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    [MOC] Tesla-mech

    This looks very great. How did you you do the joints that connect the leg to the body?
  2. Laithe

    Dragon Lands: Mythic Machines

    Yo I definitely agree that these sets are awesome you can't beat a good dragon. Plus you do a lot of smart things with your builds.
  3. Laithe

    Shuttle (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

    Got Mass Effect: Andromeda and it is pretty interesting. Kinda buggy but fun. The Set looks great though and I wondered if you have thought about doing some of the other shuttles. Also as far as the lines on the circular plates I think you might be able to get a similar affect if you use four of the 1/4 circular 1x1 tiles (
  4. Laithe

    [MOC] Steampunk Flyer

    I like it a lot. Although that screen just makes me cringe a little bit but other the pieces you used for the front nozzle work really well.
  5. Laithe

    [MOC] LL351 Conquest - Interstellar Explorer

    I like all of the details. There are some really cool part usage. Plus the thrusters are just insane.
  6. Laithe

    Hello it's me

    Hello everyone! My name is Jack and I'm a new member. I finally decided to stop being an anonymous guest of this site and actually sign up. I love Lego and although I don't have much of a physical collection I do use LDD a lot. I also play a lot of video games, watch a ton of anime and do other typical nerd things.