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  1. Same. I think this set is a harsh reminder that Lego is still a children's toy
  2. It's even worse than I thought. What a horrendous fail for Jurassic Park fans. No need to sugar coat it
  3. Well said. As a standalone, that's a good build. The majority of the fans wanted classic dinos and more scenes, rightfully so. They seem kind of tone deaf with a lot of their ideas. Oh well. Maybe we'll get some more classic sets from the Netflix showing coming out or the 3rd Jurassic World movie
  4. Not as bad as I thought but it's just... weird. Keep the main gate but give us an exclusive painted molded T-Rex, a gate the rex can break thru with a goat, a smaller dilophosaurus with Nedry and a couple jeeps. Actually just the fact they kept out a jeep makes this set a fail for me
  5. Yeah, that was one set that was incredible through and through. But I don't remember anything from it being hyped up as much as this, or say, Cloud City for example. Might just be me
  6. If it's just the gate and brickbuilt T-rex taking up all the pieces, that would be such a letdown. I'll wait to pass judgment on it before I see it, but I can't remember the last time a big set like this came out that actually lived up to the hype
  7. I have a feeling it'll "leak" tomorrow or Friday
  8. this one should be a doozy!!
  9. literally same. Should be any day now!! *refreshes #legoleaks*
  10. Sweet! I think we're all waiting for D2C news, however. :)
  11. My one minimum requirement for this set is that they use the old JP logo on the box..
  12. That could depend on how long they have the license for. Like others alluded to, this will most likely be a large one and done set as it's based off an old movie and they want to sell JW stuff. It's nostalgic, and it already caters towards the AFOL market being an expensive d2c. Why not go all out?
  13. An "Attack on Hoth" style set would be a dream.. Brachiosaurus with Sattler, Hammond, and Grant. Nedry with Dilophosaurus and explorer. Gate breakout with T-rex, goat, explorer, Malcolm and the kids. Then maybe the front gate. This is extreme wishful thinking but I think a day 1 buy for so many
  14. If the D2C is the Visitors Center and includes the T-Rex skeleton maybe it will help promote it
  15. This sub theme makes the most sense for them.. they still get the dinos out and they don't have to pay the same licensing fees for using sets directly correlated to the movies. Their main market wouldn't be the older nostalgic fans of the original movie. Rather the kids. They're not totally ignoring them, though. Hence why they're releasing a D2C