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  1. Maybe it's 75346. It's $35 and releasing in May?
  2. New set rumor, but also potential Mando season 3 spoiler:
  3. Is anybody watching the Promobricks/Brickery livestream? They're talking about the UCS Razorcrest minifigs, but I can't understand them since I don't speak German 😅
  4. Yes, the relentless sentiment does exist, but it's largely on social media and not on this forum. As I said, we're in an echo chamber. A few people comment about not liking the minifigure selection on here, and then everyone else starts ranting about the initial complaint when it wasn't a big deal in the first place. Also, even if people are relentlessly complaining, how does it personally affect you? I think I made my point, so I'm going to stop discussing it. I'm not here to micro-mod. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. Feel free to agree or disagree.
  5. I encourage people to discuss their differing opinions, and I don't think we should be harping on others for having the "wrong" opinions because it goes against the consensus of the vocal majority of this forum. An opinion is still an opinion, regardless of how many people agree with you. I don't care if someone thinks that the focus of UCS sets is the minifigures, the build, or a mixture of both. I just don't understand how a person not wanting to buy a set for themselves with their own money (regardless of the reasoning) affects everybody else's enjoyment of the set. Sorry, I should have clarified this better. I was being hyperbolic. But my point is that since people are so adamant about the build being the focus of a UCS set, why are we discussing the minifigures and not the build?
  6. I thought that the consensus was that minifigures in UCS sets don't matter and that we should mock anybody that disagrees. Flash forward to yesterday, and people were discussing the minifIgures in the AT-AT. Isn't the AT-AT a UCS set, so shouldn't we only be allowed to discuss the build and not the minifigures? I'm not trying to "attack" anybody for their opinions - I'm just trying to point out the selective outrage
  7. avengers777

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is the White Vision on #legoleaks real? I'm 99% sure that it is, but I haven't seen anyone else share it yet. It looks really good
  8. I think it's actually worse than that since it was a YouTube premiere, which means that the video was prerecorded. The only thing that was live was the chat. But also, I would really like to see someone ask for some follow-up/clarification. I think it would definitely help resolve a lot of our current problems.
  9. I've definitely seen criticism of the figs, but I haven't seen anybody do this. Where/when did this happen?
  10. I believe the price was from Yakface and the info about it being an AT-AT came from Promobricks
  11. Can we please stop with the snobby attitudes? I'm tired of the personal attacks towards each other, towards MandR, his fans, etc. We're grown adults here, stop it! We go on for pages discussing the same topics over and over again (e.g. Will Beskar Mando have arm printing in X set? Why doesn't Vader have arm printing in Y set? What's the orange thing in the Gunship?)...And, now it's suddenly unreasonable to question the minifigure selection in a LEGO set? Everyone has their own reasons for buying (or not buying) a product. Maybe they just like the build, minifigs, a singular piece, the box art, price, details/accuracy, size, etc. (or a combination of the factors)?...My point is that it ultimately comes down to the individual. Everyone's allowed to have their own opinions. So, let's start speaking for ourselves and stop speaking for others.
  12. Actually, they did include minifigs in UCS sets at that time. It started with the Falcon (2008), the Death Star (2008), Imperial Shuttle (2010), and then Obi-Wan's Starfighter (2010) had no figs. After Obi-Wan's starfighter, every UCS set has had minifigs, with the exception of the B-Wing.
  13. It would be awesome if they included P2 shinies as the bad guys in all of the Bad Batch sets like they do with the stormtroopers
  14. Haha...Although I strongly disagree with @BrickBob Studpants's opinion on Cody, I wouldn't come after him like that. He was 100% being respectful to other people's opinions, which is all I ask for
  15. Like I've said multiple times, he's a member of this forum and deserves the same respect as anyone else. If you don't like him or his content, don't watch it. But, I guess that's too difficult since we live in a culture where everyone feels "entitled" to everyone else's thoughts and actions...Why can't we just live and let live?