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  1. I've updated the models, fixed the "neck system" (was a bit tricky and someone disliked it), and replaced the pics with the new ones.
    now, whith this new "neck system" you can use all the helmet you prefer, without collision problems

  2. 2 hours ago, MKJoshA said:

    Such a fantastic design and build! Looks like it could be an official set. And I'd buy it :thumbup:

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation!!

    1 hour ago, WoodwardBricks said:

    Great design! Am I right in guessing it’s inspired by the millenium falcon?

    the inspiration comes from a ship of a videogame (Everspace), but i wanted to make it with a StarWars-taste... for that, I figured it was the Corellian Engineering Corporation who built it, using the YT-series cockpit and the wings/mandibles design proper of the corellian designs

  3. This is my entry for the M4-23 Contest: the Eta-5 Hybrid "WarHawk" Starfighter:


    During the Great Jedi Purge, the Empire developed some new ship designs and upgraded some old ones, as the Darth Vader's Eta-2 Actis Intrceptor, or the Alpha-3 Nimbus-class starfighter, before reaching the "perfection" with the Tie-series.
    One of thoose prototype was the Eta-5 Hybrid Starfighter, codename "WarHakw", manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. This long range starfighter is basically an high-powered Hyperspace engine with a cockpit and a wing-sytem inspired by the previous Eta-2 class. The result was this hybrid ship, with a good agility in battle and the advantage of being self-contained and therefore perfect for solitary Jedi hunt.


    Provided with an astromech housing and a cargo-bay, the WarHawk allows to be a multi-purpose ship.





    I hope you like my work, all comments, suggestion and criticism are appreciated.
    Wish everyone good luck!

    P.S.: this entry is a digital one, but the ship is fully buildable and tested in real life. and sorry for my bad english (if someone has suggestion to improve my description for a better comprehension, don't hesitate to tell me)

  4. 5 hours ago, carpandean said:

    Even though I wasn't particularly happy about the choice of new ship for "Mando" -- not an issue with the N-1 design itself, which I actually like, just a bad replacement for the Razorcrest -- your MOC design is great!

    thanks a lot for you appreciation!
    all feedbacks mean a lot for me

  5. 9 minutes ago, misterbuk said:

    Hi Rustindiel. It really was not meant as a complaint, I always expect to be doing some tweaking at some point when building other people's MOCs. The main culprit was the black bar 4L which simply would not slide into the grey technic pin 3L after it had been placed in the pulley wheel. I worked my way around this using a combination of light sabre hilts and technic rods and by rearranging the distance between the pulley wheels. 

    Happy to send you some photos of my efforts.

    As I said, my view is that there will always be some workarounds when building MOCs - part of the fun. I'm just aware that some people like a heads-up before attempting it themselves - no criticism meant, it is a superb build

    i rally appreciate all the feedbacks, because i prefer to give perfect instructions (and with 3d software something can be done in wrong)

    so, in absolute peace, if you can show me the problem (an your fix if you want) i really thank you because with your help i can fix my instructions for all who own them

  6. 11 hours ago, misterbuk said:

    Ok, I finished the modified version of this. If you are thinking of attempting it yourself, I'd say be prepared to modify the engines - some pieces are simply not going to fit together. Other than that, it is a lovely build and a lot more stable than Inthert's original royal version. 

    sadly the Studio software has some weird collision...

    sorry for the mistakes, but if you had written to me (here, or on flickr, or on rebrickable)... i would have worked to resolve the problem, updating the instructions (the same i've done with the Royal version, thanks to @Hold0511 for his feedbacks)...

    anyway, tell me what parts dont fit together, what steps are incottect... and i'll make my best to fix them all

  7. 7 minutes ago, Guyinaplaguemask said:

    Why is the back section so bulbous, it doesn't look like an N1, is it for a prisoner?

    because it is a different ship... not a "N1", but a "NX", a similar ship used as "police patrol" and as "training ship" for the future N1-pilots...
    that bulbous section is an engine, in the other pics on my flickr you can see a rear view of the ship

  8. hi all, this is another Naboo ship. The NX Police Cruiser, an atmospheric starship that looks similar to the N1-Starfighter. it appears in the N64 game "Star Wars Episode I: Battle For Naboo"


    My initial inspiration/approach was from the awesome work of Inthert (, and I've mantained a couple of details of the original model. I've recreated all the internal structure and the external shape to obtain my personal model, keeping in mind to build a sturdy set that can be displayed (the instructions contain a simple and effective stand solution) but also can be played.
    The final model can fit inside a minifigure with the helmet (minifigure is not included into the part lists, you can choose your favourite one by catalog).

    more pics (i'll add some others) on my Flickr:

    and instructions avaiable on Rebrickable:

    i hope you like it (i really like any suggestions and criticisms)

  9. 10 minutes ago, Henchmen4Hire said:

    Do you build the outside or the inside of the ships first?

    When I make 8-wide cars, I usually make the "shell" of the car first, then I fill the inside of the model with as many details and strength as I can. I don't know if the same can be done for spaceships? Maybe it helps to build the shell in sections then attach it to an internal frame or something?

    hi, thanks for your question (i'm not a "super designer" but if you asked that, maybe yu appreciate my work... and this means a lot for me)

    anyway, depending on a lot of things (for my designing process, not all got the same approach):

    if in the early designing phase i know to want a particular detail, i place it in the position, and than i create che others things (interior and exterior) around it...
    if i know a part of the model is hard to be build, i start with the internal structure (for be sure to obtain solid anchorage points)...
    if i need a particular shape, i make a lot of building tests to reach the final shape structure, than i use those techniques to design the ship...
    so, finished the protoype model, i deassemble all for optimize the build, checking the errors (sometimes some things done in a 3d software can't be done in real life), and i repeat this phase many time... changing little things, or redesigning the entire model...

    by the way, i use different approach for any model (because any creation is a new challenge for me), creating a spaceship, or a house, a diorama or a car...

    the real suggest i can give to you is the knowledge of existing parts and existing colors... like the kid who knows his lego bricks inside the "toy container"... is a good start point for your creativity to say "hey, that thing can be done with that part? maybe yes, let's try"...

    and the most important thing: HAVE FUN

    hope that was helpful

    On 3/16/2022 at 11:41 PM, Wolfpackfan99 said:

    Congratulations on making it to the front page! :classic:

    thanks a lot, that is a beautiful surprise

  10. 2 hours ago, Hold0511 said:

    Just bought - BL wanted list in progress, just need to work on the store carts now to reduce the number of orders and P&P

    i really appreciate you decided tu purchase my instructions!
    if you will find some errors (i think to have checked all right), don't hesitate to contact me.

    please, when built, post some pics if you can...

    Thanks a lot for your support! 

  11. On 3/14/2022 at 2:53 PM, elfprince13 said:

    Looks great! I really appreciate that you can see how the one would convert to the other!

    Thanks a lot, i'm working on another things to integrate in this project

    15 hours ago, MAVERICK26 said:

    Excellent work - this is going on my build list.

    thanks for your appreciation!

    5 hours ago, Hold0511 said:

    Both great looking ships, having done a Mando N1 I think I'll be adding this Royal N1 to the collection next.  

    i'm really glad you like them!

    and for all, if you want build them subtaining my work, on rebrickable there are the instructions to purchase (links on first post)

  12. hi all,
    finally i've finished my two versions of the N1-Starfighter, the Royal one and the Mando's modified.



    My initial inspiration/approach was from the awesome work of Inthert (, and I've mantained a couple of details of the original model. I've recreated all the internal structure and the external shape to obtain my personal model, keeping in mind to build a sturdy set that can be displayed (the instructions contain a simple and effective stand solution) but also can be played.
    The final model can fit inside a minifigure (with the helmet) and the modified version can fit the Grogu minifigure too (Studio doesn't have the Grogu head, so i've recreated in a tricky style :laugh:).

    A big thanks to Universe Sandbox (, the "sky background" of my image is created with that awesome software!
    more pics (i'll add some others) on my Flickr:
    and instructions avaiable on Rebrickable:
    i hope you like them (i really like any suggestions and criticisms)

  13. 1 hour ago, LDigital said:

    Fantastic. If I hadn’t already built a version 2 days ago I would have a hard time passing in this one. How stable is it?

    thanks for your appreciation!

    i haven't built it in real life for now, but the structure is solid and stable.
    maybe a couple of little detail on surface are weak, but it is playable

  14. hi all, i've worked a lot on this because i love this ship and tried to make my best on it



    more pics (i'll add some others) on my Flickr:
    and instructions avaiable on Rebrickable:

    i hope you like it (i really like any suggestions and criticisms)


    P.S.: we need Grogu head in Studio, i've tried to "recreate" it in a funny way :laugh:

  15. 6 hours ago, MayItBe said:

    Look for royalty free images in google, or just google 'free space/cosmos view'.
    You don't need to care about licenses really, because you can use someone else work for your own needs. Problem is if you want to sell it, or use commercially in other ways.
    If you want cool background for photos I suggest looking through Hubble's Telescope collection - some really cool shots are out there.

    is right that the problem... if i want sell my model, using one background imagefor the "model preview"... that is a "commercial use"

  16. 47 minutes ago, Kage Goomba said:

    Not that I'm an expert...but if I had to give my 2 cents.

    Frankly I don't think people really care.

    The only time its an issue is if you KNOW it belongs to someone else - the simplest thing to do is to ask for permission...minimum - give credit where credit is due.

    Generally if you do that much - no ones going to lift a finger.

    Its a very large grey area to be honest.

    properly because it's a gray area, i want to find a "secure solution"... than if i find a particular image to use, on deviantart or artstation, i'll ask the permission to the creator (making the credit if needed)... but if i can find a free way, it generates less stress

  17. 9 hours ago, Cody Startale said:

    For personal activity, I usually don't bother too much and will use and edit whatever Google Image Search provides and suits my needs; but if you want to be on the safer side considering licensing, as I do with anything work-related, I use which is a large library of image assets that are free license or creative commons, most of them can also be used commercially without any hassle. It's mostly photography, so you will probably not find too many results for stuff like alien planets, but if you know your way around in Photoshop a bit, you can alter existing images just fine to suit your needs.

    thanks a lot for your help!
    yes, for my personal activity, i use google image too... but for example, if i want to sell one instruction on rebrickable, if i want make a cool picture with my model and a background, i think i must use a license-free images

  18. hi to all,
    i'm not expert about image licensening... so, i'm asking here:

    where i can find "free license" images to use as background for my Lego Star Wars photoshopping?

    for example a "planet view" for one in-flight ship, or a landscape for a minifigs battle

  19. LDD , for me, is the best: easy to use, working perfectly (in the most cases) with the flexing/rotating parts...
    and with the awesome work of the community, updating the part list with new models, and with the usefull help of @M2m i can continue to use that old, but awesome software! for me has a lot of potential (better graphic, incorporated render system), but until the interface and the usability will not change (becoming easy as LDD), i continue to dislike it.


    i dont know if the following thing is possible or not...
    but, if Lego would share a freeware license of LDD, maybe the community would update and share more easly the custom versions...

  20. 2 hours ago, LDigital said:

    Loving this but the Photo instructions on rebrickable are a bit weird For me. Im not sure I can follow 

    Please Dm me too, I’d like to build this

    thanks, i'm glad you like my work!

    my version is more different than the original one (not mine) on rebrickable, only the shape and proportion are similar... but i've redesigned all the inside structure and upgraded the details...

    anyway, i've sent to you a DM