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    Working Rudder Design

    I really appreciate the help. You went above and beyond. When I get it all together I will post it

    Working Rudder Design

    Yes, I saw that video. but my main question wasn't answered in this video. If that is an unaltered Lego ships wheel, how is that gear attached to it?

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Given that the Lego Movie 2 plot line seems to be apocalyptic in nature, I could see a "Cyper punk" themed ship coming out of that movie. That may be a little too close to the Steam Punk theme of the original Sea Cow though. I think that would be awesome though.

    Working Rudder Design

    Hi all, I'm interested in ideas that anyone has used to make a working rudder. Im looking for a gearing solution starting from the ships wheel and finishing on the rudder. (not a "Skull's eye Schooner" type solution). My main hangup is the fact the the lego ships wheel just has a pin and not an axle so I don't know how to make that turn a gear. Thanks in advance.
  5. Somebody please explain to me the draw of keeping things NISB. If I buy something, I want to build it. What is the motivation and enjoyment of collecting sealed boxes?

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    We did... It was called the Skull's Eye Schooner

    Favorite Space Line?

    I had every single Blacktron 2, Space Police 2, and Ice Planet 2002 set, (and still do). But I also had the Mission commander (6986) from Space Police 1. This was the set of all sets from my childhood until now. Has always been and will always be my favorite set. so even though it was the only set from the theme I ever had, I say Space police 1. consequently it came with a Blacktron 1 figure which was the only one of those I had too. I love the Blacktron 2 sets for nostalgia, but always wished had more original Blacktron figures. 1) Space Police 1 2) Ice planet 2002 3) Blacktron 2 (with Blacktron 1 figures) 4) Space police 2 (would be further up the list if it came with a base like EVERY other theme at the time) 5) Galaxy squad 6) Space police 3

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    So I've been following for a while but I've never posted... I wasn't sure how I felt about this theme... I love space and I love castle, and this is neither. But it's like space meets castle with like a steam punk twist (or space punk). Anyway I'm starting to completely love everything about it. so does anybody think there's a chance of getting a Merlok 2.0 figure in complete trans-orange?