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  1. [pid][/pid] 241C Dear Mateys, I'd like to show this little creation to you guys. It's called "Mother Nature", a statue of a mother taking care of her Baby... The birds symbolize the Kahukan way of living with nature ^^ Enjoy!
  2. Bjornu

    Long time no see mateys

    Dear Mateys, It has been a while since I posted any MOCs on Classic-pirates. Alot happened in the past months and thats why I had to pay my attention on other stuff. Last week I found my little "Bjornu" minifigure at the attic, I felt a little tear dropping. From all the good times I had here on the forums, that little minifig made me happy again after so much struggles. Tough this time I have to return without my number one supporter and fan. In these months my girlfriend left for good and well, with that alot of other stuff happened after... Well, that day at the attic made me realise I still have a lot of supporters left here at I'm returning with full sails to check the forums again. And for all of you guys, I'd like to thank all of you for the warm feelings that you guys gave me back in the days. I still appreciate it so much that you guys supported me with building these great MOC's. Good to see you guys again ! Greetz Bjornu
  3. Bjornu

    WIP: Carrack

    Lovely build! Everything is in the right proportions !
  4. Bjornu

    Kahuka Temple

    Good to see some Islander MOC's ! The baseplate fits really well in this scenery
  5. Bjornu

    Merchant Barquentine

    Great usage of the Red hull! I like the color scheme on this vessel Greetz Bjornu
  6. Bjornu


    I tried to make a 3deck ship once but it looked too bulky so I stopped the whole project. If you go for 3 decks make sure the sides looks round " ) " and not straight " | " A Straight side make the ship look like some large box with cannons sticking out I hope my tip was usefull ;) greetz Bjornu
  7. Bjornu

    Tear in the Sand

    TLC should do a Pirate/Adventures line, good idea They should take this MOC as an Example! Greetz Bjornu
  8. Bjornu

    Tear in the Sand

    I really like the hole where the rope goes trough! + the Eye decoration in the back is definately a great one! Greetz Bjornu
  9. Bjornu

    [Flickr Find ]Pointe Pescade Lighthouse

    Lovely Lighthouse! Altough the Balcony supports look a bit weird under there. I would have gone for a square look instead of the rounded part greetz Bjornu
  10. Bjornu

    WIP: Matterhorn

    Great colorsheme you used! Well done. Greetz Bjornu
  11. Bjornu

    [WIP] Desmond's Revenge

    Definately a good start. How about 3 guns in the middle one in the back or maybe 2 but with some room between them. You could also place the window of the stern a bit more towards the back and create some space for the gunport I stated above. ;) Good luck with the ship! Greetz Bjornu
  12. Bjornu

    [WIP] HMS Baratang

    Lovely ketch Horry! Wich side is it going to bomb ? I hope you're not going to bomb Kahuka's villages! Greetz Bjornu
  13. Bjornu

    MOD: 5 Modded sets in giant pirate island hideout

    Picture 2 Is Lovely !!! I really like that set, even the SURP looks good on it there!
  14. Bjornu

    Hovel of the Bride

    Thanks Sebeus! Well, it could have been built a little higher indeed. Tough I already broke it down already. Im planning to build a larger Islander MOC soon! greetz Bjornu
  15. Bjornu

    Hovel of the Bride

    [pid][/pid]221D Well hello everyone, Back from a little break I came back with a small Islander MOC After I saw Mariko's hut and statue I decided I wanted to build something similar. In mind I kept the idea Islanders just stack stones and wood and cover it up with leaves. I didn't use SNOT techniques but neither I stacked them right on each other. Well then a little story about the Hovel: King kahuka came up with a hunt to find a match for his daugther. Kahuka launched a hunt, the man that comes back with the largest Eatable animal would win the hand of his daugther. Here a small picture of some hunters coming back from the hunt, too bad with Nearly empty hands.... (Notice the Axe King kahuka has, the blade is made of Solid magma) I hope you guys like this little Hovel. Greetz Bjornu