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  1. xinbei

    Chinese Palace Lantern

    Thanks! The 2D patterns on the real lanterns are way more sophisticated than the Lego version. If I could double the size of the lantern, I will be able to present more details.
  2. I recently finished a LEGO Chinese Palace Lantern: It is based on the following styles of real palace lanterns: It is a relatively fragile model, so I am not able to hang it from the top. I instead use a rotational display stand to show different sides in a very slow rotational motion . Unfortunately, there are not enough types of clear plates and tiles for me to make the six sides clear and let the light out.More pictures of the other sides of the palace lantern could be seen here:
  3. The webapp is very nice and easy to use. Thank you for all the effort! I have a suggestion/question: the black bricks in the display mode do not work well with the black sketch contours. Would it be possible to change the colors of sketch contours of the black bricks to grey or light grey or white?
  4. xinbei

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    My recent pab cups from the LEGO stores in Bay Area:
  5. xinbei

    LEGO Friends' Theme Park (5): Teacups

    Fantastic design! Your daughter must be very happy
  6. xinbei

    MOC: Roller coaster

    Amazing! I also bought the LEGO compatible Roller Coaster Factory set, but haven't had time to figure it out... Just curious, would your build could hold a much heavier train?
  7. xinbei

    MOD: 7346 Seaside House Modular Building

    Wow that's really brilliant! Well done!
  8. xinbei

    [MOC] Karate Kid

    Neat! Very cute design!
  9. xinbei

    MOC: Modular Laundry

    The building is so beautiful
  10. Amazing work! I like these internal design details very much!
  11. xinbei

    Lady of the Lake

    The dress is a brilliant idea!
  12. xinbei

    MOC: Heartlake River

    Very nice landscape!