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  1. Whatever happened to the Shazam poly bag?
  2. Exactly what I was thinking, the trailer gave away nothing Since a lot of scenes were not even in the movie
  3. I just wish big figs had more playability than just neutral poses imho
  4. I only buy the sets for the figures, but they could have easily added at least a sakaaran, or anyone else than black widow, or they could had reused more pieces from the helicopter to help a bigger leviathan, but still, amazing set, knowing lego the other figs will be in bricktober packs, like IW. Lololol, they could literally go the cmf route in the future with endgame figs but who knows
  5. eldiano

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    It was a Target Exclusive polybag stateside, which is kind of funny usually target polybags are super hard to get, but I managed to get four for my upcoming space fleet! Like the review says I wish they done the lunar space station differently, for it to be more modular!
  6. eldiano

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    The LEGO July calendar is out, it has a free space satellite poly bag for purchases over 40usd, funny thing is it can be found at target!?
  7. eldiano

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Does brick and pieces ship your LEGO orders when the transaction clears the bank? I noticed this weird trend whenever ordering online, they sit in a warehouse until it goes through then it ships
  8. eldiano

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    LEGO has been acting weird recently, honestly my city has a LEGO store and a legoland, legoland has all the July wave on shelves and half the new city sets on the store, but whenever official LEGO store got their space sets yesterday’s, they only got half of the space theme and no city, but yet legoland had the other missing sets, even LEGO corporate employees don’t know what’s going on with them anymore, speaking to the store manager doesn’t help either since LEGO controls their shipments
  9. eldiano

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Im excited, my local legoland in san antonio has the new wave in stock! The clocktower is sold out though, they have all the new waves from the july wave on shelves!!
  10. My only gripe about supes is that the game gives him the cape with the yellow logo but we got a generic cape, not that it’s a bad thing but still wouldn’t been nice
  11. eldiano

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Dang bro seriously, whats with the bricks and pieces massive delay!? It took four weeks to arrive and customer support citing a national holiday!? The orders sit in a warehouse for a week before shipping, i complained and they gave me 300 vip points, but the other issue is that fed ex has been screwing up shipments from lego left and right, my packaged should had arrived saturday but they delayed it using exemptions until delivery today!!
  12. eldiano

    Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

    Of course it has been successful, like everything you said is what makes Lego a relevant player in the business, i venture in other toy lines who clearly can’t say that’s the case for them, rather than produce mass amounts of toys they stick by pre orders to get an accurate count of production, hence why toy collecting has skyrocketed, i mean i never complain about lego pricing because my main focus is Soul of Chogokin figures and hot toys, which rival lego sets in 200-300 range. I honestly feel that no words can express our frustration with pirates, even if i buy an old set i would feel something is missing, mostly because i am so used to the way lego does things nowdays, as much as i would to complete the whole entire pirates line i would feel sad because the colors used back then would feel way off from the current brick choices that have been created since then including new molds that would totally enhance the set. Sad to say i will never be an AFOL, im a lego user that follows instructions, heck growing up i could never figure out how they made the different builds shown in back of boxes then. My problem is that im stuck with whatever Lego plans to do with the future of this line, we can all see they are testing waters by implementing them in different lines, and i love what they are doing, is just a matter of time if they decide to give another wave a “go” 2009-2010 were my lego dark ages and i visited the lego store so much that dumb me missed out on the clearance sales from the 2009 pirates wave and the imperial ship, which is why i bought two of each set from the 2015 lines. Can’t complain though, im just a sucker for pirates lore and toys. i feel guilty getting the playmobil pirates just because
  13. eldiano

    Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

    We are all out of touch, IMHO, we are clinging to good old memories this line has brought us over the years. Lego is a corporation that have to makes ends meet, now depending on who you talk to it's all good and bad, I mean if you ever stumble in deep german forums you can see how fans who grew up in the 70's, 80's are mad that lego went the IP over everything route, which is true, I feel City is the only successful old school line but the sad true is that kids nowdays are all into ninjago, nexus knights, lego movie, Disney princesses and friends, mostly because if anyone has seen cartoon network, they get all the exposure there. I too love classic space, castle's, kingdoms, most of all pirates! I am too super sad that lego kicked the curb the pirates line for the majestic 30th anniversary release which they did 10 years ago, but the demographics have changed, call me crazy but I do love the 2015 line, they were starting the produce their lego formula or making smaller sets into big ones and my guess was that the "next" wave would had been bigger sets of course, the forts had that AFOL city build to them, I could had imagined what would have been the newer sets but spending time at lego stores, some good friends that I have known for the past 5 years have told me that the pirates line never sold that well, same with marvel, heck kids choices are weird now days, but at the end of the day kids are really not buying that many toys anymore, which would lead to believe if Lego days are semi numbered, my kids despite having the whole entire toy story 4 line up only play with the minifigures and leave the bricks laying around, but who knows licensed set pricing keeps going up, but with sometimes less bricks and pieces per dollar, at the end of day we all know deep down that there won't be a line in 2020, unless lego approves the pirate ideas set and decides to test waters with new sets. My local Walmart has the roller coaster themed pirate set for 72, at least like 20 stacked. I am a simple guy I guess, I love all sets from all the previous releases up to the 2015 even though it was barebones, I do wish lego did give some tough love to castles/pirates a bit more to say the least. I feel the new mars explorations are filling the classic space theme in a good way, im excited for them, I love the new designs, would love me some pirates more I guess
  14. eldiano

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    EXACTLY!!! for obvious reasons
  15. So the new upcoming colors for the sets are from the comics right?? Im so glad i got my superfriends colors along with the all black suit, i’ll take that bruce wayne though