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  1. Another set of custom purist figs: Henry Wu (Jurassic Park), Robert Muldoon, Simon Masrani, Franklin Webb
  2. Thanks! That’s cool I’m glad you like him, I found that Poe Dameron expression to be very fitting for lost world Ian. Now for some more JP3 customs Paul Kirby, Eric Kirby, and Amanda Kirby. Cooper, Udesky, and Billy Brennan.
  3. Thanks a lot! Glad you like them. Here are some more purist figs: Lewis Dodgson, Donald Gennaro, M.B. Nash, and Jack the mercenary.
  4. I wanted to share some Jurassic custom minifigs I’ve made over the past year or so, using both purist methods and paint. I’ll start off with some Lost World figs: Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding Carter, Dieter Stark, Roland Tembo, and Ajay Sidhu
  5. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Based on the past I’m making these assumptions -$30 got us the 2015 dilo set, Styggy set, and the 2020 juniors raptor set. All three have a raptor sized dino and two figures, so I think it’s safe to expect the trend to continue. I don’t expect a new species here, those that are rumored to be in dominion will definitely be saved for 2022’s wave. -$40 brought the JP set, dilo outpost, and blue’s helicopter escape. 3-4 figures and another raptor sized dino, and since this is a juniors set I’m expecting nothing new here other than a recolor. -$50 got us raptor rampage in 2015, the gallimimus+pteranodon set, and the juniors rex set. This set is pretty unpredictable, one big dino or two smaller dinos? -The only $80 Jurassic set until now is the carnotaurus set. Its been 3 years since that set released and because of camp Cretaceous I’d guess a new Carno, hopefully it’d be red if it is. I just don’t see T. rex or indominus being reused this wave, and I doubt JP3 is getting an anniversary set. Not before the lost world, man.
  6. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Next year would be the best bet. I’ve said before that it’d be sorely missed if they didn’t make one of the most notable new creatures of the JW trilogy during its run.
  7. Thank you! I definitely had the JP pen in mind, and it helped the stygimoloch set was a bit influenced by it.
  8. I combined 75927 Stygimoloch Breakout and 75939 Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout into one big expanded MOC. It went from being a subterranean Lockwood Manor lab to one from Jurassic World, it just ended up more interesting this way as Camp Cretaceous came out for inspiration and lego released more small dinosaurs. The Observation Pen, where Wu keeps track of new versions or species of dinosaurs he clones. Interior of the pen, just some plants and a water bowl. Side view, Dilophosaurus aren’t jumpers or climbers so this will hold her. ACU Commander Austin inspects the pen. Now for the laboratory side. Baby ankylosaurus in the little incubator from the Lockwood Estate set. Robot arm remains the same, I like the way it’s built as it is except I raised it off the floor. Microscope designed by legotaku, little station where DNA gets extracted from amber, here it’s Stygimoloch. Syringes, blood samples, and a drill are kept in the drawers. Henry’s desk, where he works away on his private plans for the Indoraptor. Credit to @Guyon2002 for the wall of monitors, he built it first and I stole it. Work station with stickers from T. Rex tracker and Indominus Rex breakout sets. The young Dilophosaurus decides to scare the owner of the park himself. Thank you for looking!
  9. The baby raptor videos in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom were some of my favorite parts of the movie. Thankfully lego made Owen in his outfit from those scenes, and more importantly all of the raptor squad as babies. I started out knowing I wanted to use the grated floor and being interested in figuring out how to build the roof with plants and vines growing all over it. I tried to match the decor as best as I could, like the wall painted with trees, orange leaves strewn about, black rocks, food+water trough. “Did you get that?” Fulfilling my headcanon that it was Barry who recorded the videos. Camera design taken from balbo._ on instagram. Blue isn’t hungry, she’s curious Barry feeding Delta Echo jumping for the hanging toy. Back when I planned this build I didn’t think it’d even be possible to satisfyingly show this, the DC CMF piece proving useful once again. Cuddly Charlie They make the best of playtime until they become lethal at eight months old. Back view of the whole building. Used a whole lot of clip pieces for both the ladder and seaweed pieces. Top view of all the plants sitting over the roof. Thanks for looking!
  10. Another set I’d been modifying since I bought it back in 2018, set 75932: Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase. I wanted all three rooms to be expanded for as much movie accuracy as possible while staying within how connective the set originally was designed, so many elements were still kept intact. All the officially released Jurassic Park characters have a place in here. Obviously the control room was the priority for detail, and it was the first to get improved upon with the desk, computers and floor, eventually upgrading it to have a 16 x 16 plate. I tried to keep the tiling consistent. Control room really feels complete with the addition of the Ray Arnold’s computer screen stickers from 75936: Jurassic Park T. Rex Rampage. Better look at Nedry’s desk, designed by Brohammed on bricklink studio. All I changed around were the computer and lamp builds and I ended up getting a Simpsons soda piece. The door lock is no longer a play feature, just a 1 x 3 build made to look movie accurate yet the way it locks isn’t, and I replaced the railing. Kitchen section, in the movie I noticed the kitchen had brown tiling so I went with dark tan, and I had to incorporate the hanging silverware even if we don’t have lego ladles. Also Lex’s hair is dyed. Raptor point of view. A look at the pot rack, oven, and cabinet builds. Now is the cold storage area, where I was pretty proud of finding a good place for that stickered sign, looks much better than on the floor. I got rid of the whole chunk of build here and made it so everything was at ground level and I could just have it so a single step leads up to the higher embryo storage. The embryo container is another build designed by Brohammed, I just added a transparent cylinder at a friend’s suggestion. Overhead view of the entire thing. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CHMwKyVp3dr/?igshid=12nkmuht5x2nv Link to a video that rotates the entire set. Thanks for looking!
  11. vstat05

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    Thank you very much, glad you think it’s that good!
  12. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Relating to characters changing from movie to movie, I find that it made the most sense with Claire and Ian, they both begin to become the characters we see in Fallen kingdom and Lost World towards the end of JW and JP, with Claire’s change being an arc and Ian just getting justifiably bitter and angry. Alan Grant’s attitude toward the dinosaurs from JP1 to JP3 is what doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’d understand if he was just this way towards the raptors given the serial killer behavior from the Big One’s pack, which is why he has the dream, but then that’s the very species he gets fascinated by the most on sorna. He even talks with Ellie about how they confirm his paleontological theories, when he just gave a lecture in front of hundreds of people saying how Hammond’s dinosaurs are nothing but monsters...
  13. vstat05

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    Thank you! Yeah even I waited until someone else was selling this set for $70.
  14. vstat05

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    Couple of updates, a friend gave me the idea to buy a sticker sheet from 75931: Dilophosaurus outpost attack in order to use the map display for the touch screen table seen in the movie. And I gave Benjamin Lockwood a new hairpiece and a cane to match the one I made for John Hammond