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  1. This is my top favorite set because in this set they have a new weapon is a pair of fists , and that is so cool , so hope you guys like it . Please comment and share this video to your friend to debate . Thank you !
  2. This is my newest lego set i bought and filmed yesterday and tried some vintage to my video . Hope you guys like it .
  3. My new speed build series , hope you guys like it !
  4. embephudon

    Lego stop motion - Faucet problem

    thank you !
  5. embephudon

    Lego minifigure series !

    This is my video about my minifigure , although i don't remember which series its belong ? So hope you enjoy it !
  6. BTW , about your question the lego is fake or real , well i have to say clear that in our country has 2 type lego : Fake ( from china ) and Real . I play both of them ,actually we don't have ANY fund to buy all real set but for collection purpose I'LL CHOOSE AND ALWAYS CHOOSE THE REAL ONE , AND WE ARE SAVING TO BUY A REAL SETS ( ALREADY HAVE 1 AND FILMING IT ) . And this set came from china , I add a real mini figure magneto for more fun in video =)) . And of course , in my channel , it'll have Real sets and Fake sets . thank you for commenting , i'll add the address of the product in description . Hope you keep watching us .
  7. This is my second video , this is a speed build with a small set so hope you like it ( secret is a marvel mini figure )
  8. embephudon

    Lego stop motion - Faucet problem

    oh thank you so much ! I'm shooting the new stop motion and this time is better than the last time !
  9. Our first lego stop motion video( 24 frames per second ) ,. hope you enjoy it and comment your opinion about our video
  10. embephudon

    Hello from Viet Nam

    thank you so much
  11. embephudon

    Hello from Viet Nam

    Like title , I'm newbie and wanna take a trip to lego land so it's nice to find this place and good to know and meet somebody have the same hobby as i am . So I have a small question : I'm about to do a project such as animation and want to show everyone ? Where section should i can post it ? Thank you for reading . Hope to get the answer form everyone !