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Found 30 results

  1. Samarth

    [MOC] King Kahuka's Cargo Cult

    30 years after the disappearance of the Black Seas Barracuda, the pirates aboard this fabled vessel were rediscovered, stranded and shipwrecked at an atoll in the distant sea. But what became of these pirates' equally notorious rivals, King Kahuka and his islanders? Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, forgotten by civilization, the King and his tribesmen founded a new religion, following a cataclysmic event. This newly established Cargo Cult saw the King discard the totems of his old gods, and he now commanded his followers to embrace a new faith. After many laborious months, this Shrine was constructed, overlooking a once natural ravine. This holy place has now acquired deep religious significance for Kahuka and his tribe... IMG_20200524_131249_1 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20200524_130524 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20200524_130334 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr The remains of the pilot and the unceremoniously discarded old totem wait for the ocean to reclaim them... IMG_20200524_125645 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr The King poses proudly with his newly constructed totem... IMG_20200524_130241 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr As always, PRAISE THE CARGO... but only if its MISB. IMG_20200524_130126_1 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr ------------------- The idea for this MOC came from wanting to use the parts from the supposedly rare Emirates airplane promotional set in a MOC. I am fond of how it thematically mirrors the Pirates of Barracuda Bay; while that set is pirates, this one is Islanders, and that set represents a wrecked ship while this MOC involves a wrecked plane. Hope you all like it and please comment if you do!
  2. pantelis

    [MOC] Islanders Hideout

    Hi again , ome more creation for me its my Islander Hideout , i was never have an islander set for true but always love the minifigs , the colors and the baseplates from their sets. I try with some parts from the minifigs that i buy from Bricklink and some minifigs that i customized to make my Islanders!! The story of this Moc inspired me from my last moc with the barracuda island..." The islanders go to pirate bay and make some deal with their treasure but the pirates cheat them...For revenge they take with them one pirate and now the pirates go to Islanders Hideout and pay to get them back!!!
  3. The following creations were built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Lego Racers computer game. Pieces new and old have come together to form these newly revised versions of the 8 boss cars. Please enjoy! 1) Captain Redbeard As you can see, Captain Redbeard's new ride uses the microbuild of his ship from set #40290 as a base for this off-road beast of a racer. But it still retains the large exhausts and rear mounted pirate flag from his original car. The sails make this the tallest vehicle in the collection so far. .
  4. soccerkid6

    Tribal Island

    More pictures can be found here. Thanks for looking
  5. Dear King Kahuna, bravest of the island (where Astrapi is located)! On behalf of the most serene, fabulous, modest, richest, kindest... blah blah blah... (that's what King Kahuna was listening by now)... we are here to make a statement! We know that you know someone who actually knows where the elusive Artifact of Zeus is hidden! So be a good boy, play nice and do tell us where the &#@$%^ artifact is! We do need it to blackmail our Zeus brothers for some nefarious purposes but that is of no concern to you... So what do you say? The meeting II The meeting V Chief of the Village (People) And the full build, Full view
  6. The Lost Tomb, is one of my latest creations. Our adventurer, Indiana Jones, descovers the lost tomb of the Islanders' King. I hope you like my creation, and I am open for your comments! Take a close look at the video that follows; by George Patelis, on Flickr The Lost Tomb is Revealed by George Patelis, on Flickr You can find more photos at my Flickr Account
  7. Contrary to the lies Eslandolans are spreading to the Old world (probably to hinder our advance and occupation of these new lands), Oleanders aren't "savages". Well not the kind of savages that murder native population... After the initial unrest caused by the landing of our benevolent troops, which forced the natives into hiding, things calmed down. Hugo even took an (armored, you never know) bodyguard and visited a local village. Careful at first, the natives quickly opened up and they even offered a tour around the village showing the various aspects of their living. Hugo's mind filled with new stuff he never imagined possible. The thing that impressed him the most, was the way locals foraged some huge banana growing palm trees. They used trained monkeys tied with a rope that did all the hard work for them by climbing up the trees and bringing banana fruits to their handlers. Life had never been easier! Voila some natives in action. Once again forgive my photographing environment (my old trusted glass table on the balcony), since i haven't created a photo-booth with a white background yet. But these straw kind-of-fence, does the trick by transporting us to more exotic places, doesn't it? Close up
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    [CH1 A] Making the grey one red

    The islanders of the new territories (discovered by brave Eslandolian sailors) are quite industrious. Their key profession is parrot-painting (one way to make a living as an islander...) As it stands, all parrots on the island are actually born with grey plumage. Only dedicated care and craftsmenship allow for the wonderful colours that we are so fond of. The work is usually performed by all family members with the mother starting the first red coating, the children adding more colour, before the father will be applying the final touches, using several colours, depending on bird type. By the way, the other key profession on the island is monkey-statue-making. But that is a different story. A decently skilled family can produce up to twenty parrots per day. You can find more pictures on flickr.
  9. Staslegomaster


    Kahuka-21 As LEGO fans may know, islanders were 21 years old in 2015 (a pirates sub-theme 1994). And I'm 31. To celebrate that I represent my village of tee-pees with idol-robots from other planets whom native Americans worshiped as gods. You can see tee-pees with golden decorations, a magic defence circle and tombs of ancient chefs. Besides, LEGO group made a cool New Year present for me - this creation was accepted on the 31 of December as my 3d project in LEGO ideas. So please support and maybe you will play with it next year. The MOC is based on my previous MOC Attacking Kahuka's Village. This is a link to the main image. additional ones will be uploaded in LEGO ideas in updates to illustrate some details. Happy 2016!!!
  10. Hello All, I have exhibited at Legoworld in the Netherlands this year with a landscape based on the first pirates series. The landscape is 7 meters long and 1.25 wide. I created this landscape with my brother and it took ,roughly said, 5 months to built. We wanted a bigger landscape, but we did not have that many blue baseplates. The landscape contains a small town with a wall around it. There is a small harbor and a bit of countryside. Behind the wall is a big sea with several Islands of the Imperial soldier. There is one big island with Islanders. The island contains a volcano, several waterfalls and cottages of the Islanders. Across the sea is a fortress of the Imperial Armada. In the end corners of the landscape are several pirate hideouts and a city of gold (Eldorado?). Here is the link to the pictures. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=560054 Questions and comments/feedback are welcome. Sincerely, Sander
  11. <p>The pirate endured a terrific storm last night, in which their ship was dashed against the rocks. Many died, but quite a few swam to shore and the first mate is the last to make it off the boat. He briefly wonders what has happened to the crew (and why the rat is staying on the boat remains, surely they are the first to abandon ship?) but all these thoughts are pushed from his mind when he spots the islanders. Beautiful ladies with big smiles and that grinning chap seems alright too, friendly, ahhh he's saved.... IsleOfJewelsCloseUp, on Flickr First mate wades to shore, greeted by friendly locals ShipwreckedWithFriendlyNatives, on Flickr But all is not as it seems on this beautiful island, sure the islanders are the happiest people you will meet, but maybe its because they are preparing for the big feast of roasted pirate... char-grilled and slow roasted over the lava flow provided by the angry Volcano God. RoastPirates, on Flickr The brains are the best bit so its good to remove them from the body and eat them while they are fresh and if you don't keep up with the latest fashion in hairpieces you don't get to come to the feast so its important to get the first pick of the new bones! Brains and Bone Fashion[/url, on Flickr And most importantly of all sacrifices must be made to the mighty Volcano God to keep him happy. Many pirates are beheaded and thrown into his fiery crator (the Islanders keep the brains though). Volcanic Sacrifice, on Flickr Hope you like my entry of Happy Islanders at work! IsleOfJewelsVolcano, on Flickr
  12. Commander Beltar

    PTV 2015 Small: Islander Chopping Board!

    Come one, come all! To the Islander Feast Preparation Day! But beware! If you are not one of us, or a lonely castaway, run, run, swim, and swim as fast as you can! Or else, you’ll find yourself on our Chopping Board! ======================================================== These Unlucky Souls got lost after some soldiers had sunk their ship. Although they’ve been at sea for a couple days. They still have enough meat for us! They’ll be tasty! “BACK I SAY, BACK! You will taste just fine. Now wait your turn!”-Translated From Islander to English. Look at their faces! Lovely! They taste the best when they die scared! Ooo! Lovely! That’ll be a good portion of our meal tomorrow! “Hear the cries of that poor soul! HEAR THEM!” Our great leader watches the coast scanning for more meat while his bride dries off a Leaf Skirt Look at the fear! Look at the blood! Welcome to your fate, the Chopping Board! =============================================================================== Yes, I did try to make this sound like an insane person…I have lots of experience with that back at AG… Text in the post isn't all that good...I almost completely forgot the deadline was tomorrow! Always, hope you liked this build for PTV! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  13. Where is this poor but hardworking merchant heading?? Small merchant ship (no flash) by Spy Tha, on Flickr This is but a sneak peak of my first smallish uploadable MOC. I will upload better photos of the whole creation tomorrow.
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] The Feast of the Monkey

    Every year around midsummer the islanders of the happy island of Cascara are celebrating the "Feast of the Monkey": The dancing usually lasts five to six hours... ... by then the monkey statues are utterly exhausted... ... and need a rest... (I've tried a new water technique but it does not come out in the pictures... The stuff in the background is an attempt at "forced perspective palm trees") More and large pics here. C&C welcome.
  15. Phew! Finished this in time because my partner for Cat B didn’t have time to finish it so he gave it to me to finish. Comparison photos between the builds will be in the 2nd post. I also was so glad when it was 275 parts because I forgot that it had to be under 700. And onto the build, review style! SSSS- Octopus Asteroid Outpost No one knows when this set was release, but it seems to be a variation of set PPPP half way down this post. The set doesn't have any play features, but let’s get to it. Set: SSSS Name: Octopus Asteroid Outpost Theme: LEGO System / Pirates / Islanders/Space Year: Unknown Pieces: 275 Minifigs: 3 + Octopus Price: $29.99 About .10 cents per part, not a bad price. There is no box known to exist. Overview of the set: This pic just shows everything that the set includes. Minifigs: I have to say, I love the castaways bubble helmet and the male Asteroider. The female Asteroider is very odd to me but I guess Lego I didn't have a good enough head for her. And the octopus: Just a normal ‘space’ octopus. Nothing special here. Castaways Vehicle: I really like the design for this, it appears to be a crowsnest from a larger spacecraft, and it runs on fuel, so he will probably run out of that fast… Asteroid Ship: Really reminds me of the Asteroider Trading Catamaran that Lego I produced. And also resembles the boat in the 2nd post in a spacey way. The set without anything extra. The Final Tally Design: 9/10 Great design overall, but lacks the playablity of a normal set. Parts: 9/10 Most parts are very usefull, but they are still a bit basic. Minifigs: 8/10 Two Asteroiders, one of which, is great, while the female one’s face is a little weird. The pirate is probably my favorite minifig from this set, I just really like him. And the special space octopus…very enjoyable. Playability: 9/10 Still fun to play with, even with no actual features. It can entertain you longer than you think! Overall: 35/40 Overall, a great set! Definitely worth buying building! More Pictures: =================================================================================================================================== PPPP- Octopus Island Outpost No one knows when this set was release, but it seems to be a variation of set SSSS in the 1st post. The set doesn’t have any play features, but let’s get to it. Set: PPPP Name: Octopus Island Outpost Theme: LEGO System / Pirates / Islanders/ Year: Unkown Pieces: 204 Minifigs: 3 + Octopus Price: $24:99 About .12 cents per part, more than the other one! Still pretty good though... There is no box known to exist. Overview: Overview of the set with everything according to what I would think the box art looks like. Minifigs: I really like these minifigs, just for the classic pirates vibe they give. Though, there appears to be a CMF in it making it appear to be a very recent set… + The ‘special normal’ octopus… Castaway's Vessel: It’s a pretty average castaway crows nest, but still it’s a great part of the set. Islanders Boat: Overview of the boat. It really looks like the Enchanted Island boat, but it still has its differences. The Final Tally Design: 9/10 Great design overall, but lacks the playablity of a normal set. Parts: 9/10 Most parts are very useful, but they are still a bit basic. Minifigs: 8/10 Two Islanders, both of them are great! Really remind me of the old sets. The pirate is your average castaway pirate, nothing too special. + The special normal octopus…! Playability: 9/10 Still fun to play with, even with no actual features. It can entertain you longer than you think! Overall: 44/50 Overall, a great set! Definitely worth buying building! Comparison Pictures: Islander statue has 'ears' because the helmet has ears, but on the Asteroid helmet, the helmet doesn't have ears, and that's why the statue doesn't have 'ears' either. More Pics: I will add one more pic of both builds together tomorrow! C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  16. Here is the crew of the infamous pirate Commander Greckan, along with some The notorious Commander is seen above alongside three of his crew members, from right to left: - His treacherous first mate Evalirus, from the Enocloran species - Commander Greckan himself - The brainless muscle Bloog, from the manufactured Bloog species - And lastly, Steve. Here is one of the unending hive mind policing the universe, protecting innocents against the likes of these space pirates: the Cyberimperial Guard. This is unit #32 of the space sector which these pirates primarily pillage from. To conclude, here is an example of what is known as an islander throughout the universe, simply because of language roots on Earth. The 'islander' tribes which still exist were some of the first humans to pass the boundaries of their galaxy (nearly three millennia ago in the 1980's), but, unable to return to or contact their homeworld they soon devolved into what they are today. * * * Thanks for viewing :-) I'm pretty happy with these minifigures, and the stories I've written up for them. Theme mixing contests are always fun.
  17. Jreacher

    MOC treasure island

    This is my latest MOC for my Pirates theme. I wanted a decent size island for the pirates. It has a simple skull rock, treasure and lots of green. I did my best to simulate a beach with jungle background. Untitled by jreacher2003, on Flickr Untitled by jreacher2003, on Flickr Untitled by jreacher2003, on Flickr Untitled by jreacher2003, on Flickr Flickr
  18. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Saturday Afternoon Pirate Beach

    (Update November 15th) Aloha! as Kabel is missing a decent pirate beach, here's an update: Some of my friends are having cake on the beach: And something that happened to Emmet seems to be happening to Kurigan: Have a nice weekend! - - - orginal post - - - - - - orginal post - - -- - - orginal post - - -- - - orginal post - - -- - - orginal post - - -- - - orginal post - - -- - - orginal post - - -- - - orginal post - - - Ahoy, following my aim to keep the forum alive and active, here's another post which allows me to roughly keep up with my recent posting frequency of 1 MOC per week. Coming out of an experiment of how to create a decent beach design, the beach suddenly found itself crowded - somehow looking interesting. So, here it is, for all you other island builders: The "Saturday Afternoon Pirate Beach": It's not the best day for Emmet: .. but luckily it was just a joke: :pir-grin: Other beings enjoy the beach and the fruit it brings: ... but LOTR-guys definitely have a hard time on PIRATE BEACH: Enjoy, and have a nice weekend, and I would be happy to read your comments. AND KEEP POSTING PIRATE MOCS!!!
  19. dr_spock

    MOCpages find: Black Rock Tribe

    [pid][/pid] 240A brick to form posted a Black Rock Tribe display over on MOCpages. Hmm, what are those islanders and pirates up to? More images on MOCpages: [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  20. sweetsha

    Beware the Tikis !

    [pid][/pid]238A Hi everyone, Let me share with you my latest MOC, mainly created to highlight my favorite CMF from last serie - the Tiki warrior ! Legends mentioned a lost island with big red diamonds everywhere, but our brave pirates should have imagined that each treasure has its guardian ... Overall : Details : Pretty happy with the final result, it was interesting to try to break the symmetry of studs lines with the little rock structure and the bridge. I also tried to depict funny scenes with our unlucky pirates that cannot succeed in every adventure with a complicated runaway ^^ Comments & critics are welcome
  21. absolutelylez

    Volcano, Islander Island

    [pid][/pid]237A Hi guys, here's a little "classic Lego" style creation for you. No snotting here !! Enjoy
  22. Sebeus I

    Kahuka Temple

    [pid][/pid]234C You might have seen this temple before in my first entry of the TOR III (the dramatic sculpture incident). I heavely relied on a raised baseplate for the temple architecture, overall it's a pretty simple creation. Some people really don't like the use of raised baseplates, burps and lurps while I think they're perfect when you don't have a lot of parts to spare, like I do, I'm currently in some sort of crisis, an old/new Gray crisis, I have too few of either to build something of decent size and I hate to combine them . The stone kahuka head was simply copied from the official Islander sets. Commander RedHat and other redcoats will remember this place . The Dramatic Sculpture. Attack! (this picture didn't make it to the final comic, had to make a selection to qualify for the 10 panel limit.) More pictures in my Brickshelf Gallery.
  23. [pid][/pid] So here is my Comic. A bit late, but better late then never. I had not much time because I was staing in Hamburg for New Year and was back home 03.01. I hope you enjoy it even it is not perfect. A Bloody Help .
  24. [pid][/pid] Here is my entry Please excuse for poor image quality. Enjoy!