyed the version that appeared in the new Lego Star Wars game. Perhaps the summer AT-TE could be a good opportunity to include this?
  10. Definitely seems like no news is coming… As was previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time Promobricks has posted a countdown, teasing information and then we’ve got nothing
  11. I would love this to be true, but I think this was just a rumour as the other rumoured sets spread by this person turned out to be untrue. If we do end up getting a Episode 2 wave of sets as part of the summer wave, I think this 50$ set will be some type of Droid vehicle.
  12. Alright, here are my new guesses. 75303: $529.99: Geonosis Arena: a half wall with some very small stands and the tower with the viewing box for the CIS leaders. 3 poles in the middle of the arena. 3 opening gates along the wall of the arena with space for the beasts. Small cart. Small tower along the arena wall. 4 beasts, mix of brick built with moulds for the head and legs. 30 Minifigs: 5x Geonosian Battle Droid, 2x Super Battle Droids, C-3PO (battle droid body), 4 Geonosians, Count Dooku, Jango Fett, Nute Gunray, Poggle the Lesser, Rune Haako (New!), Boba fett, Anikan, Obi wan, Padme, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto (New!), Plo Koon (New!), Shaak Ti (New!), Luminara Unduli, Bultar Swan (New!), Coleman Trebor, Eeth Koth (New!), Stass Allie 75323: $159.99: Cad Bane’s Justifier: large ship with interior, jail cell, back section folds into attack mode, flick fire missles. 6 Minifigs: Cad Bane (New!), Omega (New!), Todo (New!), Kaminoan, Hunter, Fenic 75333: $29:99: Jedi Starfighter: new Jedi starfighter with astromech head and cockpit, similar design to previous models. 2 Minifigs: Obi Wan, Taun We. 75334: $49.99: Homing Spider Droid: New homing spider droid, similar build to past models. 4 Minifigs: Clone Trooper Lieutenant, Shaak Ti (New!), Super battle droid, Geonosian Battle Droid commander 75336: $99.99: AT-TE: New AT-TE similar build to previous, including dwarf spider droid and small speeder. Small interior inside with chairs and screens. 6 minifigs: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Pablo-Jill (New!), Clone Sergeant, Clone trooper, 2x Super Battle Droid 75337: $139.99: Republic Gunship: new republic gunship with similar design to previous gunship. Can fit the command center build into front section. Includes 2 brick built Droidekas. 9 Minifigs: Yoda, Sora Bulq (New!), Seasee Tiin, 2x Clone Pilot (New), 2x Clone Trooper, 2x Geonosian Battle Droids.  75338: $69.99: Inquisitors Ship: Dark imperial Ship from concept art. 4 minifigs: Inquisitor, Obi wan, 2x Stormtrooper
  13. Yes and it would make a lot of sense this wave too! Interesting as well that he has seen this set and not the others.
  14. I think he did confirm we are getting an AT-TE, it just wasn’t clear which set the AT-TE was. You’re probably right about the 50$ set. It seems just like the information from Promobricks, it’s relatively safe to guess there will be a Gunship and some sort of droid set to complete the lineup. I am still most interested to know, what the 530$ set will be this year. It seems like Promobricks might have more information than they’re currently revealing and it’s very interesting they seem to think the 530$ is a geonosis arena. Although it’s something I would love to see, it seems unexpected from Lego at this point. But who knows, I also wouldn’t have predicted an 800$ AT-AT!
  15. Are the other summer sets due to release in June? It seems strange we have official pics of the N-1 but still don’t even know the other sets coming in June?