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  1. TwistedDreams

    Bag building

    Yes and I wont lie to you, There is always some funny Sh1t that goes on in forums. Ah this is too classic. -TD
  2. TwistedDreams

    Bag building

    Lmfao. That was probably the best reading-spent time ever. Very nice. -TD X-D
  3. TwistedDreams

    I need help with a possiblity....

    ^How is that illegal? All the same dude, you shouldn't get bummed about 1 sick and messed email. I have an SBC Global address so my spam filter catches about 99% of spam. And I get about 150 messages a day of pure spam *wacko* . You just shouldn't open emails like that, now that you have I can see why you wanted to catch the s.o.b but all the same... -TD
  4. TwistedDreams

    Call me red

    Nice To see you! Can we have a link too your site? -TD
  5. TwistedDreams

    Heavy frigate : design in progress

    Hey, I have LDD, but there aren't any cannons! Are you going to make custom cannons? -TD
  6. TwistedDreams

    POTC Chess

    ^All my old skeletons stand up :/ Very nice chess set. Id rather have consistant pons, but there still cool "(unfortunately, I don't know how to play chess pir_wacko.gif )" wtf!?!?!? how could you not know how to play chess? its a classic! -TD
  7. TwistedDreams

    Pirates of the Seventh Sea!

    ^now that I've seen that I might do something like that. But that would a TON of work. But that is a good idea. -TD
  8. TwistedDreams

    Le Bonheur

    I've seen it, and WOW. That is absolutly incredible. The cross sections are so cool. They would be massive if built! Very nice work. -TD
  9. TwistedDreams

    LIBRARY: Sails

    We need scans of the flags. or at least I do *sweet* lol -TD
  10. TwistedDreams

    Pirates of the Seventh Sea!

    ^the opera idea scares me a bit, and a musical number isn't what I'm going for :( . But thank you for the idea's! -TD
  11. TwistedDreams

    Pirates of the Seventh Sea!

    I'm using all of the songs from the PotC movie. -TD
  12. TwistedDreams

    Prince Egbert's Pleasure Yacht

    haha, The figure head surely is unique! however I'm not a big fan of lego created animals and things. But I absolutly LOVE the paws. those makes it very cool. Not one cannon? YES, my Aurora can take on one of the big boys! *sweet* *y*
  13. TwistedDreams

    The Aurora

    "Did you not do so because you had insufficient pieces?" yeah... But this ship is going into a whole new direction :) ... Just you guys wait. -TD
  14. TwistedDreams

    Happy Fourth of July!

    I'm going to a big Fourth party at my cousins house in Palmdale, CA. If anybody knows where that is, it's supposed to be over 105. but hey, thats what they invented the pool and kool-aid for, right? -TD
  15. TwistedDreams

    Pirates of the Seventh Sea!

    I know you guys are all on the edges of your seats to wait to hear about what I'm going to do next for this movie *double thumbs up AND a wink*. But right now I'm almost ready to put on my first lot of LEGOs that I'm going to sell, get my second and third ships, and prepare the island scene. so... not much going on, but I will show you my ships when they're done, along with the Island. -TD