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  1. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Relating to characters changing from movie to movie, I find that it made the most sense with Claire and Ian, they both begin to become the characters we see in Fallen kingdom and Lost World towards the end of JW and JP, with Claire’s change being an arc and Ian just getting justifiably bitter and angry. Alan Grant’s attitude toward the dinosaurs from JP1 to JP3 is what doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’d understand if he was just this way towards the raptors given the serial killer behavior from the Big One’s pack, which is why he has the dream, but then that’s the very species he gets fascinated by the most on sorna. He even talks with Ellie about how they confirm his paleontological theories, when he just gave a lecture in front of hundreds of people saying how Hammond’s dinosaurs are nothing but monsters...
  2. vstat05

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    Thank you! Yeah even I waited until someone else was selling this set for $70.
  3. vstat05

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    Couple of updates, a friend gave me the idea to buy a sticker sheet from 75931: Dilophosaurus outpost attack in order to use the map display for the touch screen table seen in the movie. And I gave Benjamin Lockwood a new hairpiece and a cane to match the one I made for John Hammond
  4. After buying a custom torso from eclipsegrafx to make Alan Grant in his Jurassic Park 3 outfit, I wanted to build a scene to display the figure. The brown Pteranodon from the old Dino theme is the only prehistoric creature lego made as of now that resembles a design from JP3, and so luckily the aviary is my favorite part of that movie. I immediately thought of building a section of the ramp with caging over it that attached to some big rock pieces I had, and ordering transparent black tiles and olive green stalks to complete the river below. Overhead view of the cage and how the Pteranodon sits on a transparent piece attached to the rocky hill. A better view of the transparent black water and the way the support beams are built. Thanks for looking!
  5. vstat05

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    There are plenty of 89 characters to make, Bruce, Alfred, Knox, Bob the Goon, Gordon, Harvey Dent even. I just feel like this one won’t include any figures as none of them are really fitting for a set solely with just the batwing. Batman and Joker would fit but obviously it’d take away from their exclusivity in the ucs set.
  6. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    @Bainter-ban I think it’s highly likely for at least one JP1 set given the return of the original cast, I’m sure they’d want to capitalize on the trio beyond their dominion appearances. Lego didn’t have licenses yet to either the Jeep and explorer at the time of the D2C’s development. I think they held off on JP1 stuff this year because they’re waiting for that to be sorted, or it already has been for all we know.
  7. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lucky for us JW’s para is pretty much the same design from lost world, and I doubt there’s any kind of way to give it a glow in the dark effect without making the effort, like say dual molding the plastic in yellow with stripes of GITD plastic, or printing glow in the dark stripes (which I don’t even know if it’s even possible or done before with lego). Point is it’s too much work that really doesn't seem worth it.
  8. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Either way new molds aren’t cheap and I doubt they’d ever let new dinosaurs be available in anything cheaper outside of normal sets, they’re the whole reason they get marked up.
  9. vstat05

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    Sorry for replying late but thank you! I’m happy that you like it and it’s great to hear your thoughts on the first picture
  10. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Stegosaurus I’d say is very likely because of the way the ankylosaurus is built. Out of pure speculation, I think Spinosaurus is likely in the dominion wave, and it’d be weird to me if they never made a Mosasaurus the entire time there were JW movies in theaters. After some criticism of 75936 a designer told us a visitor center set was never considered, and that they didn’t include an explorer with that set partly out of license issues. I’m guessing they’re trying to see how long they can succeed with this license without releasing those two vehicles, and they really can as long as they bring in new dinosaurs. There is a prototype of the 2015 dilophosaurus set that showed they considered a classic JP Jeep until they went with the blue and white one. I think the Indominus vs Ankylosaurus set is also a must have, its very much what an authentic Jurassic World set should look like.
  11. vstat05

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    Thank you very much! I don’t blame you, i knew the dimetrodon or the little exhibits would be the standouts Thanks a lot! I’m glad you think that, I was hoping for a kind of atmospheric feel to it
  12. For over a year I’ve been modifying set 75930: Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, and I’ve finally finished it up. I started by completely removing all of the lab parts in the set. I wanted the place to be more accurate to the movie and feel way more like a mansion. Maisie in front of the Agujaceratops skull. The exterior with masonry bricks, a few new windows, a new doorway, and slopes on the roof. While the movie has lion statues, classic baby T. Rex statues take their place here. “Ms. Dearing, you’re early!” Interior overview Lego’s goblets of plants by the entrance were accurately gold, but unfortunately the real pot piece isn’t available in gold as of now. The right and left sides now connect to other rooms on the bottom floor. Sir Benjamin and the Dimetrodon When the chameleon was made in teal was when I barely realized the piece could be used for a Dimetrodon. I wondered if the rubber mohawk piece could be bent into shape and placed on it without glue or such, but in the end I had to cheat by cutting off a bit of it and using some blu-tack to keep the two attached. Iris and the Velociraptor This diorama came first and is what pushed me to get a Dimetrodon for the other diorama somehow. For both it took some effort to use a stick to move and click them in place between the wall and glass panels. Different angles Lounge area, at least one person who lives here has to like tea. Maisie’s room and the Library I debated turning that whole third floor into either Maisie’s room or Mills’ office, but her room had the door and there were enough unique decor ideas that ended up being the telescope, a nightlight, and a green classic T. Rex as a toy. I’m pretty proud of how the center of the middle floor turned out. I used the brown and black furniture to try to cover up as much of the tan wall as possible. The glass vases of plants worked out great. There’s no other piece like that landscape tile so I was very happy that it exists, and it ended up being an unintentionally accurate decoration upon looking at set pictures from the movie’s production designer Andy Nicholson. The ship in a bottle isn't present in the movie but it’s a reference to how there are docks close to the estate. That table is supposed to be the one found in Mill’s office that electronically displayed Isla Nublar and profiles of different dinosaur species. I didn’t think there was any way to represent that, but some friends gave me the idea to use a sticker from the Dilophosaurus outpost set, so that will be something to use eventually. The Indoraptor may be too big, but Blue can somewhat fit through that door and look like she opened it. Mills’ Office Retained that idea of a table and umbrella holder and gave his space a computer with a sticker from 75917: Raptor Rampage. I'll probably replace that map with the one of Isla Nublar printed on it eventually. I used the portraits of Thomas and Martha Wayne from the 1960s Batman set for both hallways. It would’ve been great if they officially had one for John Hammond. The new transparent piece from the DC collectible minifigure series allowed for that ammonite fossil to be displayed accurately. A simple bust build and a drawer with explorer items on top. Just a look at how the hallways now connect the entire bottom floor together. Eli Mills, Sir Benjamin Lockwood, Iris Carroll, and Claire Dearing. Thanks for looking!
  13. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    As much as I’d really love some lost world sets, I think it’s the idea that there’ll be such a huge cast of characters that it’ll be unlikely Owen and Claire will be as abundant as they were in JWFK sets. Completely new variants of characters we’ve gotten before are pretty exciting, since outside of Owen, Claire, and Wu, we’ve only gotten some for Malcolm and Masrani. The Mitchell bros and Hoskins were more like remakes of their 2015 figures. If nothing else at least they’d (hopefully) be more opportunities for a variety of new flesh civilian faces and torsos. I doubt Owen is wearing a vest this time, Dodgson and Lowery would be new characters we’ve never had before, Barry hasn’t been seen since 2015, and new versions of Alan, Ellie, and Ian will be great to have.
  14. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Bandolier Owen isn’t even in the show, personally it reminds me of the way Kenner would outfit their JP characters. Gray shirt Owen is in the LoIN show, Bricktober version is from fallen kingdom during the baby raptor videos: https://jurassicvault.com/displayimage.php?pid=3537&fullsize=1