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  1. In my Landy it was due to the placement of the 4 u-joints. I don't mean the alignment as mentioned in the video that's posted a few times(you should probably do that as well if you haven't), but just pushing them back and forth on the axles a bit to get them in place.
  2. Oh Wow, that red version is something else.
  3. DutchChris

    Pimp my landy

    Hope so, I much prefer the overall shape of that version.
  4. Congratulations on the cars and the model. As soon as Hammond stepped inside and showed what it could do, I was sold on it. Great job, I hope they do well.
  5. DutchChris

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    That green looks less offensive in their pictures. I hadn't expected that of the three big sets coming out 2h 2019, this would be the only one to get me excited. It looks like a proper Technic set with all kinds of interesting stuff to figure out.
  6. DutchChris

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Are those wheels 1/8th scale? I kind of like the look of the model, but I'm not sold on the colour.
  7. Wow, this thing looks stunning. Guess it's time to behead some shockabsorbers soon
  8. That looks amazing. I really like that switch at the back and how sturdy the doors look even when opened. Chapeau.
  9. DutchChris

    2019 Mclaren Indy 500 IndyCar Model

    You seem to have set 42056. Part 18944 might be a good fit for the sides. Looks promising, following this thread with interest.
  10. DutchChris


    The downside of the solution mentioned is that it fixes the wheels together which makes the model very hard to steer. I've used the following solution which allows just enough room for the wheels to move individually which will let it steer normally. The short bush is used on the outside and allows placing the wheelhub.
  11. DutchChris

    [TC12] Fire Ant - One-minute pitch

    Here's my version, built from an earlier model. It's a cool little car. Maybe you can submit the different versions people are making as an ant colony
  12. DutchChris

    [TC12] Fire Ant - One-minute pitch

    If you throw some off-road tires on it, you'd have a wicked Dune buggy.
  13. DutchChris

    Scale Modelling Forum needs your input!

    This is one of those questions that seem simple and get more complicated the longer you think about it. To me, the small Porches are definitely scale models, while the small models posted by @Didumos69 are definitely not. I think it comes down to whether I need to make a mental check if it's actually Lego or not. Or, worded differently, is it a model which happens to be made with Lego, or is it Lego made into a cool model. (Does the model transcend the medium or not.) Perhaps a tagging system could be applied, something that mentions scale and maybe whether it's a vehicle or a building for instance.
  14. Amazon.co.uk has it for 145 Euro, Shipping to Turkey will probably hurt though.
  15. DutchChris

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    There's really not much difference between sets when it comes to the pullback series. The one thing of note is that they are released in couples which will make a third model when combined. You can't go wrong here.