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  1. I’m in please, for the whole event. With a plus 1-my friend Steve. Accommodation being sorted :)
  2. Ooh, hopefully one day I will come along to a Eurobricks event . Yeah there was definitely no beer in the build room Yay, I'm so glad people are positive about it. There are a few bitter people in the AFOL community who didn't get through the audition; but there are some very supportive ones too. Me and Steve would quite like to try and recreate our Pirate theme park, it was good fun. Give it a go hehe I'm sure they would love a second series, it just depends how well it did for channel 4 I guess. I would definitely recommend people auditioning
  3. Thank you guys for the support! I was so upset when Jessica and Faolan left, I'm still upset now. All of their builds were truly amazing. Quote this Bill Bailey has always been a favourite of mine too, I was so pleased to meet him! The mini builds challenge was so difficult. Especially when we didn't know we were only getting 15 minutes. But I think it would be a brilliant competition to try at home or a LUG meeting. The response from the non-AFOL community has been great. The show has been really popular and has been trending on twitter every Thursday too! Wow thank you guys! Matthew was amazing!
  4. So both, what is it like to watch after the fact? Any winces or gasps, face palm moments or "Dangit, I could have done that better." It is a little awkward seeing yourself on TV, especially as we see it at the same time as the rest of the country. There was so much not shown in the programme... plenty of moments where models broke and we had to try and fix them. A few moments, in hindsight, that we could've done better. To be honest, I don't think I could've prepared for the challenges as I don't have nearly as many bricks as we had in the build room, my MOCs are a lot smaller at home.
  5. It was crazy, the build room was amazing-and yet so far out of your comfort zone too. 14 hours sounds like ages, but realistically I can spend weeks on a MOC at home. The amount of bricks we were given was brilliant, but as JanetVanD said, very difficult to find what you wanted. The production team sorted the bricks, but brick sorting is a very individual thing. I agree with Janet, the friendship between teams was definitely a highlight of the programme!
  6. Hi all My name is Nate Dias, from Nottinghamshire, UK. I came out of my dark ages around ten years ago, whilst at university. Since then I have been collecting and MOCing whenever I can. After visiting a few shows I was persuaded to join a LUG (Brickshire) and that really started my AFOL life. Since then I have exhibited my MOCs at lots of different shows around the UK, and I am now a LAN Ambassador for Northern Brickworks RLUG. More recently I have been a contestant on a TV show here in the UK called 'LEGO MASTERS', I don't know how many of you will have heard of it though? I enjoy collecting Creator, City, and Marvel Superheroes sets, as well as making my own MOCs too. I'm really excited to get to know you all and to become a part of this fantastic community. Thanks Nate