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  1. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I'm probably considered middle class and the only way I'm putting $800 down is if the set mows my lawn too. (Or if its a UCS Cantina or D2C X-men mansion)
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    The only part about the wave that seems like mostly speculation is the CMF series. Would be awesome to have but out of all the HP rumors it has the least amount of info suggesting that we're getting them. The 5 sets and Hogwarts have all been but confirmed.
  3. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    no complaints on the price here! As a fan that got into collecting maybe a month or two after the previous HP series retired, I'll take what I can get. :)
  4. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I see it now, thanks. Between this year and next Lego is going off with it's D2C
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

  6. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I enjoyed reading. Do you write? Anyways, agreed on Lego clearing us out if they do another Lego line. I'm in the minority here but while I don't think the movies are all that great, the world of HP fascinates me and I still go back on forth on pulling the trigger for the latest series from 2012. New sets would be day 1 buy for me.
  7. Status on X-Men, Fantastic 4

    Asked this on a different board but figured I'd ask in here too. Anyone know if we'll be seeing X-Men or Fantastic 4 sets given the license agreement with Marvel and Fox? Glad to see they at least did the latest mighty micro set with Wolverine and Magneto, so that gives me hope that not all is lost. Also see the potential for Mr. Fantastic's arms in set 76076.
  8. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Really strange how the events of this set unfolded. Especially since we got the pic of the calendar the other day sans sharks, and everyone had accepted a world without zombie sharks. We can all rest easy now, by the great beard of Zeus himself we've all been blessed
  9. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Could very well be a case of the sharks getting scrapped last minute because someone thought they weren't kid friendly enough. That could explain why the reveal seemed rushed and we still don't have an official box photo (as well as limited official photos) The leaked images show a shark with exposed ribs and muscles showing by the eyes. That and an animal overall decaying. Now we have plenty of people zombies but you know how sensitive PETA can be. Just my 2c.
  10. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Not sure what the rules are on this site, but I can post a link to brickshows article if it's "allowed"
  11. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Just something I noticed, if you go to brickshows website they have an image of the Chinese ad that was released. It seems to be of better quality on that site for some reason. You can see a resemblance in the bow of the ship like it's decaying just like the Mary. I'd bet it has the play feature of raising the front of the ship and crashing down as seen in the trailer. I have no idea how they'll pull that off The Silent Mary makes too much sense especially with all the zombie-like pirates they can introduce. Lego knows that zombies sell. Definitely looking forward to those. Ahh the speculation is always so fun and usually more enjoyable than the actual set. I hope this one is an exception 🤔
  12. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I'm pumped for your man cause I know you were one of the few desperately hoping for a POTC line from previous posts. I'm in the same boat. Can't wait for a return to this awesome line