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  1. vstat05

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not at all 2023 news but it IS a 2023 friends hair piece being used for Kayla Watts. It’s so perfect
  2. I forgot to post these here: The last of the Lost World characters with Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr, Kelly Malcolm, and Robert Burke Modded Camp Cretaceous Gang Also one one more thing, I painted the young Dilophosaurus to be accurately colored, have larger eyes, and I even got the frill patterns to be almost perfectly symmetrical
  3. These two got updates, Dennis Nedry with a Newman head and Robert Muldoon with a Gar Saxon head.
  4. vstat05

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Either way I think this is a big waste of a set slot, as I already thought the first tumbler d2c was back then. Do we even have a fully leaked list of dc sets yet? It really feels like all we’re getting this year is the 66 batmobile and this. I suppose this tumbler could be in tan and brown and come with a better version of bane. Maybe a nolanverse scarecrow.
  5. Another set of custom purist figs: Henry Wu (Jurassic Park), Robert Muldoon, Simon Masrani, Franklin Webb
  6. Thanks! That’s cool I’m glad you like him, I found that Poe Dameron expression to be very fitting for lost world Ian. Now for some more JP3 customs Paul Kirby, Eric Kirby, and Amanda Kirby. Cooper, Udesky, and Billy Brennan.
  7. Thanks a lot! Glad you like them. Here are some more purist figs: Lewis Dodgson, Donald Gennaro, M.B. Nash, and Jack the mercenary.
  8. I wanted to share some Jurassic custom minifigs I’ve made over the past year or so, using both purist methods and paint. I’ll start off with some Lost World figs: Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding Carter, Dieter Stark, Roland Tembo, and Ajay Sidhu
  9. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Based on the past I’m making these assumptions -$30 got us the 2015 dilo set, Styggy set, and the 2020 juniors raptor set. All three have a raptor sized dino and two figures, so I think it’s safe to expect the trend to continue. I don’t expect a new species here, those that are rumored to be in dominion will definitely be saved for 2022’s wave. -$40 brought the JP set, dilo outpost, and blue’s helicopter escape. 3-4 figures and another raptor sized dino, and since this is a juniors set I’m expecting nothing new here other than a recolor. -$50 got us raptor rampage in 2015, the gallimimus+pteranodon set, and the juniors rex set. This set is pretty unpredictable, one big dino or two smaller dinos? -The only $80 Jurassic set until now is the carnotaurus set. Its been 3 years since that set released and because of camp Cretaceous I’d guess a new Carno, hopefully it’d be red if it is. I just don’t see T. rex or indominus being reused this wave, and I doubt JP3 is getting an anniversary set. Not before the lost world, man.
  10. vstat05

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Next year would be the best bet. I’ve said before that it’d be sorely missed if they didn’t make one of the most notable new creatures of the JW trilogy during its run.
  11. Thank you! I definitely had the JP pen in mind, and it helped the stygimoloch set was a bit influenced by it.